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- Gintama - Fanfiction - GinZura - I never expected GinZura to eat my brain. I mean, I liked it well enough in the manga, I was certainly curious about seeing more, I was shipping them together already. Then Mina started writing fic. Then Mina started writing fic and she was just nailing their characterization and suddenly *BAM*! Instant obsession with these two, even over my beloved Hijikata/Okita. They're... such in the spirit of Gintama. Always with the little jokes about their names, Gin being so GIN, Katsura being pretty and not sure why he sticks around, except oh we know why he does FU FU FU FU and it's just... fun. I'm utterly taken in by them and how surprisingly hot they are. Now if the j-fanartists would just get onboard....

- Gintama - Fanfiction - Hijikata x Okita - Hijikata/Okita (and the Shinsengumi) were what attracted me to Gintama in the first place. I browse a lot of WJ j-fanart sites and I was always seeing these hot characters in cool-looking uniforms. But I could not figure out the name of the series or find any English information on it. (And "Silver Soul" was seriously NOT HELPING. Damn Japanese wordplay.) But! Eventually I realized the name of the series, snatched up the manga, and promptly fell back in love with Hijikata/Okita in this cracked out version of the Shinsengumi. Because. Man, what's not to love about two characters who ostensibly work together, one's always trying to kill the other to get a promotion, the other has a life from HELL, and a enough UST to choke the rest of the army? Nothing is not to love about that! (Also, hot.)

- Gintama - Fanfiction - Other & No Pairings/Gen - I'm sure that someday I'll get past the pairing lust thing and actually seek out genfic or maybe some other pairings. (No, that last part is a dirty, dirty lie. But I do like gen! :D) Because I actually do like Gintama for its own sake rather than just the pairings, there's something utterly hilarious about it and its stupid jokes and parodying of so many different manga genres and surprisingly likable characters. I wouldn't have thought it would translate well into fic, because the pacing of the jokes is something that would be hard to replicate, but... there are a handful of really talented fic authors writing and I GLEE at this. Yes. ♥

- Gintama - Fanart - Gintama fanart is what I started with for this series and I wish I could find more of it, but it seems to be strangely hiding from me now that I actually want to FIND it again. But! I will perservere! And I occasionally get fits of obsession with the series all over again and go on hunts and there's a decent selection already. My preferences are pretty much the same as above, I like HijiOki and GinZura above all, but as long as it's pretty, I'll check it out and rec it. I like Shinsengumi art a lot, but I also like Gin art a lot. Most will be spread over those two aspects... which is pretty much the same as the series, I suppose.

- Gintama - Doujinshi Recs - After awhile, since fandom was lovely enough to start not only scanning Gintama doujinshi, but translating it and scanslating it, I couldn't resist getting into some of them. Mostly I went for the Hijikata/Okita ones, this is a fandom where I don't cheat that much on my OTPs and there's not a lot of GinZura doujinshi, so that'll be my main focus. ....not that I'll stop looking, mind. *__* Anyway, this'll probably be a small section, but it'll get you started at least!

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