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- Eyeshield 21 - Fanfiction Recs - I honestly did not expect to find much ES21 fic. Hell, I'm not even sure what I want out of ES21 fic, I'm not even sure it'd match up with my art preferences. But once I found at least one fic, I really had nowhere else to put it, so I had to make a section for it. And with the anime coming up, there'll probably be more fic on the way at some point in the future... so, well, yes. ES21 fic here. Will probably end up being mostly gen?
- Eyeshield 21 - Fanart - Gen/Other Recs - Right now, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for or what I'll eventually settle on, I just know I like the character of Hiruma and that I like fanart based on him. But I also like the other characters as well, so if I find fanart on them, it's not like I'm going to turn it down. This section will likely be a mishmash of gen sites that don't really have any pairings or the random ones that I don't know where else to throw them into. I suppose it all depends on what I find, eh? <3
- Eyeshield 21 - Fanart - Hiruma/Sena Recs - No, I don't know why I like this pairing, I freely admit that it has no real basis in canon, it's just... it's really kind of funny/amusing and there's a lot of fanart out there for it. With fanart, that's all it usually takes for me. ^_~ Though, in all seriousness, it's one of those pairings that... really, it's all about the batshit funniness with how EVIL Hiruma would be and how FREAKED OUT Sena would be and the cute fanart that makes me sparkle over it. That's about it. XD
- Eyeshield 21 - Fanart - Shin/Sakuraba Recs - You know, these two, early on, give off a vibe that resonates with me, the kind of pairing that I often am attracted to, because... you don't really see that much, since they're not the focus, but they always seem to be together and share a certain rapport. Beyond that... ooh, hey, look, it's pretty! I suppose I don't need more justification than that with fanart. I'll hopefully be able to find a goodly amount, too. ^_^v

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