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- Glee - Gen/No Pairings Fanfiction Recs - When I started reading Glee fic, it was (as I usually do) for the pairings because that's what really motivates me to be passionate about a fandom. But, over time, I started becoming fond of friendship interaction and becoming fond of the characters themselves, so I started amassing a solid collection of fics I liked. I'll focus on my usual characters (Puck, Rachel, Kurt, Tina, etc.) but I'll hardly turn down anything that's good if it comes along.

- Glee - Puck/Rachel Fanfiction Recs - [ page one - page two ] Puck/Rachel was what got me into Gleefic with a passion, especially after "Mash-Up". There was this amazing chemistry between them and there was so much really excellent fic and, before I knew it, I had an OTP. In a lot of ways, I'm glad it didn't happen in canon (because I don't trust the show at all), but I like that it's still fairly active in fandom and it's such an amazing ship full of so much potential. For both happier stuff and more angsty stuff, for fluff and humor, for character introspection, for heartbreak, and for just plain old hotness. It's pretty much everything I love about the fandom.

- Glee - Finn/Quinn Fanfiction Recs - Once upon a time, I sort of had hopes for this ship. As time goes on, though, it's not even so much that canon has put it to rest but that I don't even want it to happen anymore because I'm not sure I like certain characters. But... well, fanfic is another story. And I do love what could have been if the show hadn't gone where it went and I can't lie. It makes a nice complement to Puck/Rachel--even though I shipped this one first.

- Glee - Karofsky/Kurt Fanfiction Recs - I never really had a strong Kurt ship before this one and I can't even really say what gave me such passion about this ship, other than that the hot mess of it attracts me like crazy. I think a lot of it is that Max Adler and Chris Colfer both did amazingly well in that scene, the intensity of it and everything they both said with their eyes and faces and body language rather than words, and it just. Snared me in and wouldn't let me go. I absolutely do not trust canon to handle this well, part of me hopes that Blaine/Kurt is cute in canon for awhile (because Kurt deserves some happiness and it was so nice to see) but in fic? Oh, hell, yes, I am heading straight for the Karofsky/Kurt fic and eating up every delicious bit of it.

- Glee - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Occasionally there's background pairings in a fic or I'll read something I have a vague interest in or there's a rare pairing I love that doesn't get enough attention (WRITE MORE MIKE/TINA, FANDOM) and I'll dump them all here. I'm generally a pretty OTP person with this fandom, so I doubt this section will grow too much, but. Well, you never know. The more I get burned on a show (which Glee tends to do to me a lot), the more I seek out novelty to keep me from completely losing interest. Which sounds terrible, but with a cast like Glee, there really is a ton of potential for fun!

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