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Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Let's... Hide In Embarrassment! by megthelegend - Oh, man, this was so cute. Hant doing impressions of the other Go-Ongers in the mirror and it's kind of great because you can tell he is really sort of fond of the rest of them, but they also have that quality where they kinda get on each other's nerves sometimes, too. I was totally amused at the way the author wrote his impressions of the others and his reactions to doing them and then asld;fkjasljk the end when of course Gunpei is watching and his reaction is totally great. This was just fun. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Engine Sentai Go-Onger: The Downside of a Catchphrase + Just Incorrect by megthelegend - Originally I was going to rec these two separately, but they're both short enough and one is basically a follow-up to the other that I decided to put them together. Anyway, it's a couple of fics based on Sousuke's catchphrase and I-- I sort of love the use of Saki's hair being all unmanagable to get across what she was doing and then the mocking of Sousuke because he does EVERYTHING at Mach Speed, then following it up with adorableness from Renn and Sousuke where they try to at least meet in the middle. .....also, possibly, I am willing to ship Red/Everyone. >__> (Sousuke/Saki for the first, Sousuke/Renn for the second.)

Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Tricksy and False by ellipsesbandit - You know, Renn/Hant isn't a pairing that would necessarily have occurred to me, but with Go-On, I've been kind of not really developing any hardcore OTPs (....except maybe Red/Black and even then I'd totally be willing to cheat) so I'll try just about anything and I'm glad because I get adorable stuff like this. It's cute watching Renn and Sousuke try to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement or when Sousuke gets Totally Offended because His Poses Are Not Lame Thank You Very Much, but the best part is when Speedor finally pipes up and I may have laughed a lot. <3 (Renn/Hant, Sousuke/Gunpei.)

Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Mama Mia! Amour! by Mariko Azrael - For all that Red/Black might be my favorite, I totally see where Black/Green is coming from and the occasional fic about them would be really nice. This is just a cute little scene set post-Grand Prix 4 where they're both just sort of coming down off the high of having beaten the BanKiJyu/Gaiarc and having their new engine partners, which is really just kind of nice. Plus, Hant is totally adorable when he's unwittingly sprawling all over Gunpei and Birca is... well, Birca. <3 (Gunpei/Hant.)

Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Air by niav - So, I was just saying to myself, after having watched episode 14, that I would totally do some Kegalesia and Hant, I would totally hit that pairing. And then, fic! It's a short piece, but it's kind of exactly what I wanted--not full out porn (I'd need more characterization first), but a short moment in time where there's certainly something there, even mixed into the fighting and anger there. And the image is really kind of hot. *__* ....b-bless Go-Onger fandom already. (Hant/Kegalesia, a light R for content.)

Engine Sentai Go-Onger: In The Name of Speedor by Whisper - You know what really charms me about Go-Onger? That they're all a bunch of retards and I love them for it. This fic helps if you read the prompt (which is "Sailor Moon") and get what Hant is trying to do, but the real fun of this piece is in Sousuke's reactions to everything. Because his teammates are a bunch of freaks. Though, like he should talk. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

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