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- Good Omens - A Blessed Event by Daegaer - I'm not sure what made me decide to jump head-first into Good Omens fic; it's a series I've been poking at for awhile, but never got around to reading much fic for until recently, possibly after the HP crash-and-burn thing got me started on fic for books. Anyway. This is one of the first handful of stories I read and I'm so glad I did because it just... sort of set a tone for what the fandom potentiall has to offer. I heeheehee'd my way through the entire fic and I wish I could give it a proper rec, because it deserves it, but I'm not quite sure how to do that without potentially spoiling the humor of it. Just... sharp, clear writing, beautiful characterizations, and just nailing that style and sense of humor that makes it such a delight to read, and, really, just fully realizes the potential of its scenario: Crowley is saddled with an unwanted house guest and is eventually forced to turn to Aziraphale for help. And, oh, my dear Aziraphale enjoying the whole thing but in such a way that's so very him and... oh, I literally keep going heeheehee every time I think about this story or reread snippets. And the ending. Oh, just... heeheehee. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - City of Angels by afrai - This was actually the very first GO fic I read (or close enough to it), which is a little odd, since it's a bit more of a serious background-like story, rather than the more humorous 'current day' stuff, but it was an interesting story to read and was nicely subtle and meaningful. The little details with the ducks that Aziraphale was helping to work on, what they meant in the grand scheme of things, and those little glimpses of the Grander Scheme that were presented in this story (which sounds terrible when I word it that way, but it's much better done in the fic) were all wonderfully tied together, such that I could quite picture this in my head. The sense of Something coming soon, not just yet, but soon was also wonderfully done, creating just the right atmosphere for the piece. I liked it a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Clocks by mercuriosity - Like the previous fic, this was one of the first I read, which is a bit surprising, given that it's not exactly the standard fare, as far as I can tell. That's not a bad thing, just surprising that that was one of the first fics I hit upon--Crowley brought to a sort of punishment by becoming human and the way it was done... in a lot of ways, it was awkward and painful (as it was supposed to be) and even managed to make me feel for the characters, despite that usual touch of GO's style it still posessed. A rather ouchy story, but very much worth reading--especially the last few lines which made me both laugh and hurt at the same time. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Living Arrangements by afrai - As the author herself calls it: This story is sort of the red-headed stepcousin of mercuriosity's Clocks, which you really should read if you like this sort of thing. And if I thought the previous one was painful, this one was even more aching and... I mean, these were two of the first fics I started my fandom journey off with and while normally that might have put me off, in a way maybe it was good, because I think I got that sort of sucker-punch to the gut sort of feeling over them and knew I liked them. (Plus, it makes the fluffy fic later all that much sweeter.) And this one was beautifully done--Aziraphale as a human, having to live with that, how difficult that is for both of them, the way Crowley reacts (even if he doesn't even show it to himself) is fantastic and the ending was marvelous, hitting all the right notes between how important their friendship is and how they're still not exactly the type given to histrionics and, oh, the bit at the end was just... could have knocked me over with a strong gust of wind, I suspect. (A little Crowley/Aziraphale, but blink and you may very well miss it.)

- Good Omens - A Good Example by Daegaer - *giggles* A lovely little fic to cheer me up after the two rather wrenching ones previous to this, one of those little stories and it's one of those concepts that... when you hear it on its own (Crowley and Aziraphale "as Amish boys making out in the back of a buggy" is supposed to = OMGWTF!BADFIC, dammit), it seems like it would be just... well, bad. I, of course, jumped immediately to the fic, so I had no idea what I was getting into and promptly started sparkling and giggling like a good little dipshit fangirl, because the ending is priceless. (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - A Horse of a Different Colour by Daegaer - Yet again, a story that really shouldn't work (Aziraphale as a horse?), but pulls it off with such aplomb that it's hard to imagine it not being something that could have so very easily happened to them, that it seems... right, in its own way. Much of it is the sense of humor that goes into the story, the laid-back sort of casualness to the narrative even when really bizarre things are happening and part of it is just... no one else but these characters, man. Plus, horse!Aziraphale's reaction to the Bad Thing and what he does cracks me up every single time. Oh, and the ending. Such brilliant comedic timing. And? My love for the donkey knows no bounds. (No real warnings/pairings, I don't think?)

