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- Evangelion - Changeling Child by Katharos - Given how I've been all over the author's Tenipuri fic, naturally, I had to read her Eva fic as well, even if I haven't read Eva fic in ages. But, damn, from the first page of this story, from the way the author rewrites the storyline yet still makes it so very, very Evangelion, I was hooked and couldn't look away from start to finish. The concept is brilliantly done, making it thoroughly interesting, new, and yet still in the style/feel of the original series, the characters are a little bit different, the relationships just a little bit different (since Shinji and Kaworu met earlier here), yet still so them. But it's also the emotion of the piece, it's that I can feel everything the woman feels, what she goes through, what she must be feeling nearly leaps off the page, the little details of the background world just making the whole thing so vivid and alive. I loved this story and would love to see more set in this universe. *__* (Kaworu/Shinji.)

- Evangelion - the hedgehog's dilemma continues by luvinaoshi - I swear, I was just looking for Bleachfic in case the author had written anything new. And then. Then I saw Kaji/Misato fic and I think I fairly leaped at it. Admittedly, for as much as I adore the pairing, I never go looking for fic because I'm scared of what I might (not) find. But this? This was cute and fun and (ha ha) hot and lovely and their dynamic was so very them. Kaji teasing but somehow kinda serious, Misato probably drunk and lazy and I love them both so much here. I'll go squee quietly in the corner now. (Kaji/Misato.)

- Shin Seiki Evangelion - Good, or Don't Be by Abaddon - I was just randomly wandering around to look for fic to read the other day and somehow stumbled over an Eva fic. I hadn't read Eva fic in ages but something about this fic caught me, keeping me reading all the way through it, and I'm not sure I can specifically put my finger on why. There's something... almost surreal about the storyline, yet still coherent enough that I can follow it, which is a lot like the Eva series itself, really. I think that's a lot of what I liked so much about this, it's all weird and twisted up like the series, it shows what a crap life Shinji lives and why everything is so painful, it shows how Kaworu is different in his life, how much he made Shinji feel. The different scenes, each one changed a little, until the final one was just... it was really well done. The ending was quietly powerful and just... this is what Eva fic should be. (Kaworu/Shinji.)

- Shin Seiki Evangelion - and everything we've lost disappears by vagrancy - I tend to fear stepping into the Evangelion fandom, I wouldn't even know where to start looking for fic. But I was journal hopping tonight and happened to see this author had written Eva fic and I wanted to give it a chance. I am extremely glad I did so because it's a beautiful piece, 24 scenes from the course of the series, all of them just utterly heartwrenching or aching to read. It's the connections between all of these people, so much pain in all of their lives, which was on full display here, and it's... it's not like I want the Eva characters to be unhappy, it's not like I like reading fic where people are miserable, but these characters went through so much and this fic shows that so well. I love the way the fic never let up and I love how impactful each of these scenes is, I really like the way the author structured it. I love this kind of Eva fic, even if it is a bit hard to read. (Mostly gen, but there are implications of many pairings that were implied in the series.)

- Shin Seiki Evangelion - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I never expected to stumble over a site like this, not anymore, not after Eva's been around for so long. But maybe Rebuild has ignited my interest again or I just happened to luck into one I'd never seen before. But I adore this site so much, the art is really pretty adorable, both Shinji and Kaworu are often just really cute. For the most part, there's not as much fully finished art pieces in the galleries, but I wound up really liking the sketches/oekaki scribbles a lot, too, you can see how strong the artist's style is in a lot of them and it helps that there's a TON of them. It's one of those sites that does occasionally have some more serious pieces, but the artist is mostly focused on drawing them in traditional clothing or with little kidlets running around or them running around as chibis or snuggling in a bed together or just smiling at each other. Maybe not for everyone, but sometimes I really, really just want a happy site that makes me heartmark a lot for the super, super adorable, pretty art. This site totally accomplished that. And holy crap there is a TON of art here, awesome! ♥ (Kaworu/Shinji.)

- Shin Seiki Evangelion - Virtuoso by Empatheia - This is a rather short piece, but it's such a lovely fic from Kaworu's perspective. There's something not quite whimsical about this, something very... knowing and otherworldly about the way he sees Shinji and yet something that understands Shinji possibly better than anyone. The descriptions of the way Kaworu sees Shinji, the way he sees Shinji's hatred for himself, the way Shinji sees the rest of the world, the way there are these almost revenant tones to the entire piece, it was all very lovely. And a little heartbreaking, but after all I've been put through from this series.... (Kaworu/Shinji.)

- Shin Seiki Evangelion - Choice by soul-of-tabris - This is a fascinating look at what may have been going through Kaworu's mind as he enters NERV, surrounded by all these humans, being what he is, and his encounter with Rei. I really like the take on his thoughts, he isn't very nice in this fic, his thoughts aren't sharp or jagged, but there's a real undercurrent of anger and of being at war. At the same time, there's pity for both Shinji and Rei and... something like arrogance is mixed in as well. It's wonderfuly written, a fascinating read on Kaworu's mindset at that moment in the series, I can see this fitting together with canon very well. (Some implications, but this is on the level of canon.)

- Shin Seiki Evangelion - In Darkness by Ixion of Moonlight - Generally, I'm not a fan of Kaworu with anyone but Shinji (since there wasn't much to build on or any time where it could have happened in), but I will make occasional exceptions for Rei, because it'd be such an interesting pairing. This fic does it in the way that I find terribly intriguing--there's something almost uncaring in their moment of interaction, something where they know far more than any human could, and yet.... There's some connection there and the author does it in a sort of ethereal, dream-like sort of way that works for them. It's not big or dramatic, it couldn't be with these two characters, and the imagery the author uses is lovely, in that Evangelion sort of way. (Kaworu/Rei.)

- Harry Potter/Shin Seiki Evangelion/Final Fantasy VII - Hinakick Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - How did I miss this site before? I suppose I don't really go looking for Harry Potter fanart that often (and when I do, it's usually of the Sirius/Remus variety), but I was link hopping today and came across this link, with the gorgeous art here. It's really stunning with absolutely everything--gorgeous colors, gorgeous details, gorgeous lines, gorgeous poses/concepts for each image, some of them are the kind you just want to sit and stare at for a full five minutes because you want to catch everything. The Eva art isn't as frequent, but it's some beautiful Kaworu (and Shinji) pieces and I really had to rec it for those. Then there's the FFVII stuff with the beautiful Sephiroth/Cloud and like that didn't totally make my day. ♥ I was already here for the other series and really enjoying them, but then gorgeous SxC art, too? Yes plz. Sephiroth especially looks amazing. *__* This is the kind of site where I had to fight not to rec each series separately because they each deserved it. Amazing stuff here. (Tom Riddle/Harry for HP, some Kaworu/Shinji for Eva, some Sephiroth/Cloud for FFVII. Not entirely SFW.)

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