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- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates - Tokiami [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, I'm about seven hours into RoF and I've only just gotten through the forest storyline where Gnash joins the party. Totally a great time to go looking for fanart, yes? And, wow, was it difficult to find anything until I finally hit up FFCC Search, which helped tremendously. And this was one of the first sites I found with FoR art on it that had a decent amount of it and asldkfjasl;jk her art is so adorable and cute and has the same bright, vivid colors that the game has and the chibi-esque style works with the game deigns as well. You can tell she really likes Gnash especially, which I am totally down with because I've just gotten to him in the story and so I'm intrigued, but there's also the occasional illustration with Yuri and Chelinka as well. Just a really cute, fun site that I totally had fun with! ♥ (....nothing I'm really going to warn for. *shifty*)

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