- Good Omens - California Dreaming by Daegaer - You know, normally I hate BtVS crossovers with a violent passion, but this one somehow slips under my radar, quite possibly because it's barely even half-serious (it is a little, but only in the sense that the whole GO series is half-serious, you know what I mean) and so funny, right down to the little details of Crowley getting himself into a mess with Hell's accountants and needing to find a way back and getting into even more of a little bit of a mess with the Buffy cast. More beautiful characterization, hysterical jokes, lovely writing, a premise that's paced just right, not stretched out too long, not too painfully short, just the right length. I also love all the little details worked in, the way Crowley goes about his demon business, the way things are interpreted/misinterpreted, the way it just... felt like it was supposed to. One of those surprisingly seamless crossovers that shouldn't work, but somehow does., that's a horrible rec for a delightful little fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - A Merry Little Christmas by Daegaer - I've been running into a lot of Christmas fic lately (which was written at least a year ago, which makes me raise an eyebrow at my own timing), but that's a good thing as it's sort of been putting me in a holiday mood and this charming little fic continues to make me smile happily and think pleasant thoughts about the Christmas season. Crowley and Aziraphale are wonderfully themselves in this fic, right down to how Crowley deliberately picks extravagant purchases to display in his flat just to annoy Aziraphale. And, oh, those decorations that Aziraphale must have been quietly trying not to retch over and Aziraphale and his present that's driving Crowley insane because he's not allowed to open it and yet... they both get along so well. I adore that. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Sssomething ssspecial by toscas_kiss - *sporfles* Oh, this was entirely too much fun to read, really. I was a little wary when I read the warnings for the fic (Good Omens, PG, ODC(Original Demon Character)/Crowley UST (because Hastur & Ligur shouldn't be the only ones) [evil smile], set some time in the past.), but I'm so, so, so glad I did, because I was practically dissolved into a pile of giggles by the end of the fic. It was just... charmingly funny to watch Crowley deal with an, ahm, overly affectionate demon he knows and... just... oh, god, the ending, even knowing it's coming, makes me wibble until I actually get there and promptly proceed to break out into giggles all over again. Charming, charming fic that made me make more of those embarassing giggling noises. (Errr, no real warnings?)

- Good Omens - And when he falls by torch - Some part of me feels like I shouldn't like the idea of Crowley/Aziraphale quite as much as I do, but then I'll read a story like this, where it's done just the right way for me and I'll forget all about that and 'ship them with gleeful abandon. The situation is lovely (Crowley trying to tempt Aziraphale just to prove a vague sort of point) and the dialogue/characterization also lovely and the whole thing presents the idea in a way that I can actually buy and even quite enjoy, despite my sort of wariness that slash for them might be so easily screwed up, because Aziraphale is an angel and all. But torch's writing is wonderful, believable, and just the right balance of everything. And surprisingly hot for all that they're really shown doing is some light kissing and shedding of a piece of clothing here and there. <3<3<3 (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - Orientation Day by toscas_kiss - Another little GO snippet that just makes me smile because I've become so fond of the characters, because it's funny (especially if you've ever had to deal with an orientation day ever *twitch*), and because the writing is genuinely charming and clever. Also, the bit with the coffee was fantastic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Argyle - This was a lovely little short fic, very much with the sort of gentle tension (I hesitate to call it quite UST or regular tension, since that implies a sort of fierceness to it that doesn't fit with the characters here) that's good with Crowley and Aziraphale; and what I really took away from this fic was... the feeling of senuality and intimacy, but without it being hurried, rushed, or out of character. Plus, Crowley and Aziraphale dancing oughtn't have worked, but somehow... I could just see this, it was just the right pace, tone, and setting for it. (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - Hopefully Towards by derryderrydown - Oh, oh! I liked this story and the way it played with Adam and the days after the not-Apocalypse and how everything, when you think about it, did seem sort of suspicious here, the way the author wrote Adam (which was really well-done, the way he is such a child in a lot of ways, the way he thinks and the way he relates to the world and how you have to talk to him to get him to understand) and, well, the way the fic ended, which just seemed so very... well, it's good. Something like happy. I love that. But it's also for lines like: Adam's expression downgraded Crowley from 'idiot' to 'brains of a pedigree setter'. (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - Of Falling Without Landing by Jiasa Stormcloud - Aziraphale sat silently for a moment, not quite sure what to say. What, exactly, did social protocol call for in this particular situation? Crowley was one of Them. From Below. A Demon. The preordained tension between Above and Below required exhausting amounts of mental capital letters. So what was the appropriate civil reaction to sitting across from a demon at a feudal lord's feast?

Probably to stab him, Aziraphale considered. That was how the humans did it. After some speculation, he decided not to. One thing I wondered about was the timeline of this piece, given that Aziraphale and Crowley seemed to still not know each other all that well when I would have thought they'd be slightly more friendly, but that was lost in the sharp lines this story had, the solid writing, and the well-written nature of the scenes. Something like Oscar Wilde cameo'ing in the fic could have been so awkward or cliche, but I found it fitting with the way the story was strolling along. Lots of little moments in this story that I really adored, making it just a fun read. (....I don't know. It could be slash, it could be gen. It's hard to tell with GO.)

