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Boukenger: untitled by Meg - So. Every time I think maybe I can get this whole crushingly embarrassing fondness for vampire fic out of my system, Meg goes and writes something like this. It's still got the trappings of vampire fic (the fans, the thirst for blood especially with people suddenly all around) but it also delightfully has fun with it and is so great with these characters. I just. Of course it would happen to Masumi exactly like that and of course that's how everyone would react. A...also, that might be kind of super hot and I hate Meg for lodging the image in my head. *___* (Nothing I'd warn for.)

GoGo Sentai Boukenger: Glutton's Guilt by Mariko Azrael - *claps hands in delight* Okay, this is a really short little piece, but I've been kind of waiting to find that one Sakura/Natsuki piece that fit with how I saw the two of them. Figures that it's one that's pretty much gen, but it just. It hit the right notes, especially with Sakura, who is so... no-nonsense, yet surprisingly warm here. I love the use of her feeling guilty over having shared some of Natsuki's candy stash, despite that she hadn't really known, and how she reacts to it. It was a really lovely piece. <3 (....this is completely gen, but if you like Sakura/Natsuki, you might like this, too.)

GoGo Sentai Boukenger: Unlucky at Amusement Parks, Lucky at Love by Mariko Azrael - Okay, Souta/Natsuki is another pairing that I really kind of wanted but wasn't sure I actually wanted to dive into the fandom to find it, because I was scared. But this was just... just kind of perfect! A short little scene at an amusement park where he's trying to win her a stuffed animal she caught sight of and they're kind of typical romantic cliches and yet not, they're delightful and charming together. This was just right. ♥ (Souta/Natsuki.)

Go Go Sentai Boukenger: Magma 1 by Whisper - ....wait, wait, wait. There is BoukenRed/BoukenBlack fic in existance that I hadn't seen until now?? And it's all about Masumi's bitchy inner monologue towards Akashi in the first episode?? a;lsdkfjaslkj I could explode with joy just about! ....s-sorry. It's just. I can't let go of this pairing especially not when I stumble over something like this where Masumi is so pissy and yet you can already tell that Akashi's going to completely devour him anyway. It's got a couple of great lines and it's just so... Masumi. I love it. ♥ (Implied Akashi/Masumi, but it could be gen, too.)

Go Go Sentai Boukenger: Magma 2 by Whisper - Another Boukenger Red/Black fic? And one that contains the best description of Masumi ever? (You'll know it when you get to it.) And is really hot with Akashi basically yanking Masumi down into his lap and the way Masumi is pissy and kicking about it, but isn't completely objecting and there's a whole lot of hotness with the "prey" line? It's like-- it's like-- every time I reread this ficlet, I think that maybe Boukenger fandom doesn't entirely hate me. It might be short but it's exactly what I've been wanting. *__* (Akashi/Masumi.)

Go Go Sentai Boukenger: Upfront by nomadskye - This is a really short piece, but I just-- I just wanted to read something Pink/Yellow this afternoon, so I picked this fic up. It's a cute little piece where Sakura worries about Natsuki not remembering her past and what that means for the two of them, but Natsuki manages to diffuse her worries in a Natsuki-like way. It was sweet and cute and that's what I wanted today. <3 (Sakura/Natsuki.)

Go Go Sentai Boukenger: No Choice At All by EstiRose - Another short fic set from Masumi's point of view during the first episode, when Akashi declared him his prey, and this one is more serious in tone and is really more gen than anything, but fits so well with what happened there and why it would infuriate Masumi. I utterly adored the line: Masumi had no choice. None. Akashi Satoru had taken it away from him like a teacher taking a toy away from a child. because that's so much right there of what intrigues me about these two. (This is entirely gen, but if you like Akashi/Masumi you might like this.)

Go Go Sentai Boukenger: Casual Confessions by Lily Garden - This is another sweet Sakura/Natsuki fic and what I really liked about it was Sakura's reasons for waiting for Natsuki to say something, because that... kind of makes a whole lot of sense for her character, she never mentions her own feelings and waits to see if the other person returns them. And Natsuki is super-adorable here and there's girlkissing! I could hardly ask for more. XD (Sakura/Natsuki.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto/GoGo Sentai Boukenger: Tunnel (to Hell?) by capncosmo - So, recently capncosmo did this meme where she wrote about the relationship between two characters and, because of Ai no Kotodama starring Yasuka and Hidenori, there was a request for Masumi and Yaguruma. This was fantastic, because it so amazingly sums up both of their personalities and what they both need/don't need/are looking for/aren't looking for, in less than 300 words. It's just a brief encounter, but it's perfect. (No warnings/pairings.)

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