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- Friday Night Lights/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Title IX by Sophia P - Technically, this crossover is only meshing the two worlds, the Buffy characters don't actually appear. (Thus, I'm not going to put it in a Buffy section, but I wanted to list it to give an idea of what the fic was about. Anyway.) That aside. OMG OMG OMG. BEST CROSSOVER ALL WEEK. I wasn't sure what to make of the idea of an FNL/Buffy crossover but since I like the author so much, I decided to read anyway. And then. Beautiful set-up. Lovely dialogue, great pacing, great imagery. And then the (ha ha) kicker, the punch at the end of the ficlet and it was awesome. I could totally hear the entire conversation in the characters' voices and I ♥ this fic so hard. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Friday Night Lights/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Blood ties by Sophia P - Where the first FNL/Buffy crossover by this author was light-hearted and fun, this one is much darker in tone and brilliantly creepy. I really love the way this is done, the way it's from the FNL series' perspective, so the Buffy weirdness is very strange and unfamiliar, the way it has such a deep affect on Tim's character. But even aside from that, this story is worth reading for Tim's POV and character insight, which is so painfully spot-on that I just... I mean, I didn't think I'd ever want to read FNL fic, what was there to fill in, really? But this story manages to find that something to fill in and then knocks it out of the park. Brilliant writing, brilliant pacing, brilliant idea, brilliant all the way around. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Friday Night Lights - Man Up by hackthis - While my fondness for Tim/Jason has died down since the beginning of the season, since they've spent so much time apart, I still have a fondness for those two, especially pre-series when they were such close friends. And this was a very nice set of short scenes that showed their friendship from when they first met in elementary to school to playing as kids to junior high school to something close to the start of the series. The quiet desire you can feel building in Jason, how he wants Tim, is nicely done. I do like the way their friendship just is between the two of them here, it was a good read. (Tim/Jason, some light NC-17.)

- Friday Night Lights - The Stars Grew Softer Overhead by callmesandy - So now I'm raiding Wolfie's memories for fic and one of the first ones I clicked onto was this Matt/Julie fic that was just... there was something almost simple and quiet about it, but that was perfect. You could just feel how nervous and awkward Matt felt without the author having to spell it out for the readers, it was just in every little gesture he made, yet he was still so sweet and Julie was so cute and they were both so woobie, even when all they did was drive to a restaurant several miles away, had dinner, and went back. It was just. It was so perfect for them that I was a giant ball of fluff by the end. (Matt/Julie.)

- Friday Night Lights - Listen to Her Quiet Heart Singing Loud by krabapple - Again, I really didn't think that I would even need Matt/Julie fic, since canon is so lovely for them. But this is a quiet, rather understated look at a future for Matt and Julie, the way she wonders how things might have been different, but likes the way things turned out anyway. There's a certain tone to this, something about the way it's told in such a straight-forward, almost simple way that captures the tone of the series just so well. A lovely piece that I like to think will totally happen for them. (Matt/Julie.)

- Friday Night Lights - Window by tigs - I think I could get rather addicted to reading Matt/Julie fic if I'm going to keep stumbling over stories like this one. Because, once again, somehow a fic manages to capture that tone the series has, the one that's not quite simple, but maybe something like it, something that's direct yet still with all that sweet, adorable awkwardness that Matt Saracen has. The narration for the story, even when it something as uncomplicated as Matt and Julie walking home from a date and standing on her front step, is so fantastic that I could just see the entire story playing in my head. I loved this so much. <3 (Matt/Julie.)

- Friday Night Lights - Gentle by scoob2222 - There is something about the relationship between Tim and Tyra that I can't quite let go of, something that makes me really want to actively ship them, except that I know it would only get my fangirl heart broken. And, yet, I cannot resist promising fic for the two of them, especially a lovely piece set post-1x20 (which means spoilers for that episode!) where Tim tries to be gentle with Tyra, tries to be careful with her when it's not something that comes natural to him, especially as he's realizing what happened and is so angry about that, even as it's not what Tyra needs right then. There's a deliberately awkward quality to Tim here, fumbling just a little and not sure what to do, that's perfect for this moment. The hurt and upset in this scene were lovely to read, a moment of obvious connection still between them. Lovely. (It's not really Tim/Tyra, it's gen, but.)

- Friday Night Lights - Drowning by natfudge - He leans back on his arms as his eyes refuse to meet hers, instead staring hard at the top button of his shirt on her and Tyra finally gets it. He hadnít been able to drown himself in drink this time, so he was going to drown himself in her. This is the kind of fic I've been quietly wanting from the FNL fandom, but am a little too wary of trying to sift through a whole new fandom that I'm unfamiliar with (it takes so long to find the authors that mesh with my own tastes, so I usually wander through other recs posts), but I'm glad to have at least this one. It's not a nice fic, but it's not a horrible fic, either, instead it's got much the same tone that the series itself has, it's not about making everything all better by the end, it's about managing to live through one more day. The way the relationship between Tim and Tyra at the beginning of the series is portrayed in this fic is spot-on, every little thing that Tyra knows about Tim is exactly the kind of thing this fic was trying to accomplish. I love that even the sex, while being really kinda hot, is more about coping with pain than it is sexy. Lovely fic. (Tim/Tyra, somewhere between R and NC-17, NSFW.)