- Good Omens - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life by Janie - Oh, I really liked the author's take on Adam and Eve here, the way they interacted, the way Adam would explain so many things to Eve, the way Crawly watched them, his reactions to them, the way he talked to Eve, the way it all ended, the way everything just sort of felt... very much in the spirit of Good Omens. I also especially loved Crawly's run-in with the angel in the story, that was just great, and the ending was... marvelous, really. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Aziraphale&Desire by notassuch - I liked this story because it was an interesting way to get across Aziraphale's feelings, by using Desire, the way it's not a huge Moment, but that there's a certain tension running through the entire scene, what it says (or at least indicates) about Aziraphale and his relationship with Crowley, all wrapped up in lovely language, a certain weight to everything, and something that just... felt right. (Vague Aziraphale/Crowley.)

- Good Omens - Crowley and Zira go to Hollywood Yay! by lovelyzelda - Crowley owning a movie studio just for fun was somehow just really, really funny. Half because it parallels actual execs and half just because it's Crowley being Crowley and then being even more Crowley with Aziraphale. Plus, the bit about the funny hats made me laugh. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - It's Saturday Night by lovelyzelda - This is one of those stories that's fun to read simply because it's so very in line with the characters, with such great bits of conversation that are great. It's a short little story about a Friday night where neither of them really have anything better to do and in the course of it, you get several of those little gems that are so very them. The very end one still makes me giggle madly for some reason, it was just perfectly comedically timed in the style of the book, I thought. Hee. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Untitled by lovelyzelda - Over the years "fought enemy, emerged victorious" and variations had been liberally sprinkled throughout the demon and the angel's reports. Roughly translated it almost always meant "Got drunk, had stupid argument about marine life/religion" except when it meant "Fed ducks, bitched about job." Crowley has to write his report on what he's been doing. Aziraphale helps. Sort of. Lots of funny bits and pieces that had me giggling like mad. Including Crowley's mention of what the report is usually written with. Oh, and: "I believe the first was 'Encountered demon. Wily serpent lunged at me, kept fiend at bay for fortnight.'" He neglected to mention the smiley face he'd placed at the end of the sentence.

"'Wily serpent?' I thought we agreed that I got to be crafty." Just a charming little fic that had me giggling the entire time through it. (Err, maybe a little Crowley/Aziraphale? It's... well, GO fic.)

- Good Omens - Boogie Nights by Louise Lux - And this one was just... somehow so silly and fun that I adored it. One of the great things about characters like Crowley and Aziraphale are that you can set them in so many time periods and it's still entertaining, because they've probably really not changed much at all over that time, so to see Disco!Aziraphale is just... oh, it should make me want to curl up and run away to cry, but instead it leaves me giggling madly and I can't help adoring the fic. Great use of the '70s, really. Plus, it has lines like: 'I believe you were saying how dreadful my outfit was, although I hardly think you've got room to talk. What are those clothes made of anyway? They look nasty.'

Crowley preened.

'It's called polyester. I came up with it years ago, and itís really caught on. It's scratchy, sweaty, thoroughly unpleasant to wear and wildly popular. Aren't humans great?' (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Cloud Layer by Louise Lux - This entire story is really very nicely written and lovely and all that, but it's this one moment in the middle of it that just blazes out in my mind every time I look back. After chasing Crowley up through the atmosphere, so high that ice is forming on their bodies, something indefinably unsettled about the whole thing, and when Aziraphale finally catches up to him, the sense around Crowley was just... it ached for some reason that I can't quite define, that isn't so easy to put into words, but it was beautiful and somehow disquieting/sad all at the same time, but wonderfully done, the kind where it could have so easily been pretentious, but the mercurial nature of the mood is perfectly done and just... wow. Beautiful imagery, beautiful subtext without being obvious, beautiful mood to the piece all the way around. And a lovely ending. (Light Crowley/Aziraphale?)

- Good Omens - Let it Snow by Louise Lux - Every once in awhile, I kinda like softer, more sweet fic, when it's not too far into saccharine territory, instead where it's just... something that leaves me with a warm sort of smile, leaves me with how I could almost feel the snow and hear the crisp crunch of it under my feet as it still floated down, how quiet the world seems like that, with only just the two of them seeming to be in it... scenes like that really put me in the holiday mood. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Innocence and Experience by Louise Lux - He had been determined that he wasn't going to let it bother him. So Aziraphale knew something he didn't. That was just fine. No reason to get competitive about it. But the idea niggled at the back of Crowley's mind. He ignored it as best he could, and he swore to himself that there was no way he was going to ask the angel anything about it. Ever.

