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- Gundam Wing/Gad Guard - V-GARDEN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Dammit, I didn't want to be won over by this site, but... but... but... but... it has a Duo x Relena illustration! And it's pretty! And the artist has Gad Guard fanart! And they're pretty! I was sunk when I saw her gorgeous illustration of Katana (the group ones are cute, but it's that one of him himself that's the most stunning), it just... amazingly pretty. Plus, the artist does a gorgeous Relena and I'm always weak for a beautifully drawn Relena. The art is very... in synch with canon, I think, in her lines and the faces/hair of the characters, but she puts her own spin on the clothes and poses, very... upbeat and fun and just a touch whacky, I think. But it works well and the overall effect on the site is very pretty. Plus! GAD GUARD art! *twirls* (Some 1xR, 2xH, and that one 2xR that made me cave.)

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