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- Final Fantasy Dissidia - 32nd [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm making a separate rec for the Dissidia section, since there's apparently actually a Dissidia fandom, who knew. There's not a ton here, just a handful of regular illustrations and then a handful more of comics, but. The very first illustration I clicked on with the FF male characters dressed in their female lead characters' outfits? Totally worth it right there. XD The art is really cute and the site was kinda adorable, that's all I wanted. <3 (....nothing I'd really warn for.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - Orrizonte [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know that this will be for everyone, but it only took me a couple of links into the site to really kind of fall in love with the artist's style. It helps that there's a heavy focus on the Warrior of Light and Garland, but the art for everything is really pretty. It's often sketch-like and vaguely unfinished, but that style works in favor for the artist, I like them exactly the way they are! The group illustrations are often fantastic as well, really a nice little site to have visited today. <3 (Some Garland/Warrior of Light.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I kind of sat on the fence with this site for awhile, because a lot of it is sketched out art that's not meant to be very polished and it's more cute than anything, but... there's also a lot of it and I really do kinda like the artist's style. There are occasionally some really nice images of the Warrior of Light, the artist puts in some really lovely colors to him, and then there are these mid-action illustrations that are kinda awesome. The one of the Warrior of Light versus Sephiroth kind of made me cave fully because it's such a great little image. The majority of the site is made up of little b&w doodles, but there's so much cuteness, I had to recommend it. :D (I'd say it's mostly gen, but maybe a little Firion/Warrior of Light.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - [ Chinese (?) Fanart Site ] - Do you know what one of the best things about Dissidia fandom is? That it seems like one big excuse to make Squall's life difficult, you guys. There are several illustrations on this site that do that very thing, he makes the best "I don't know any of you" faces ever. Though, the site is primarly a Kuja site and you can tell just how much fun the artist has drawing him, which makes it fun to go through all the posts with art on them, despite that I'm not that familiar with the FFIX characters. Even if you're not that familiar with the game, it's a fun Dissidia site as well and I enjoyed it a lot. ( real warnings, I guess.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - Blind Alley [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I definitely wish that there had been more art on this site, but, well. Once again Dissidia fandom loves us by making Squall's life difficult. But also that this artist draws a damn fine Warrior of Light and... well, all her characters look nice, but. Her WOL stuff is my favorite. Though, there's a lot of sketches that are really nice, I'm fond of the lighter, sketchier style when the artist can pull it off like this and it helps that I like the WOL - Squall - Bartz - Zidane characters. But also the site is worth it just for that one illustration of the characters put into groups by platform as they each play games. XD So, it was another fun site to make my way through tonight. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy Dissida - retblka [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I also definitely wish there'd been more art on this site, there's really only about a handful or so, but I had to cave on recommending it because the lineart is kind of amazing in it. The amount of detail put into some of the illustrations is terrific, especially one of Warrior of Light where his cape is billowing out behind him. It really captures that feeling of Nomura and yet is, well. Pretty. :| A lot of the rest of the art on this site is cracky or just randomly interesting--holy crap, there were a couple of RoF images!--and it was a fun little site to go through. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - Label [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, this site is so pretty. More bright, vivid colors and lots of detail on the clothes and, well, okay. Bartz/Terra isn't a pairing I'd really seen that much of before (or at all) but, hell, I'm open to whatever when it comes to Dissidia. Plus, so pretty omg. But it's also that the site is totally about the Squall - Bartz - Zidane trio that makes Squall's life so difficult (there's an illustration of them glomping onto Squall, then the three of them sleeping in the grass and as;ldkjfslk what Dissidia fandom does to me ♥) along with the super, super pretty Bartz. It's not a huge site, but it's well worth going to, imo. *___* (Half Bartz/Terra, half gen. Well and a smidge of Squall/Bartz.