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- Firefly - Tetchy by debchan - I've spent the last three weeks or so pining for Jayne fic, and, ohhhh, did this one deliver for me. Honestly, I don't even know where to start with this one... funny as hell, intelligent, well-written, clever, and hot... everything I want from Jayne slash. I really can't get over how terribly amused I was by this story, how wonderfully in character it was, and how easily I believed it... I always thought that would be the one problem I had with Jayne slash... that I wouldn't be able to buy the story. But I followed this story right along until the end, never being jarred out of it with a, "Oh, he'd never do/say that...." And that impresses me so very, very much. (Jayne/Simon.)

- Firefly - Big Damn Zombies, Sir by Shrift - Okay, this would be all Murasaki's fault. Because she started to watch Firefly and rekindled my Jayne love. And I was just idly surfing around, thinkin' about maybe trying to find some decent Firefly fic to read and stumbled over a rec for this fic and it just sounded amusing. So clicking away I went and I just had giggle fits while reading this one. I'm very impressed with Shrift's ability to capture the feel of the series, that whole 'space western' vibe and these wonderful characters with all their different (and hysterical) personalities and make it effing hysterical. Just... *giggles* wonderful fic to put me in the right mood again. (No pairings/warnings.)

- Firefly - In the Before by kirby crow - I think what I liked most about this fic is that it kind of hurt to read it, kind of like how watching "Ariel" hurt, in that these characters are more real and flawed and problematic than just simple, easy answers. The way the author weaves River into the fic was wonderful as well, she can annoy me sometimes, but in this fic, I found her to be fascinating, the relationship she had with her brother, the way Simon viewed her, the way Jayne viewed both of them, all of it was just... wonderful to read. Plus? The faint sex scene? Yum. :9 Excellent fic, really. Even if it did hurt like crazy to read parts of it. (Jayne/Simon, some graphic content, about an R-rating's worth.)

- Firefly - Rara Avis by kirby crow - Surprisingly, I found myself just delightfully in love with Wash and Zoe, how wonderful they were and it's great fun to read a fic about them, even if it's a rather angsty, painful one. I love that the author captures that sense of just... how incredibly in love with and how wildly attracted to Zoe that Wash is. That's what won me over with them, they were fun, they were sparky, they were full of chemistry, but when things came down to it, they were just in love with each other, they cared so damn much. And... just... I'm really becoming attracted to that darker side of Firefly, of the characters, but how they manage to survive anyway and this fic really kind of epitomizes that for me. Good, good fic. (Wash/Zoe.)

- Firefly - Dancing Lessons by kirby crow - Oops, read this fic and In the Before out of order, so... um... read this one first? ^_^; Anyway, what I love about kirby crow's writing is that she captures those darker edges to the characters, makes them... not quite so squeaky clean and simplistic, archetype characters, they're... complicated, I guess. Yet they're also still those fun, sparky, clever, witty characters that first drew me in. It's not a perfect, happy, shiny relationship these characters are drawn into, there are a lot of real tensions and aggrivations and problems, but there's this Something between them, and... guh, I'm just repeating myself now. Okay. Jayne. Simon. Witty dialogue. Fantastic characterization. Great sex. Go read. Now. (Jayne/Simon, graphic content.)

- Firefly - Close by kirby crow - *giggles and bounces* This is the kind of fic (and, apparently, I'm going to rec almost every one of kirby's fics =_=) that just makes me smile (and giggle >_>) like a dork while reading it. This is why I fell in love with Jayne and Simon, because they're so damn much fun when they're sniping at each other, but in a sort of friendly way. ....sometimes. >_> And the humor is genuinely hysterical, wonderfully in character, and just a treat to read. Just one of those fics that I can really see being set in the Firefly universe. (Jayne/Simon sorta hinted at/played with, a little bit of Mal/Simon at the end.)

- Firefly - Unchained Melody by bonibaru - Oh, how I love Jayne. And, oh, how, I love Jayne's love for Vera. They are a beautiful match and this fic just makes me smile over it and yet... and yet go *_* at the wonderful, accurate characterization. If I weren't such a fan of Jayne/Simon, I think Jayne/Vera would be my new OTP with this fandom. >_> (No real warnings.)

- Firefly - Jayne's Gun by Eleanor K. - *giggles* This was too much fun! I have a soft spot for the idea of Mal/Jayne that never really quite went away and so a fic that's silly and not really serious but still has some nice smut and really fun dialogue? And lots of references to Jayne's guns? How could I not have fun with it? Very sharp and even in a silly, borderline parody thing, the characterization rings clear and I can hear the characters. (Mal/Jayne, NC-17 content.)

- Firefly - Shift by Eleanor K. - Jayne is smiling at him like he knows something Simon doesn't, which strikes Simon as being pretty unlikely, but that doesn't make it any less annoying. And this story is another one that just... the author's style is so sharp and razor-edged that it fits with the Firefly world so incredibly well. Her dialogue is so perfect that I don't even have to stop and concentrate to hear them or picture them against the landscape of some dusty, hot world, it just pops right into my head. And, mmm, the Jayne/Simon smut is niiiiiiiiice. Very, very nice. ♥ (Jayne/Simon, NC-17 content.)

- Firefly - A Good Idea by Eleanor K. - This was the first Firefly fic I read by the author and she just... I was skeptical that Mal/Jayne could work, much as I kinda wanted to read about it, but right from the very beginning, the author so incredibly nailed the Firefly style that I couldn't put the story down. Her dialogue and prose were so incredibly sharp and the entire scene just *fwooshed* into view in my head, complete with that sort of dusty, gritty feel the series itself gave me, all those earth tone colors, and I could HEAR the actors in their parts. Her Zoe was just painfully spot-on, her Mal and Jayne were fantastic and she also just nailed the feel of the background Firefly world, right down to the technology and the Space Western feel that it had. I also loved that things weren't easy, they were complicated and messy and nothing ever really went very smoothly, because that would have been out of place with a series like Firefly. Just... this felt like it could have happened in the first few weeks that Jayne was on the ship and I had so much fun with the series. Just... wow. Oh, and the smut was nice, too! ^_~ (Jayne/Mal, NC-17 content.)

- Firefly - Jayne's Magnificent Cock by Distraction - ....*sporfles* Oh, such a perfect little Firefly ficlet that had really tremendous dialogue and sparkling characterizations and was just so... in tune with the series that I can't even quote, lest I give even a single joke away. But, oh. Man. The ending. I didn't even see it coming, either. Heeheehee. Very nice way for me to dip a toe back into the Firefly waters. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Firefly/Star Trek: The Next Generation - Serenterprise-D by inlovewithnight - There are some fics where you see the two series that are crossed over together and you just have to click on it. And this was totally worth it, because the crossovers and comparisons (and contrasts) between the crew members of both ships is really delightful. In a way, it almost seems kind of destined to happen (and not, you know, like there's a formula to these things) and the author is amazing at finding little connections between various characters. By far my favorite had to be Jayne meeting Worf, though. That was beautiful, deeply and truly. The whole thing was, really. (No warnings/pairings.)

Firefly: Femerall by recrudescence - I don't even know why I clicked onto a Firefly fic link, except that I've always had that soft spot for certain Jayne pairings and Jayne/River was one of them. It was also that this fic sucked me in right from the beginning, the way it captures River's odd quality and yet doesn't feel like it's trying too hard, the way it uses details and focuses in on them without losing the rest of the fic, the way there's this edge of danger underneath, that all really works. But I also really loved the Jayne characterization and the way he treats her, somehow that felt spot on. (Jayne/River, NSFW.)

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