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- Gankutsuou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of the earlier sites I ran across in my scouring for Gankutsuou art sites in my last trip and I'm really glad to have found the site, because right from the very top (currently) illustration of Monte Cristo and Haydee, I knew this artist was going to be good. The artist has a really strong sense for colors and lines together and does really enchanting group illustrations, but it's her Count illustrations that are currently the highlight of the site. The one of him hold his sword up to his face and his cape blowing dramatically in the wind is gorgeous. Not just gorgeous for a slowly blooming fandom, but gorgeous-gorgeous. Every time you see him in an illustration, he looks beautiful and there's a sense of lushness and richness to the art that feels similar to the series itself. Just... I was really impressed with this artist and I badly want to see more from her. Good, good stuff. (Whatever you saw in canon you'll probably see here.)

- Gankutsuou - blue-blooded boy[ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And this would be the other real find from my skipping gleefully through the Gankutsou fandom; the artist does a terrific job and I find myself swooning over all of the art. (Note: You'll want to make sure to check out the oekaki board and the sub-pages as well, because there's some cute art tucked away on the sub-pages. And the oekaki board has some really cool stuff on it!) It's just... the Count and Albert in the rain, the beautiful Valentine one, the chibi-Albert-and-Franz with their pirate outfits, lovely Haydee, cute Peppo, that actually use the Gankutsuou patterns! That was really neat. And, oh, oh, hit the web-clap thing, because there are two illustrations in there that are flat-out gorgeous. One is of Franz and Albert and the other is, hands down, the most beautiful Count/Albert illustration I've ever seen. Just... whoa. (Maybe a little Count/Albert, maybe a little Franz/Albert.)

- Gankutsuou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Normally, I try to pass on sites that don't have a lot of art or where it's mostly just oekaki, but when a fandom is still just getting started, I can be more attracted to oekaki art galleries and I've been developing something of a fondness for Gankutsuou oekaki art especially. This site just... there's a good lot of art in the galleries and one of the things I liked is that the artist often times put in those patterns like those that the anime uses, so it ends up having something like the same feel. She also covers several characters (like there're a few of Franz and there's one of Eugenie, too) and while the ones of the Count were my favorite, I also kinda liked the one of him putting the towel over the head of the wet!Albert. (Well, I would, wouldn't I? :D) All in all, a nice little addition to the Gankutsuou art out there. (Whatever you saw in canon you'll probably see here, too.)

- Gankutsuou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where I was charmed by the entirety of the site probably more than any one specific illustration, because there's just something really fun about going through a gallery of a decent-sized amount of art, to see all the 'regular' art and the sketches and the oekaki art, all that's done pretty well and with solid coloring. There were individual illustrations I liked (the Count with his hand over Albert's eyes, the one of Albert and Franz as adorable kids, the oekaki of Franz, the dramatic Count, etc.) and the whole site was really worth clicking through, a very good site for the fandom right now and just... there's a lot of fun and potential here. (Whatever you saw in canon you'll probably see here, too.)

- Gankutsuou - EMPTYYARD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really like a site that has a lot of art on it when it comes to Gankutsuou and this site certainly seems to have been cranking the art out lately, which pleases me a lot since it's really solid stuff. The details on the count are good, the poses and styles and clothes all fitting with the series and that all the characters in the series seem to be represented here. Or at least the major ones--and it's really fun to see a lot of Haydee fanart tucked away into various corners of the site. And there are even a couple of Count/Mercedes illustrations that are lovely, a couple of ones of Albert and the Count that I swooned a little over, but mostly it's that... there're a LOT of Monte Cristo images on the site, that capture all these little facets about him and remind me of just why I've fallen so hard for this series. I adored this site a lot and hope to see lots more from it. (Whatever you saw in the show, you'll probably see here.)

- Gankutsuou - Letter from the Earth [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, there are only four or five Gankutsuou illustrations on this site right now, but I was impressed enough (and wanting to see more of the artist's work) that I had to rec the site, if only so that I'll remember to go back and see the site again. As the artist goes along, even already you can see how much she's progressing and the current top one of the count tipping his hat looks great. (Err, a little shounen ai, but I'm not sure it's all that serious?)