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - 2pink [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Naturally, since I stumbled over one Squall/Bartz site, suddenly I find myself tripping over more of them. Of course. But I don't really mind, not when the art is cute. :Db It's not really going to be my pairing, but oddly enough it was the pairing art that won me over on this site, it's got a light and airy sketchy feel to it and I like that with the right artist. A lot of it is just that I like pretty Squall art, but the pairing stuff really is cute, especially the little extra scribbles and chibis! Pissy chibi Squall will never not be great. XD (Squall/Bartz.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - 3bit [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site took me a little bit to warm up to. Not because the artist wasn't good--they're very good--but because it was mostly just doodles and sketches at first, when I really wanted more from this artist, because I knew she could do that. But somewhere along the way... there were enough pretty little comics or pretty little doodles or pretty little chibis or pretty little images of Sephiroth with a terrified baby Chocobo in his hand that I eventually caved. There are some very stunning images on the site when the artist really goes all out, but I did wish she'd done that more often. Which isn't to say that this wasn't a fantastic site, because it really was. Some of the art was just. Kinda amazing. *__* And the mixing around of costumes was also kinda super awesome. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - SB~SB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asl;dkfjaslkj I meant to just trawl this one for the Squall art and then zip off, because it was getting kind of late and my eyes were all stingy and I should have stopped for the night. And Squall/Bartz isn't really my pairing, but the art for it was nice enough and had that clean, cg-style coloring done well enough that I was intrigued. And so I kept going. Pretty Squall fanart is nice! And then I got into the gen section and there was an illustration of the whole lineup of hero characters and then there was cute Cloud art and just. I caved. It's a fun, cute site that totally hooked me when I wasn't looking. XD (Some Squall/Bartz, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asl;dkfjasl;kjalskj <---seriously, that's the sound my brain made after visiting this site, because I was supposed to be stopping for the night, except I couldn't. And I'm getting kind of surprised at just how much Squall/Bartz art is out there and how addicting it's kind of getting. Or at least pretty FFD art is getting addicting. A lot of it is that the site also has pretty Squall art and well, still easy for that. And there's not a lot here, but it's a good site if you like the pairing or just want to quick run through another FFD site with some cute art. (Squall/Bartz.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy Dissidia - Guernica [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm putting the VII and Dissidia rec together with this one since it's not a huge site (though, it is decent sized!) and because the two sort of overlap a lot. I came to this site originally for the Dissidia art and felt like I'd seen some of the VII art before, but it wasn't on my list of recs as far as I could see. So, well, it may be a re-rec, but either way! The art starts out a little shakey, but the artist improves like crazy over time, to the point that her current Dissidia art, especially the one with all the villains drinking together, is amazing. Her Sephiroth/Cloud art is very nice as well, the one of Sephiroth sitting next to Cloud in a ShinRa uniform is especially pretty. *__* Plus, if you hunt around, there's an under gallery! And I seriously want more of her Dissidia art! *___* A great way to cap off my FF fanart trawling tonight. ♥ Oh, and the memo board is kind of seriously A+ too! (Some Sephiroth/Cloud, but it's largely a gen site.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - CKH [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yet another site where there's not as much art as I'd like and I wish the artist had more fully finished pieces, because what's here is so pretty that I instantly fell in love with it. There are a couple of pieces that look really, really nice--there's one of WOL and Garland posing that's kind of incredible--but it's also hard to complain about the sketches or the mini comics style when the artist makes fun of the horns on his helmet. XDDD And his outfit. XD So, it's a nice little site that started off my day's fanart trawling really well. <3 (Some Garland/Warrior of Light, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the Gurren Lagann art and then just decided to only quickly run through the Final Fantasy section and... it was cute stuff. There was a decent selection of various characters right from the beginning. And then there was a really pretty image of Squall, Zidane, and Bartz. Oh, goddammit, Japan, stop making me so weak to your art! Except I really did like this site, the art was solid and often pretty, even the sketches or the oekaki images were well done and interesting. Some of the villain images are amazingly detailed, there's more than one Squall + Bartz + Zidane image, and there's even occasionally some pairing stuff. I really had fun. XDb (Some potential pairings, but it's mostly a gen site, I think.)

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