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- E'S - Phantom ship [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was honestly surprised to find any E'S Otherwise fanart, much less a site that had some real gems mixed in with their art--admittedly, not all of them sent me over the moon, but enough of them were really well done that I was pleased with the site. There are a handful that just... have really good lineart and really terrific cel-style coloring that they made me all swoony, especially a couple of Yuuki (the artist is especially good with him *__*) and this one of Maxim against a night sky that's just hot. And, all right, I'll admit that there are some really cute illustrations of Asuka on the site as well. And I thought the site was well worth going through both for the novelty of E'S fanart and because there were about ten illustrations scattered about the site that were good. And! And! There are wallpapers. I ♥ wallpapers. (Some shounen ai, some het.)

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