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Gakuen Heaven - Fanfiction - Gakuen Heaven has never really had a lot of fanfic, not even after the anime came along. There are a few pieces here and there that I've enjoyed, but mostly it's a really, really quiet fandom on the English side of the waters. Now, I'm open to reading most of the various pairings possible (I'm pretty free and easy with Keita especially), but there are a handful I'm most especially interested in. My heart really wants Niwa/Kaoru-chan--I mean, c'mon, why name them King and Queen if you're not going to do anything with them?? XD I like Kazuki/Keita and Naruse/Keita and I'm slowly warming up to Shinomiya/Iwai. I'd also totally read Omi/Nakajima. Or gen, even! Gen would be good, I've grown to be honestly fond of the characters for themselves. However, this all depends on people actually writing fic, which doesn't seem to be happening much yet.

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Gen/No Pairings - The more I get acquainted with the series, the more I actually sort of like it for itself. I know, it's strange to think of gen/no pairing sites for a BL game, but every once in awhile there are sites with enough fanart of the characters all by themselves that I felt like they'd appeal to anyone who was a fan of the series. Like, maybe you don't like Kazuki/Keita, but the artist seperates the art into Keita, Kazuki, and Kazuki/Keita art and you can just click the Keita art, which is worth going to the site for by itself. The fandom was never meant to cater to gen fans, but sometimes I'm just in the mood for some character portraits and this is where I tuck away all the sites that come from that.

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Everyone x Keita - Also going to be known as my "Everyone/Keita" section, since that's kind of the point of the game. The more and more I went through sites, the more I noticed that a handful of them weren't just focusing on one or two favorite pairings, but that they drew just about everyone with Keita for their themes. Which is kind of neat, it means I get to see a variety of concepts and illustrations, but also that I'll almost always find at least one or two images that I really hoped to find more of. I mean, not a lot of sites do this, but just enough that I felt I could justify the section. (Plus, it's kind of neat when the sites get the same feel of being able to choose your own pairing for Keita like the game gave the players.)

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Niwa x Kaoru-chan - This is my baby pairing. Sadly, precious little art for it actually exists (though, I will likely hunt down every little bit of it that I can ♥) and the anime really isn't helping things along, but... somehow I got sucked into this pairing. They're just my type, the cute, loveable retard who may not be as retarded as he seems, the tall, bitchy pretty one who's cranky but may not dislike the idiot as much as he says. The way they play off each other, the "Kaoru-chan" nickname, the way they'd be so embarassingly dorky but sweet, all of that totally gets to me. I would OTP the retard/cranky pairing in a heartbeat if I could.

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Kazuki x Keita - While my passion for these two is a bit dim (mostly because I rarely like the main couples of any given series), they are still one of those pairings where I have trouble imagining them ending up with anyone else and most of my shipping outside the pairing is because I don't take the pairings that seriously. (....except maybe Naruse/Keita. >_>) Kazuki obviously loves him, Keita's feelings for Kazuki are the strongest, they're adorably sweet together and they get some of the prettiest fanart around. At the end of the day, I want the two of them together and fandom is often kind enough to provide me with plenty of material for that. This'll probably be the largest section of the fanart recs.

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Naruse x Keita - The one Keita pairing besides Kazuki/Keita that I can take seriously, even if I'm not entirely sure why that is. Maybe it's Naruse himself, maybe I just like him enough that I want to give him pretty much whatever he wants. It's adorable to watch him just be so happy around Keita and... oh, okay. It's because Naruse reminds me of a certain other character and the associations totally help. But I actually do like it for itself, I think Naruse would treat Keita very well and it would make Keita happy which would make Naruse happy which would be good and it would make me happy to see them do all sorts of romantic, goopy things like picnics and dates and stuff. Shush, I like the cute. ♥<

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Nakajima x Keita - Admittedly, this section is born out of two things. One, Nakajima is kinda seriously hot sometimes and I generally like his type of character design. Hot Nakajima fanart? I'm there. And, two, there's actually a fair amount of this pairing out there, it's one of the more popular ones, so I started exploring and found a lot I liked. It's not a pairing that I ultimately take that seriously, but it's a fun diversion and I'm growing genuinely fond of it for it's own sake. But, yeah, mostly the hot Nakajima or beautiful Keita fanart.

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Omi x Keita - Omi x Keita was one of the first non-Kazuki x Keita pairings that struck me as being a lot more popular than I had expected. I'd started with the anime and they hadn't really seemed to have a lot of interaction, so it caught me a bit by surprise. But a lot of the same reasons as the Nakajima x Keita pairing appeals to me, so does this one. Pretty Omi fanart? Pretty Keita fanart? Sure, sign me up, I don't have anything against the pairing. It's not insanely popular, but it's cornered a decent section of the fandom, so this section will be healthy, I hope.

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Keita x Kaoru-chan - I will admit that part of the reason this pairing amuses me is because Kaoru-chan is the only character in the game to both top and bottom to Keita in the game. Everyone else (except for Shunsuke and Umino-sensei) tops Keita soundly, but Kaoru-chan depends on how aggressive you make Keita act and that just... delighted me somehow. Especially since Kaoru-chan is so pretty when Keita's kissing him. And, again, another section that's about how much I like Kaoru-chan fanart and Keita fanart and the fandom was kind enough to provide me with enough to justify this section. (....actually, I kinda like the pairing more than this description would suggest. But I'll be damned if I can put it into words.)

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Niwa x Nakajima - Niwa and Nakajima are two of my favorite characters. And they do have some interesting scenes in the anime. And there's a fair amount of shiny fanart for the two of them available. (Which is surprising in a fandom that's very focused on Everyone/Keita, much like the original game was.) I actually liked them from early on, even if my affection for them has cooled in the wake of my Niwa/Kaoru-chan obsession, yet... I still have fondess for them as friends and thus a catagory for them. It's quite the healthy section, considering Keita's not part of the pairing, honestly.

Gakuen Heaven - Fanart - Other Pairings - Sometimes, there'll be a pairing I quite like that doesn't get enough art for it. (I would seriously love more Omi x Nakajima fanart, their whole, "You've been hacking into the student council's computer again. I'm going to have to punish you. ^_^" thing strikes me as beautiful.) Or sometimes it's that there's a random pairing like Omi/Kaoru or just Niwa/Keita on a site that I couldn't really put anywhere else. (Shinomiya/Iwai is strangly almost non-existant with the j-fen as far as I can tell, which is weird. :O!) This is that same old sort of 'catch all' section that I don't expect to be all that very big. Still, there are sometimes some real gems that I just can't resist tossing in here.

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