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- Final Fantasy XII - Gen Fanfiction Recs - [ page one - page two ] - As with the other small handful of games I've wound up becoming utterly fascinated by (especially the ones I'm actually able to play), I find that I gravitate towards genfic as much as the fandom will allow and FFXII has been rather lovely for that so far. I like the cast's interactions with each other and I have a serious weakness for the Bunasa family (omg, it totally hit all my biggest weaknesses ♥), but there's no hugely lopsided favoritism here, I like just about everything. Well, mostly everything. ♥

- Final Fantasy XII - Balthier/Fran Fanfiction Recs - I actually wavered on these two for a great while, they seemed like they could be very platonic at first. This was when I was maybe fifteen hours into the game. After that... I started watching them, watching the other Viera, watching the way Balthier reacted to other people and it just... eventually, it came to a point where I think the game was leaving that door open for those who wanted to see it and after Ridorana... yeah, it was pretty well cemented as romantic for me. Sadly, I have yet to find anywhere near enough fic for them.

- Final Fantasy XII - Basch/Ashe Fanfiction Recs - Speaking of pairings that don't get nearly enough fic written for them and I sort of understand why because it took me awhile to realize I actively shipped them.... I mean, I get the whole "a princess and her knight" thing and why it's not about romance, it's about loyalty and kingdoms, but somehow there's something more to them for me. Something about the way Basch looked at her, the way he was protective in a way that went just beyond being a knight, something about the way it was done with his entire being... it just pinged for me. And I desperately crave more.

- Final Fantasy XII - Larsa/Penelo Fanfiction Recs - This one is fandom's fault. Playing the game had me shipping Vaan/Penelo more than anything else for either of them, but fandom started writing these sparkly little bits of fic and it seemed like so many of my flisters were shipping it and it's not like I ran screaming from the idea... and somewhere along the line I racked up enough of them to give them their own section. They're cute and get good fic, what more could I ask for from fandom.

- Final Fantasy XII - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Right now, fandom isn't very expansive, so this is mostly side pairings or quietly implied pairings or the random couple that I wouldn't have thought of myself. But I do have a great fondness for the Rasler/Ashe pairing and would love to find fic for it. I sort of almost desperately want at least one good Vaan/Penelo fic. This is where all of those pairings that aren't listed above will go--but since I swing either towards OTP or completely gen, this section may be small for a long time yet.

- Final Fantasy XII - Fanart Recs - As things stand, there's not really a whole lot of FFXII fanart available, much less for the pairings I really want it for. But I'm a fanart junkie and my restrictions are a lot more lax when it comes to fanart, so this is sort of a mishmash of everything. I will warn that there'll be a lot of stuff I wouldn't read in fic (a lot of yaoi or Larsa shota) simply because that's where the good artists are going for now. I hope to eventually expand, I'd like to see more art, but for now, this is a pretty eclectic section.

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