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- Gokusen - Gankake [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know how I managed this, but somehow I wound up on a page of Gokusen links and, given that I rather like the series, I started clicking around, seeing what I could find. This was about the third or fourth site I hit and, holy crap, PAYDIRT! The artist's style is just beautiful--she has all these lovely colors and beautiful shading going into the art, giving it this depth that's fantastic. They look almost more like paintings than they do CG art, which I always love to see. I also wasn't really much of a Shin/Kumiko fan (I'd certainly thought about it, it'd have been hard not to, but I didn't want to go all 'shipper on the series), but after looking at this artist's work... I can really start to see what she likes about the pairing and it's kind of winning me over. >_> Excellent, excellent art here, especially the ones of them in kimono--those are gorgeous. (Some Shin/Kumiko.)

- Gokusen - Oi. by Moon Klutz - OMG! Gokusen fic! ShinKumi, good Gokusen fic! I never expected such a thing! But it was very nice, capturing Shin's character especially well, really insightful and sparkling and the author clearly got the characters. The little examples that flitted through Shin's mind (like the position of the desks depending on the teacher or the way he would divert the other students' attention) were perfect and the way he looked at Yankumi... it was such a good example of why I buy this couple, why I've been won over to them. *bounces* Good Gokusen fic! YAY! I totally need more of these two. <3 (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - Iconceivable! by Moon Klutz - *bounce*bounce* Gokusen fic! And, god the author is just absolutely nailing the characters and what made them so much fun to watch in the first place. (I love that I can see this as either anime/manga or the drama or maybe a little mix of both, yet it's not awkaward at ALL, she totally captures the spirit of whatever universe this is set in and flows so well.) Reading about Yankumi at home, after the first fic that the author wrote, was perfect, the way she reacted was just so... Yankumi, in that way she has, but not over the top, the way she's confused by Shin, but not lost in her emotions, the gorgeous bits of background of her parents that her grandfather tells her about when he sees she's confused about something and the ending lines are just... there's this sense of being straight out of the series themselves, that tone they have that's so... Japanese, I guess. Terrible way to describe it, but I can't think of anything better. But it's like these could be novelizations of the series, that's how pitch-perfect I found them to be. (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - Swiftly by Moon Klutz - And fic number three in the Shin/Yankumi arc! The author does such a fantastic job with Shin's character--he's so smart, he's cool, he's talented, he likes Yankumi, but he's not too perfect, he's still a human being and Yankumi... well, she certain affects him, in a Shin-like way. The day after he's kissed her, he's not really sure how exactly to act (and covers it up in a fantastic Shin-like way XD) and the way they interact... such a perfect way to show the progression of the relationship. And! Then! Shin having dinner at Yankumi's house was even more fun and the end totally made me melt. ....and lose all coherence, too, apparently, jeez. ~___~ Still. You go read now. Gokusen fic that's GOOD. Much love. (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - Five Dorky Ways Shin Proposed to Yankumi by mklutz - OH MY GOD. This is the third fic I've read in the author's 'five things' series and I think it might just be my favorite yet. I mean, the other characters are more partial to me, but this one is just a zillion kinds of brilliant. Yankumi and Shin and they're retarded and, god, that's just perfect. It's not just that they're dorky, it's that the author was so damn clever in finding ways to showcase that dorkiness. #2 had me actually laughing out loud by the time it was done. And #4 was cute as hell. And #5 was just... the perfect capper. Oh, god, this was beautiful. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - untitled by darkeyedwolf - How did I miss this fic before!? HOW!? I was browsing the comments on mklutz's Gokusen fic post and saw reference to wolfie's ShinKumi fic and thought, "Have I read that...? I'd better double-check." and went to find and, asdlf;jaldsfkjalks, HOW DID I MISS THIS? Because I was practically in tears of laughter by the ending of it and violently heartmarking at the same time. It's just. Such beautiful hilarity and retardation and dorkiness and all things that Shin and Yankumi should be. I can't even describe how beautifully wolfie writes them, how beautifully she gets the characters. Hell, even the comments are fields of gold and such delightful fun to read through. I. I just. It's too perfect for me to comprehend. I have to end this rec now. (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - The Way to California by saxon_dogs - I picked up the link for this fic from here, curious to read a Shinkumi fic that I'd never come across before, and this was a darling piece that really does show just how emotionally backwards Yankumi is and how everyone around her reaches the