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- Final Fantasy III - Fanfiction Recs - There's really not a lot of FFIII fanfic out there, even after the game has been out this long. In a lot of ways, that's understandable, it was a very light, easy, fun game that didn't have that complicated a plot. But it also had some adorable characters and it was just fun and the ~50 hours I played (...I did a lot of sidequest crap okay? ;__; ) weren't quite enough. Mostly, I try to bully friends into fic, especially of the Desch/Refia, Ingus/Sara, and Luneth/Arc varieties, but some cute gen antics would be totally awesome, too! ♥

- Final Fantasy III - Fanart Recs - There's a smidge more fanart available than there is fanfic, but it's never going to be another FFVII or anything. Still, there's some SUPER CUTE art available and I wanted to hunt down as much of it as I could! I'm pretty all over the place--while I sought out my usual pairings (Luneth/Arc, Ingus/Sara, etc.), I was also content to look at whatever was pretty. J-fanart has given me a fondness for Luneth/Refia as well, plus there's always the Luneth/Ingus art that crops up once in awhile. Not a ton of any given pairing, but enough to be satisfying for at least one whirlwind weekend. ♥

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