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- FAKE - False Impressions I by Leah Aute - (The first eight chapters are the first 'part', which is the ones I'm chattering about here.) The first time I read this story, it didn't do that much for me. But I was probably in a viritriolic anti-Original Character mood and not as aquainted with the FAKE characters as I am now. I probably wouldn't recommend this to someone just getting into FAKE fiction, but for those of you who know the characters fairly well and are looking for a fun read, this might be the fic for you. (It can be difficult to keep track of all the new characters, though.) It actually has a criminal plot to it, it made me not want to smack JJ sometimes (I like him, I honestly and truly do, but I'm perfectly willing to rip off anyone's arm and beat them over the head with it if they get between Dee and Ryo.), and in the second time through this fic, I rather liked the original characters. It was a nice story. ^_^v (DeexRyo, JJ+Dee.)

- FAKE - The Philosophy of Love by Bearit - Okay, while I have the FAKE manga, I've never come across translations of it, so I don't know what the hell is going on most of the time, so my views of the characters aren't as complete as I'd like them to be. One thing I thought was true about Dee was that he was openly bisexual and had been for awhile. He is, of course, completely in love with Ryo and wants him badly, but I was pretty sure he liked other men and women, too. So the line about Bikky figuring out he was gay before Dee did... enh. I really have no idea. *a-HEM* Anyway, this is a good story, a nice little Dee introspective piece early on in the series, about his initial feelings for Ryo. I thought it captured Dee's voice pretty damn well (since it was set just after the first act, he hasn't taken to constantly glomping Ryo yet) and I loved that Dee refused to believe in love at first sight, but there was something about Ryo.... Just good fic.

*sigh* I suck at this whole rec'ing thing. >_< (DeexRyo.)

- FAKE - Coming Home for Christmas by Swordy - Ahh, the ever-elusive good FAKE fanfic. How I weep for the FAKE fandom, it desperately needs more stories like this one. What I love about this story? It's both well-written and it captures the feel of the series, a little bit of action, a little bit of humor, a teensy bit of angst, and just an enjoyable read. I absolutely love the way this first part ended and I'm really, really looking forward to the next part, because this fic isn't All About the Angst. Dammit, Dee and Ryo deserve some fluff and it's about time they got it. ^_~ (Dee/Ryo.)

- FAKE - First Impressions by Swordy - I have to admit, I did a dorky little happy squeak when I saw Swordy's newest story posted. I'd already read the second half of "Coming Home for Christmas" and read the updated Gravi fics I've been keeping my eye on, so I needed something I knew would be sparkly and wonderful and I wasn't disappointed! Dee and Ryo's first thoughts on each other, and done so that I was giggling the whole way through. Swordy has really captured what I love about FAKE, that light-hearted fun mixed with genuinely interesting and semi-serious characters, and topped it off with a nicely flowing writing style that's just so easy to read. The end cracked me, too. Funny, funny, funny, wonderful fic. *floats* (Dee/Ryo.)

- FAKE - Coming Home for Christmas (chapter 2) by Swordy - So, obviously, I loved the first part of this story, but the second part was even better. For one thing, it's longer, leaving me with even more of a satisfied feeling when I was done, the author took just enough time with the plot, fleshing it out, but not stretching it too far past what the premise called for. Dee and Ryo were so wonderfully themselves and Bikky! I can go either way with Bikky; it takes a good writer to make me like him, but I absolutely adored Bikky in this fic and the relationship between him and Ryo was one of the highlights of this story. The progression of Dee and Ryo's relationship was lovely, too, it felt very natural and it was wonderful to see and just... just... gah! I'm running out of ways to describe why this fic was so sparkly. So just go read it. Now. *nods* (Dee/Ryo.)

- FAKE - Thunder Under Cover by Roo - Aww, I like just about everything of Roo's that I read, so I was pretty sure I was going to like this one, too, but I was just completely and utterly sold on the fic when Dee convinces Bikky to go hang out at the arcade (after giving him fifty bucks) while he and Ryo stay home. Bicky gave Dee an exasperated look and Dee's lips pouted slightly. "Just get outta here."

Bicky turned to go.

"Bicky?" Dee touched the boy's forearm.


"Be careful."

"I know."

"Stick with Cal and don't go downtown."

"I know."

"And be home before midnight or else stay over at Cal's."

"Yes dad, may I go now?" And, mmm, nice sex. ^_^v (Dee/Ryo, graphic content.)

- FAKE - Captive by Emeraldus - Every so often a FAKE fic comes along that I just utterly love. It doesn't have to have sex in it, or mushy romantic crap, or even dialogue so funny that I nearly pee my pants laughing. It just has to be really well written. And, sure, this was a PWP, but it didn't make a bit of difference to the writing; the imagery was still gorgeous and writing superb. And I could totally see Ryo waking up in that position someday. Hee. (DeexRyo.)

- FAKE - What I've Wanted All Along by TPQ - Ahhh, this was just so nice! A gentle, sweet FAKE fanfic that's in character and well written; nothing too angsty, nothing too overly complex or dramatic, nothing too overly saccharine, just a nice little fic that made me smile to read it. I really liked the way the author wrote Ryo, the way he struggled with himself, the way he viewed his own life, his whole thought process. The writing was also wonderfully smooth and readable as well, just making this a wonderful read. *sparkles* (DeexRyo.)

- FAKE - Lover by A-chan - I've bitched about this before, but there's really a lack of FAKE stories that I like in this fandom, so when I come across a story like this... I very nearly swoon. I'll admit, I am very much a DeexRyo fan (versus the other way around, though, really, it's canon, considering both times we see them have sex, Dee is on top), so Ryo being a little bit kinky this way is completely and utterly right up my alley. The writing of this story is lovely, the way the author teases the reader at first with the subtle hints, then delivers is much like an entire sex scene itself, which is a wonderful thing. The characterizations were wonderful, I could easily see everything here and my darling Dee was wonderful. Plus? The sex? Hot. *loves* (DeexRyo, some graphic content.)

- FAKE - Escape by Amet - I've probably mentioned this before and I'll probably mention it again, but good FAKE fanfiction is such a rare, rare bird that I treasure each little story that comes along like this. I admit, I have a tendency to want to strangle Ryo sometimes, even understanding where he's coming from, so reading a story like this actually helps ease that, because... because he understands, here, that there's more to Dee than the goofy, oversexed idiot, even if he can't quite bring himself to do anything about it. I love the insights used here, the way Ryo thinks about Dee, the instances used to get his thoughts across. Lovely fic. (Dee/Ryo.)

FAKE: Things Moving and Known by nightengale - I don't even remember why I had this tab open for ages, but I was finally weeding some out and stumbled back over it and, eh, I was in the middle of a recs post anyway, so why not? And it was a really fun, satisfying piece that was set-post manga, after Like Like Love, where Dee and Ryo are moving in together, their lives officially coming together and they're still... Dee and Ryo. They're still the same people, but they're together now, and it's really nice to see Dee still being a total hornball and Ryo still being Ryo while accepting his feelings for Dee. <3 (Dee/Ryo.)

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