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- Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth x Cloud Fanfiction Recs - I never planned on being a fan of this pairing, I was more about the side characters and then Cloud/Tifa as I started poking at the series more. And then that one moment, one moment in Advent Children slammed into me and completely owned me. From then on, I quickly warmed to the SxC pairing, seeking out fic and art and discussion, because, oh, man, they were utterly my type of pairing. I geek on the complicated history, the hurt and painful history between the characters, the connection that will never die despite it. Plus they probably get the best fic.

- Final Fantasy VII - Cloud x Tifa Fanfiction Recs - I was surprised at how sweet and sparkly I found Cloud/Tifa in the movie. And then I started playing the game and their childhood flashback owned me with its wibbly cuteness. If I must set aside my other preferences, I really, genuinely hope that Cloud ends up with Tifa, because she's so wonderful and she would be perfect for him and it would be lovely and sparkly. Though, I imagine this section will be rather anemic for a good long time, since that other pairing eats most of my time when searching for fic lately.

- Final Fantasy VII - Zack x Aerith Fanfiction Recs - I'm not sure when this pairing decided that it wanted to eat my brain and become my second biggest OTP of the series or even why it wanted to. I just know that that the idea of it hit me and the more I poked at it, the more I poked at fic and art, the more it sunk its claws further into me. It's one of those het pairings that just makes me wibble terribly, because they would have been so adorably sweet together... hell, probably were adorably sweet together and I refuse to think that they're not off having the hawt sexx0rz in the Lifestream.

- Final Fantasy VII - Cid x Vincent Fanfiction Recs - Cid/Vincent is actually the pairing that I first got into with FFVII, many, many years ago, because one of my favorite authors started writing for the fandom. I never really knew that much about the game, I admit, but I liked the fic and it wasn't like I was writing the fic. I've changed focus over the years, I tend to give more attention to other pairings a bit more now, but I still have a soft spot for this one and hope to find more fic for them. In other words: SHUT UP, I JUST LIKE THEM. >F

Final Fantasy VII - Fanfic - Sephiroth x Zack Recs - I fell pretty quickly for Sephiroth/Zack. The initial attraction was that they're two of my favorite characters and they had a relationship and they'd be hot. Good enough for me. But I was an SxC/ZxA shipper at heart and I wanted them with other people. Somewhere along the line, though... there was enough good fic to be found and there were ever-more increasing potential layers to this incredibly important friendship between the characters and Zack was such a good person and Sephiroth could have used a friend like him and Zack wouldn't have been in awe or afraid of him and it was just... good. And if it weren't for those two other pairings, I would totally OTP these two. Srsly.

- Final Fantasy VII - Rufus x Reno Fanfiction Recs - ....yeah, it was AC that did me in with this pairing, despite that they didn't really have any interaction at all. It was the "SHACHOU!" yell and the climbing the wall like a MONKEY to run up and see if Rufus was okay that won me over rather completely. But it's also about the idea, because they would be insanely fun to put together and shake up, even if I acknowledge that it's not a pairing that gets a lot of canon interaction. >D In other words: SHUT UP, I JUST LIKE THEM. >F (Kidding, kidding.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Sometimes there'll be stories with side pairings that I read a fic for the main one or sometimes there'll be a cute Zack pairing (or the Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud threesome thing that seems to be getting popular) or sometimes there'll just be a random pairing that I happened to read and think it was the greatest thing ever. This is where those recs will go--though, I'm not going to sort out between het and yaoi, because it would be too much effort for a section I suspect isn't going to be that big ever.

- Final Fantasy VII - Gen/No Pairings Fanfiction Recs - I actually like the series for itself, for the characters by themselves and the background worlds and the cute gen interaction alone. There are a lot of things I'd love to read, Zack pieces, Sephiroth pieces (especially Sephiroth pieces <3), Cloud pieces, maybe cuteness with Aerith and Tifa, the occasional Yuffie fic that explains her character, or Barret and Marlene. Or maybe stuff with the triplets from the AC movie or stuff that has a point beyond pairings. This is where those pieces will go, of course.

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- Final Fantasy VII - Gen Fanart Recs - [ page one - page two ] The FFVII fandom certain loves their pairings, but sometimes a site will be worth visiting even for gen-only fans because the artist drew the characters by themselves a lot or there were only a handful of pairing images and a lot more group ones. And, occasionally, sometimes artists just don't seem to have any favorite pairings, instead it'll be a lot of fangirling over one particular character. While I admit that I tend to go for the pairings a lot myself, I'm anxious to see as much FFVII fanart as I can and I have a real love of gen art for this series. ♥

- Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth x Cloud Fanart Recs - Oh, my biggest FFVII love. Previous to really getting into the series, I had little concept of who these characters were or why anyone would ship them, I felt no pull off them. Then I watched AC and, ohhhhh, I get it now! Thankfully, there's some utterly, stunningly gorgeous SxC fanart out there and I've done my level best to find as much of it as I possibly can. While this may not be the biggest section (simply because I suspect there's more Cloud/Tifa available), it's certainly going to be one of the healthiest on the site.