- Friday Night Lights - Verboten by Kate Andrews - Oh, oh, oh. Matt and Julie and this fic is so perfect that I was quite possibly clapping my hands together with delight and/or grinning stupidly the entire time. It's got such a perfect Julie voice, how much she really, genuinely likes Matt Saracen and how much she really, genuinely likes teasing him. Matt is brilliant throughout the fic as well, so very nervous and obviously liking her so very much and so awkward in that sweet, adorable way that makes you love him more. I can't decide if the characterization of the two of them or the truly clever, brilliant little moments of the fic are my favorite part. It's such a simple story on the surface--Matt and Julie's relationship, all normal moments in the course of them dating--but it's perfect, right down to Matt's very obvious fear of Coach Taylor and how everything was so easily pictured in my mind. I loved this fic. (Matt/Julie.)

- Friday Night Lights - Restraint by Kate Andrews - So, I was trying to go for this Tim/Tyra thing tonight, read more of those fics, instead of heading for the usual Matt/Julie. Just for some variety. Except I cannot stay away because these two are just so damn cute together and it's really wonderful to read a fic about how much Matt Saracen is a teenaged boy with a sex drive that's hard to force down when he really, really likes his girlfriend. Especially when she keeps nudging him and teasing him and being so very Julie. They're adorable together, it's so easy to see how much they really like each other and how sparklingly clever they are around each other. The fic was another one that put a smile on my face the entire time I was reading it, they're just so damn adorable and fun together. I'd put this as another must-read for these two. (Matt/Julie, a solid R rating, NSFW.)

- Friday Night Lights - A Poor Man's Memory by shrift - I was enjoying this fic, a short piece that's mostly a conversation between Tim and Landry, with Tim being so very Tim about everything, when I got to this line from Landry: Landry's eyes bugged out. "Would you please tell me, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, what the hell is wrong with you?" And I cracked up because it's such a perfect voice for Landry, I can just see him throughout the piece and this is why the Tim - Landry not-quite-friendship is such a beautiful thing. It's a lovely look at Tim for the most part, though, and it's just painful enough that it's completely in line with the show. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Friday Night Lights - I'll Be Leaving Soon (Tonight I'm Here) by minervacat - One of the things I like best about the FNL fandom (or what I've seen of it, not that I've poked around all that hard) is the way the fic isn't exactly angsty or melodramatic, but it's not exactly happy fun times, either. While reading this piece about Tim, about his relationships with both Tyra and Jason, the way he sees and watches and knows more than most people would ever think he does, it's kind of heartbreaking in exactly the way watching Tim on the show is. He's not going anywhere and it almost hurts more because he's long since accepted that. It's got moments of awesome--especially the way Tim views Tyra, it doesn't focus on what breaks them apart, but why they worked for so long--but I love that the ending made me feel so much of what the show does as well. (Tim/Tyra, implications of Tim/Jason.)

- Friday Night Lights - Texas Forever by topaz - This is a gorgeous story about Tim Riggins and where the future of these characters might be going. It's almost sort of a hopeful look, but not in the shiny happy sort of way, it's about small town people and some of them make it out and make something of themselves and some of them don't. The more fic I read about Tim, especially ones like this, the more I fall in love with his character all over again. The writing is fantastic, the format of the fic--shifting scenes, one set in the future, one showing the progression of the timeline from a more current point--works so very well, a little bit introspective, a lot like an article being written on Tim Riggins' career, and yet still a story. I'm having a terrible time trying to figure out what to say, despite that this was one of the best FNL pieces I've ever read, it's absolutely a must-read. It's brilliant, it's a little painful, it's a little sad, it's a little happy, but most of all, it's breathtaking. (Nothing to really warn for.)

- Friday Night Lights - 20 West by Rachel Wilder - This was a really insightful look at Tyra's character and living in a small town like Dillon Texas and why her life has not been easy. The really lovely thing about the fic was that it wasn't overdone, there was a very straightforward voice here, one that didn't overplay or underplay everything that Tyra had gone through in her life and how those things had shaped her into the person she became. I love how tough and how vulnerable she is at the same time, how much determination is there even when she's become so jaded, how she holds everything at arm's length but still knows that people get to her sometimes. It's a really good look at her character, especially for so early on in the show's run. (Some pairings, but all canon ones and not really the point.)

- Friday Night Lights - Blush and Knock Your Knees by k - I feel like I've read this fic before, the opening scene is very familiar to me and I feel like I recognize the author's name as well, but I can't find it on my recs list, so if this is a re-rec, well, then the fic deserves it, especially for being so delightfully perfect for Matt and Julie and having been written so early on in the show's run. They're such an adorable pair, Julie's sparkling, laughing, bright personality against Matt's more serious, sweet, adorable personality and you can just see how much they both adore each other and how wonderful they are together. Plus, throw in a great Landry voice and some very seriously needed alone time for Matt and Julie, and it's a wonderful little fic. (Matt/Julie.)

- Friday Night Lights - Nothing In My Pockets and Nothing Up My Sleeve by inlovewithnight - There is something so very ordinary about this fic, something that captures the same thing that happens every night in Dillon Texas, the way it's not different than any other night, and it's almost painful to read. One of the things that's most interesting about FNL is that it shows both the good and the bad of living in a small town and this fic beautifully echoes that, with some really painfully good Matt Saracen characterization. The things he sees, the things he feels, the things he knows, even when he won't really let himself register any of it, his efforts to get through every day, the amazingly spot-on voice the author has for his character. It's almost a depressing fic, except that's not quite it, but whatever it is, it fits the series brilliantly. (....nothing to really warn for, it's on the level of canon.)

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