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- Final Fantasy IV - Fanfiction Recs - I actually don't read a lot of FFIV fanfic, which I'm not sure why. It's a small fandom, though, so that really doesn't help and I don't ship most of the canon-esque pairings (like Cecil/Rosa or Edge/Rydia) and so I don't go poking around much. I mostly read the occasional gen piece or Cecil/Kain fic, but I'm waiting for the day that someone writes a pretty little Rosa/Rydia fic for me. But I suspect this section will always be small. :<

- Final Fantasy IV - Cecil x Kain Fanart Recs - I originally was going to put all the FFIV fanart into one section, but... well, I seek out as much Cecil/Kain fanart as I can possibly find, which is a decent amount. It's hardly the biggest pairing in the j-fandom (I'd say Edge/Rydia is probably bigger?), but given the size of the IV fandom, it's nothing to sneeze at, either. I don't expect this section to be huge, but I'll at least try to hunt down every major site for the pairing and, hell, already there are some really pretty sites to be found!

- Final Fantasy IV - Everything Else Fanart Recs - As I always say, I'm much more lax when it comes to fanart, I'll look at just about anything pretty. So, even if I don't normally ship something, I'll still go look at fanart for it because I like the art and there might be a lot of stand-alone illustrations on the site as well. This section will probably have a lot of Edge/Rydia since that seems popular with the j-fen, but there's also a lot (well, given the size of the IV fandom in the first place) of gen, a lot of which is Rydia-focused. See me not complaining. ♥

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