- Final Fantasy VII - Cloud x Tifa Fanart Recs - When I'm not trying to find every last SxC fanart in existance, I'm often bouncing off to coo over the cute, romantic Cloud/Tifa fanart that also puts me into orbit. Given that I shipped this pairing for quite some time before the other pairings ate me, I really enjoy looking around for them--and I suspect they may have the most art of all the pairings I've been able to find. Some of it is just... really sweet and cute and leaves me with a warm, fluffy feeling that may not be to everyone's tastes, but makes me happy.

- Final Fantasy VII - Cid x Vincent Fanart Recs - Cid/Vincent was the first pairing I ever got into with FFVII, it's the one that I read even before I knew anything about the game, because I was following one of my favorite authors. While my interest in the pairing ebbs and flows nowadays (which is more becaus it's tough to find good stuff for them), I do have a couple of fanart recs for the pairing that I just adore. It's going to be a small section, but it's at least enough to build a small little cache of art. (Though, I would seriously love to find more art if at all possible. .__.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Zack x Aerith Fanart Recs - There is not nearly enough Zack/Aerith fanart around, which makes me sad because every time I find new art for them, I get this happy little thrill because, omg, so much love for them. They're just... aside from being the best parents ever for Cloud, I find them to be one of those utterly charming, sweet couples that enchant me with how cute they are. I cannot throw enough positive adjectives at the pairing or even properly describe how much I pine for more fanart with them. I'm slowly building up a section here, but I sadly suspect I've found the majority of what I'm ever going to be able to find. D:

- Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth x Zack Fanart Recs - I'm not sure where this fondness came from. Part of it is that Sephiroth and Zack are two of my favorite characters (if not the two favorite), part of it is that I absolutely adore their friendship (even if it is usually written as complete fanon), and part of it is that they got just enough really kickass fanart to set me in motion. It's never a terribly big corner of the fandom, they both get paired with others more frequently, but it's my site and I love this pairing, so they're getting their own section. Yes.

- Final Fantasy VII - Zack x Cloud Fanart Recs - I'm actually not that big of a fan of Zack x Cloud (mostly because I OTP SxC and Zack/Aerith so damn hard), but it gets some of the most beautiful fanart for the characters--both seperately and together. If I want Zack fanart, more often than not, I'm going to have dig through the Zack/Cloud sites to find those images. Either that or it just comes up a lot on sites I went to for other pairings/reasons. Not that I'm really complaining, I have nothing against the pairing, I definitely get how it would come about. I just. Sephiroth. And Aerith. Still. Zack/Cloud pretty and lots and lots of pretty fanart. I always like that. <3

- Final Fantasy VII - Other Pairings Fanart Recs - Sadly, Rufus/Reno doesn't get enough fanart for me to give it its own section. And only occasionally does Rude/Reno show up in the recs I do. But there's also the BC fanart with slash pairings (I have a fondness for Reno/Rod especially) or the occasional Tseng/Rufus site and I'm curious about Vincent/Reeve after hearing all about DC or there's the occasional Reno/Cloud site that has some really super cute art or-- well, a lot of other pairings that randomly pop up and happened to be pretty. Y'know, the usual spiel and all that.

- Final Fantasy VII - Favorite Fanart Recs - Someday, because I've done so many FFVII fanart recs by now, I want to put together a list of my absolute favorite sites from all across the various pairing and gen sites. This will probably take awhile as I tend to be slow about putting favorites pages together, but I wanted to at least mark a section down for it. I've started working on it, it might be a good place for you to start if you're new to this section, but it's also totally far from complete. *g* [Also, in the meantime, check out the artbits and sketches page, as I've been putting up a lot of links to deviantART and LJ art submissions there.]

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- Final Fantasy VII - Doujinshi Recs - Awhile back, I got it in my head that, aside from just reading fic and looking at fanart, I'd always enjoyed doujinshi (scanslated or raw) and often linked to download posts in the notes of my recs journal posts, so... why not do proper recs for doujinshi? I know it's something I'd want whenever I wandered into someone else's recs. So, FFVII is one of the first series that I headed for because it gets some fantastic doujinshi for it and I'll mostly stick to Sephiroth/Cloud or Cloud/Tifa (because there's not a lot of Zack/Aerith, no matter how much I pine) and my usual pairings, but occasionally I'll branch out if something is pretty.

- Final Fantasy VII - Fan Comics Recs - Similar to how I decided to start doing doujinshi recs, I always had trouble figuring out how to classify multi-page comics that wouldn't really fit in the artbits section, but weren't really enough for a fanart site rec. So... fancomics. Because I waste a crapload of time on devART anyway, might as well have something to show for it. I'll stick to the usual pairings again here, I don't expect this section to be big, but hopefully it'll grow a little with time.

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