- Samurai Champloo/Samurai 7/Gankutsuou - Or.Go [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me forever to figure this site out, but finally, finally I found the Samurai 7 fanart! I've been itching to see more of this series and to see some fanworks for it, so finding art that's actually quite well-done was a nice bonus. It's not my usual stuff, not my usual pairings (I forget their names, but Kyuuzo and the dark-haired one that works for Ukyou's father and Ukyou as well), but it's genuinely good stuff and I'm much more relaxed with fanart. There's also a couple of really excellent ones with the other characters, just really nailing the style of Samurai 7, right down to the lines and colors and feel of the series. And, oh, how I'm taken with some of the Samurai Champloo art the artist has done--child!Jin is beautiful and some of the themed stuff is wonderful (I especially like when Jin leans over to kiss Mugen), and the comics are fun. There's not as much Gankutsuou fanart as I would like, but the two that were there are fantastic; rich with detail and capturing that patterned style of the anime and... oh, okay, the one Count/Albert one, where Albert is unconscious in his arms while the Count smirks and has bat-wings totally made my night. XD XD XD Really talented artist and some really good illustrations to comb through here. (Lots of Samurai 7 shounen ai, along with Jin/Mugen, and maybe a little Count/Albert.)

- Gankutsuou - MARUGAN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not entirely sure I could tell you why I liked this site, other than that the artist does a solid job with the characters and that she makes it a lot of fun to go through the gallery to get my yaoi fix for this series. Well, okay. I mean. I know why I like the site--the pretty Count/Albert kissing (and occasionally more) illustrations that I had to hunt down after seeing one of the illustrations up on 4chan. But it's not just the almost-smut, the artist draws a really cute Albert so often and I like the way her Count looks and, hell, I even sorta like the Franz/Albert on the site. Though, man, that one of the naked!Count with the serious expression, pointing the sword at passedout!Albert's heart while he's bent back over the Count's arm... that was really kinda cool. And pretty. *__* (Count/Albert, Franz/Albert, occasionally not-work-safe content.)

- Gankutsuou/Death Note - Ede [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art here, there are only about four Death Note illustrations total, but there were a couple of reasons I had to rec this site--first, the current top illustration of Heydee where she's playing her harp is gorgeous, the sheer amount of detail and color in it is amazing, it looks absolutely fantastic. The second reason is that the Death Note art was a little different from what I was used to, I'm not sure how to describe the style, but I really sort of liked the one L/Raito illustration a lot. Third, I like sites that have a bit of a mishmash of pairings when it comes to Gankutsuou, those that are the sort I mentally dub "Whatever you saw in canon, you'll probably find some of it here." sites. I really like the way her Count looks, I loved the Count/Albert illustrations, and even I rather thought that the Franz/Albert ones were pretty. <3 (One L/Raito, whatever you saw in Gankutsuou canon, you'll probably find here.)

- Gankutsuou - [ English Fanart Site ] - [Note: I suspect that many of these pages will not load for you unless you have a y!Gallery account, as they are NSFW.] Strangely enough, it was actually when I was looking for REBORN! fanart that I was browsing y!Gallery and stumbled over this artist's Gankutsuou art. She caught my eye with her Count/Albert porn and, well. There has been not nearly enough porn in my life and I'm still sullen about the lack of it in Gankutsou fandom the last time I looked. The artist has a very solid style that's a lot like canon, it's immediately easy to tell who the characters are, even aside from the distinctive markings. There's also a bit of putting her own style onto the characters, but I hardly minded that. She includes a couple of b&w lineart images (like this one, which is probably my favorite of the b&w ones) where you can see that her basic art is really in keeping with the style of the series, especially her Count. You can also find a lot of other series by browsing through the galleries, but my point for myself this time around was the Gankutsuou art. ....the Okami art in the galleries didn't hurt my feelings at all, though. >___> (Count/Albert, often NSFW.)

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