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- Final Fantasy X - Fanfiction Recs - Given that I haven't played FFX or gotten all that familiar with the game, I've pretty much relegated myself to just fic from authors I know I'll like and... okay, look, it's not like I'm writing the fic, okay? I can read it without having played the game if I want to! I'll probably mostly be a gen fan with occasional dipping into the canon pairing waters. I like the original trio gen antics (because anything with tards gets a thumbs up from me) but I also like Tidus because he's adorable and wibble-worthy.

- Final Fantasy X - Fanart Recs - FFX art is pretty much the reason I even started this section in the first place. I was looking mostly for FFVII and FFVIII art and so many of the sites had really gorgeous FFX art on them and I'm weak to the pretty art.... Admittedly, half of the time I don't know the characters' proper names or why I should be fangirling them, but I figure it doesn't matter so long as I'm only looking and writing down recs about the style of art or how pretty it looks. I'm all over the place with this section, het, gen, maybe even some yaoi here and there, whatever as long as it's pretty and shiny. I am totally without the caring! :D :D :D

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