conclusions probably years before she does. Her reactions to her feelings for Shin are fantastic, I could just see this happening. <3 (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - 5 important dates shin & kumiko (sort of) had by aoimidori - This fic also uses the Five Things style to good effect, five scenes ("dates") where Shin and Yankumi's relationship changes a little more each time, which works so well for this couple. The scenes are funny and just retarded enough like the couple themselves, but I really did like how you could see them changing inch by inch, until they were ready for something more, the sense of time passing and each scene contributing to the whole was well done. Plus, the author really does a great job with the characters and I could just see them in these scenes. It's been ages since I've read Shinkumi fic and this makes me sad (yet again) that there's not more for them, because they're so adorable and retarded together, just like this. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - Everyone Knows by Adali - I practically wiggled around in glee while reading this fic because something about it was so perfect for the characters and their voices and what they know (think they know or don't actually know at all) about Shin's love life. You can just see the look on Shin's face half of the time as the rest of 3D contemplates Shin's perfect woman and why he doesn't date much and a;sdlfkjaslkjalksj I love how much they clearly love Shin. That's one of the best things about the manga, they truly admire Shin, even if they don't always understand that bastard. It's just. It's hilarious and awesome and perfect. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - 5 ways yankumi loves shin. by aoimidori - I love Five Things stories that wind together the way this author writes them, even if it's a rather short piece, it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. Five ways that Yankumi loves Shin, even when she doesn't realize it's moving away from simply loving a cute student of hers, into something else. The author does a lovely job of capturing the craziness of the series, showing how Shin slowly becomes a part of her life, and gets across the total OTPness of the two of them. <3 (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - untitled? by flamebyrd - The cut tag/summary for this fic read: She hadn't even realised they were dating until he asked her to marry her. How could I resist a line like that with these characters? And it's a delightful little ficlet and I love how socially retarded they both kind of are and how they manage to struggle through it somehow. I rather imagine Shin's eventual proposal would go exactly like this. XD (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - stolen moments by aoimidori - Oh, I loved this a lot. Of course I want Shin and Yankumi to get together as soon as possible, but it's got to be a gradual thing with those two, because Yankumi is so stubborn about seeing him as a student. So moments like these, where Shin pushes forward just a little, where they have these super-adorable almost!dates and do the usual date-like things, are perfect for bridging the gap between where they were in the manga and where I'd like them to be. The author's writing is lovely as always and her characterizations are spot-on and it's really easy to see the whole little fic in my mind's eye. <3 (Shin/Yankumi.)

- Gokusen - Running Parallel by anenko - This was utterly delightful and perfectly in character, just a short little thing about Shin's homecoming and how much he'd missed Yankumi and how much he really likes her, the silly fantasies that run through his head sometimes even when he knows better are all delightful. And Yankumi is so... Yankumi and that's why Shin loves her, I love that even as he gets older and looks back on his younger self with wiser eyes, what makes these two work never changes, which the fic does really well. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: Write For You by anenko - I was journalhopping tonight, half-heartedly looking for fics to read and I stumbled over this recs post and saw a couple of links to Gokusen fic that I didn't think I'd read before. I love the author's fics any time I read something new by her and she does a fabulous job with Shin and Yankumi in those years after the manga, when Shin leaves the country. It starts with: Yankumi isn't the first person he writes. She is the one he most looks forward to hearing from. and that sets the tone for this fic. For all that Gokusen is a straightforward, very direct series, there's a surprising amount of subtlety sometimes and this fic does a marvelous job with that. The author just totally nails their characters. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: The simplest solution. by orange_crushed - Stealing one more from the same recs post (a;sldkfj I had to! Shinkumi fic that's really good and I haven't read it yet? I had to!) this is another delightful fic that gets the dynamic between these characters down so very well. It's got that same almost-like-subtlety quality that's so them and there are so many little moments, so many little ways that Shin looks at her while she's just being herself, the teasing way they have with something very real underneath it. I'm getting spoiled by this fandom again. (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: Fighting For Two by anenko - You know, reading the author's notes is one of the things that made me zip over to this fic this morning. (Well, that and I recognize the author as being one I really like.) Even if I know I shouldn't be so intrigued by the promise of babyfic (not that there were any actual babies in the fic~), some part of me just can't help it. And this was totally fun and delightful and just. It's a perfect Yankumi and Shin, set from the point of view of some random thug beating up high school kids and how he sees Yankumi bursting onto the scene. It's great and fits so perfectly in with the Gokusen series. