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- Final Fantasy XIII - Fanfiction Recs - There's not a ton of FFXIII fic that I've found yet, but I still keep gently poking at the fandom. I'm not opposed to a variety of ships or genfic, but... I have to admit, my heart belongs with Hope/Lightning. I was drawn into the game because of Lightning's character, which then led to being fascinated by her dynamic with Hope, which then led to wanting to ship it when they were a little older and... I'm not entirely convinced the game wasn't leaving that door open if you wanted it. And boy do I.

- Final Fantasy XIII - Fanart Recs - Much like my desire for fic with this fandom, I'm pretty entrenched in wanting Hope/Lightning fanart. Thankfully, the fandom likes to provide that! While there aren't a lot of fanart sites proper that I've delved into yet (and we'll see if things change once Versus and Agito come out) but occasionally there are a few. At the same time, I've done a fair amount of recommending art from Pixiv and deviantART on the artbits page, so there's at least enough for a really good whirlwind weekend or two.

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