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- Final Fantasy VIII - Gen Fanfiction Recs - While I suspect that it's easiest to head for the pairing fic in this fandom, I actually am interested in stories that actually have plot with them or that are just nice little character insight pieces. I'll probably still be skewed towards pairings and some may pop up in the background with this section, but there will be a reason to read the fic beyond pairings here. Because, really, I love pairing fic, but little really gets me going like a nice plot to sink my teeth into.

- Final Fantasy VIII - Squall x Rinoa Fanfiction Recs - Imagine my utter shock and surprise that I liked this pairing. I was rather convinced that I was going to hate it, that I wouldn't be able to stand Rinoa and then... well, a couple of things happened. First, none of the other Squall pairings did much of anything for me (I could maybe like Squall/Zell, but... I dunno). Second, I read one fic that portrayed the pairing (despite breaking them up) in a really sparkling, fun way that made me like both characters. Well, and. Then, three, Noel started feeding me bits about how Rinoa apparently dumped Squall off a chair to make him listen and I rewatched the ballroom FMV and it just... sort of seeped into me? By the time I was done with the game, I was completely head over heels for the way their story unfolded and now I can only keyboard mash to describe my love.

- Final Fantasy VIII - Seifer x Zell Fanfiction Recs - I'm not sure what it is about this pairing that attracted me. I have such the weakness for characters like Zell, he hits the same button that Ken from Weiss Kreuz hits, then I started poking at pairings... and I love the snarky, aggravated pairings occasionally. Not often, I'm not that much of a rival shipper, but when they hit me... they tend to hit hard. So this will probably be the biggest page of my FFVIII section, honestly. ♥ I don't know where I'm going to fall with characterization for these two, it may depend on how hungry I get for them, but right now... I want snarking that tempers into something slightly more friendly (but still genuinely annoyed) and underlaid with sparking chemistry.

- Final Fantasy VIII - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - I'm sure that I'll occasionally branch out into other pairings--I'd really like to read more Zell fic (Squall/Zell that's so perfect that it makes my teeth hurt or some Irvine/Zell--shut up, I know it's because of my Yohji/Ken fondness, but I can't help it!--or so on) or Laguna/Raine would make me sparkle and twirl or maybe Irvine/Selphie or something with Quistis. For right now, I'm not going to break it into seperate sections for het and yaoi because I really don't know how much I'll even be able to tuck into this section.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Final Fantasy VIII - Squall x Rinoa Fanart Recs - I. Um. Really didn't expect to find much Squall/Rinoa art to put in this section, I was expecting to tumble into the slash side of the fandom and never come out again. Or that there wouldn't be much fanart for them... so I was delighted when I actually found a few sites that had art for the pairing because, omg, the more I get to know the game and the fandom, the more I just... they're one of those het pairings that utterly does it for me, they totally hit my cute, romantic shippy buttons. The fanart will probably reflect that a lot--though, if it's pretty and can be found, I'll probably seek out any and all Squall/Rinoa art. ♥

- Final Fantasy VIII - Seifer x Zell Fanart Recs - The pairing I'm most surprised about actually having sites for it is this one... I mean, Seifer and Zell barely interact, I totally expected it to be one of those weird notions I got in my head and shoot myself in the foot with it. But! There are actually some really cute sites for this pairing! There's even one or two really genuinely pretty sites and this section will be decent sized. Squee for my completely random pairing. ♥

- Final Fantasy VIII - Squall x Zell Fanart Recs - There's not a ton of Squall/Zell fanart, but I was actually expecting a lot less, given the size of the FFVIII fandom with j-fen. But there are just enough sites with just enough art on them that I felt I could justify this section. While I fangirl both of them harder with other people, there's a certain something to Squall/Zell that attracts me, a certain spark to their interaction in the game that I really liked. Plus, it's fun to watch Squall put his face in his hands when Zell does something stupid.

- Final Fantasy VIII - Other Pairings Fanart Recs - Given that I'm not really a Seifer/Squall fan, but that I do look for art for them (ditto Kiros/Laguna or Siefer/Quistis) because they get some of the prettiest stuff, I had to make a catagory for other pairings. It'll probably be mostly yaoi (with Irvine/Selphie mixed in if I can find more of it), but het often has a way of sneaking in, too. I have no idea how big it'll get, considering I usually try to seek out my favorite pairings first and foremost, but... what the hell, y'know? Oh, and if there's Laguna/Raine fanart out there, I want it.

- Final Fantasy VIII - Gen/No Pairings Fanart Recs - I'm at the point where I'm happy just seeing pretty FFVIII fanart for the characters because I've grown to be actually fond of them. Admittedly, I tend to seek out pairings the most often and a lot of these sites will have pairings on them (which I include in the gen section because there's often times a lot of single-character or group art that I think will appeal to those looking for gen art and if I can browse Seifer/Squall sites for the gen art, I would imagine others might want to, too? :D), but hopefully they'll all appeal to gen fans as well.

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