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- Fruits Basket Kyou x Tohru Fanfiction Recs - Kyouru is my darling pairing with this series, the one that has my heart the strongest and the one that gets me the most, even with my love of the entire cast. It's just something about how much Kyou needs her in a way I don't get from the others, how much her acceptance means to him, how much he tries to get her to stand up for herself, how much he really loves her. Plus, I've always had a thing for the slightly spastic pairings where the two of them genuinely love each other. *wibbles and gushes* This will probably never be a terribly large section as the Furuba fandom sort of scares me and I just don't have the energy to go through most of it, but what I do find and like will go here.

- Fruits Basket Mabudachi Trio Fanfiction Recs - Hatori is one of my favorite characters in the series and I have a strong love of trios where all the members are important to each other. I swing back and forth between Hatori/Shigure and Hatori/Ayame, I like each about the same, though perhaps slightly more Hatori/Shigure as time goes on? It's hard to tell. I'll read both happily. (And, yes, yes, I know Hatori's straight, he just happens to have sex with his same-gender cousins, that's all. *halo* ^_~) I'll probably be tossing both non-yaoi and yaoi fics into this section, since I like both about as well. As long as it has to do with the Trio, it goes here.

- Fruits Basket Other Het/Yaoi Fanfiction Recs - There are few pairings I read for Fruits Basket beyond the ones listed above, as I just don't have the drive, but... every so often I get curious about some of the Yuki x Hana-chan fics out there (my pet crack pairing, shush) or I did my time in the Yuki x Kyou corner of the fandom and have a rec or two leftover from that or there'll be a pairing alongside one of my favorites that'll be prominent enough to mention and then I'll chuck it into this section. I'm shoving both het and yaoi into this section because it's barely big enough as it is, much less broken down further.

- Fruits Basket Gen Fanfiction Recs - I ♥ Furuba genfic, which makes me sad that there's not more of it out there. Though, much like the rest of the fic I read for this fandom, unless I am wildly in love with it, my interest in the series usually isn't strong enough to get me to read much. But there are a handful of genfics that have been just so well-done that I've been unable to put them down or were just short enough to keep my attention span or what have you. Will likely be focused on the main three characters or the more prominent ones of the side characters, I tend to be very boring about my Furuba reading habits.

- Fruits Basket Fanart Recs - Oh, Furuba fanart, how I love you. To itty, bitty little pieces. I've spent hours combing over Japanese fanart sites and was happy to do so. I tend to favor Kyouru again here (and it seems the Japanese fansites are largely made up of Kyouru fans), but if it's pretty, I'll look at it, drool, and rec it. ^_^v Sadly, not as much Mabudachi fanart as I would like and a lot of the links probably no longer work by now, but there should at least be something pretty in here.

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