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: Dumb and Tragic by alianora - There is something about Yankumi that makes a deeply hidden, very nicely buried part of Sawada Shin want to well up and spill all over everything. Every so often there is a Gokusen fic that reminds me that it deeply and truly pains me that this fandom isn't bigger because this is such a great take on Shin. The situations he suddenly finds himself in the middle of, the crazy mixed-up batshit plots he somehow gets roped into because of Yankumi, fit so perfectly in with the manga, combined with SPOT ON voices for both Shin and Yankumi. Shin, mourning the loss of his cool, and Yankumi... just destroying it without even really realizing. Just. a sdf;ljkasljk yes. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: At Eighteen by anenko - As you can see, I'm catching up on my Gokusen backlog of fic. But sometimes I have to leave them for awhile or else I pine too much when there's not enough fic to satsify me. (Not that there ever is.) This is a fun little piece set during episode 9 of the drama and it's... it's a really interesting look at what Shin's crush on Yankumi (that isn't really a crush at all) and what it says about him, and how ridiculous (and yet not) it is. Sawada Shin is eighteen years old, and for the first time in years, he feels like a kid. Teenage hormones have been forcefully reintroducing themselves to Shin over the last several weeks. At his sourest moments, Shin suspects that this is payback for laughing at his friends' romantic misadventures. ♥♥♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: Dangerous and Dorky by anenko - Okay, you know what? I don't even need porn for Shinkumi anymore, because THIS WAS PERFECT. Shin trying so very hard to be cool, Yankumi not shying away or trying to deny things, both of them so helplessy dorky at each other, and just enough hints of porn to be really kind of hot. It's like. Everything I ever wanted in a Shinkumi fic, wrapped up with perfect humor, great voices for the characters, a whole lot of LOL, and a great ending. I just. Oh, man, this author is spoiling me so bad for the Gokusen fandom, because I want fic exactly like this one forever. Quite possibly my new favorite Gokusen fic, despite my crappy rec for it. *__* (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: Uniformly Covered by alianora - asdfl;jkalksj SPOILING ME FOR THE REST OF THE FANDOM, THESE TWO ARE. But I can hardly complain when the fic is this hilarious and perfect--such a simple concept, Yankumi loses her clothes while in the sauna and Shin has to, uh, cover her (at least he has a uniform jacket to give her) while making it back to her room and the author is brilliant at showing Shin's sanity slowly draining away from him the entire way there. I laughed so hard the entire time, especially every time he'd catch an accidental glimpse at her legs or down the front of her shirt and try desperately not to think bad thoughts and then. Oh my god the ending. I think I actually cackled. Beautifully written and with such a perfect tone for this series and these characters, so very... Shin and Yankumi. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: [untitled zombie crack!fic] by anenko - a;lsdjasklj this is quite possibly the most IC zombie fic I have ever read. I mean, I love a good zombiefic, but have Yankumi be so completely and utterly Yankumi? Stressing the importance of learning even in the middle of a zombie attack and giving her typical speeches and the denseness that you can feel through the narration? asldkfjalsjk good lord, LOL. This was fabulous. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Gokusen: Love Bites by Northlight - asdl;kfja;lskjla;ksj oh my god. I-- I love Gokusen fandom so much sometimes. Especially when Shin comes to class covered in cuts and bruises from things, ah, not going as smoothly as either Shin or Yankumi would have hoped, and his friends, bless their hearts, think he got into a fight. I love it for how adorable Shin and Yankumi are with each other, how hilarious that scene must have been when they accidentally knocked each other around, but mostly I love it for Shin's life being super, super hard. :|b Just. LOL. (Shin/Yankumi.)

Gokusen: after school/in the classroom by innervoice_chan - So, I've been back to finishing off a lot of the porn_battle fics/ficlets that I've missed along the way and happened to stop on this Gokusen one and. asl;dkfja;lkslkjs Shin and Yankumi in the classroom (long after he's graduated) and Yankumi practically having apoplectic fits at the mere idea of it in the classroom...!! And it's so charming and delightful and I could totally see this. ♥ (Shin/Yankumi.)

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