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- Get Backers Fanfiction Recs - I really didn't think that I would fall hard enough for this series to need fanfic or much beyond occasional fanart. Get Backers was just this cute little uber-gay series that was fun to watch, maybe I'd think about fic later, if it fell directly into my lap. Then I watched the Infinite Castle arc. *_* I fell and fell hard. Ban-chan/Ginji is my favorite, but I also have a serious soft spot for Kazuki/Juubei, if anyone ever writes it.

- Get Backers Fanart Recs - I really, really, really don't expect too much from this section, because I've got so many other series that I'm seeking out fanart for that are already demanding my attention. ....those are so the words of a doomed person, aren't they? =_=

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