'So, Aziraphale,' Crowley enunciated with great concentration, interrupting the angel's long and rambling story about some boring book or other, 'have you done it recently?' This was an interesting take on the whole 'first time' thing, woven together nicely with Aziraphale's past (which was nice that it wasn't really all that much, because it's hard to imagine that he would ^_~), Crowley's curiosity, Aziraphale's hesitation, both of them not really quite knowing what they're doing, but finding some sort of way to go with the whole thing so that it ends up in that sort of place where... everything's all right, no real complaints, it's quite nice, actually. Those kinds of endings always leave me with a sense of that it fits with the GO-verse. (Crowley/Aziraphale, R-ish content.)

- Good Omens - Naked and Unashamed by Louise Lux - I liked this story because it was an interesting take on finding the balance between how angels (and demons, I imagine) are technically sexless beings, but still wanting to gently push Crowley and Aziraphale into a sexual relationship, the idea that they can choose to experience the feelings if they wish. The 'flipping of the switch', so to speak, was nicely done here, the way the author described the feelings sort of welling up in Aziraphale, the way the conversation with Crowley went that could convince Aziraphale to do so in the first place, the way Aziraphale hasn't really experienced this before, yet the attraction there is quite there, and the (light) sex was nice and I quite liked the morning after part. Just how that does offer a new bit of insight into the human condition, just how it does explain quite a lot about them, in its own way., that was a terrible rec. Go read the fic anyway. (Crowley/Aziraphale, R-ish content.)

- Good Omens - Aziraphale and Crowley Join a Pottery Evening Class by Daegaer - It's the little bit at the end, when Aziraphale and Crowley are bored after finishing their perfect pots and start playing or just what Crowley is making with his clay on the second night and that the two of them in a pottery class just should not work, but so utterly does, that I love about this story. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Going Home by Daegaer - Oh. Well, now I'm torn between this story and "A Blessed Event" for my favorite GO story, because this was damn near perfect. It's a little bit longer (around 50k, though, it just flew by), has a lovely plot, and everything about it is the usual perfect writing from the author. The basic premise is that Aziraphale is recalled back to Heaven and the machinations that result from thereon--Crowley's reaction is utterly perfect, that lovely sort of balance between liking the way things were, but not too far over the line, it's not like he's planning to storm the gates of Heaven and demand Aziraphale back. Plus, the way Crowley treats Aziraphale's replacement is utterly hysterical, there are so many of the usual little GO-style details, and, really, the trouble poor Crowley gets himself into via his own stupidity is brilliant, and just... just... oh, the whole thing was grand to read. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - Good Omens snippet by Ellen Fremedon - This little snippet contains my favorite bit on the whole 'ineffable plan' in any Good Omens fic ever. The whole thing is lovely writing, gorgeous imagery (one of the best uses of Crowley and Aziraphale naked in bed, really), and just so sparklingly them, but it was the bit about Crowley's wandering thoughts when Aziraphale talks about the ineffable plan that I loved so much about this fic. It pains me not to quote, but I don't want to give away any part of this little gem. (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - Mirrors by Carmarthen - The author's notes of this fic are really what sold me into reading the thing: See, on the Graham Ward cover, Crowley has an earring. And it's dangly and twee. And I don't know about UK earring conventions, but in the US, a guy with an earring in his right ear is usually gay. So, I developed a teensy-weensy obsession with the earring Crowley may or may not have. And thus this ficlet was born, whereupon it met up with the holiday challenge and became vaguely Christmas-y. Very nice writing, the pacing felt just right, the footnote was clever and in-line with the series, and the earring thing was great. My only complaint is that the fic wasn't a bit longer. ^_~ But, it was a nice addition to the holiday mood that I'm slowly sliding into as well. (Very, very light Crowley/Aziraphale, if that.)

- Good Omens - Shattered Glass and Brothers by Snowballjane - I admit, I hesitate a little over these two fics, I'm not sure I am completely sold, but... they also captured my imagination and started wondering about possibilities and Crowley and Heaven and Hell and love and all sorts of other things after reading these two stories. And I'll also admit that they touched a certain part of me that likes to see situations where extreme circustmances force characters to behave a little differently and I liked the way the author used a confrontation between Aziraphale and a hellbeast to bring that about. I also really kinda liked the take on the scene with Raphael's visit and the possibilities that brings up. Then, with "Brothers", I had a lot of fun, the way the little demon that Crowley was watching out for had such a terrible time on earth (the bits about going to school and how awful it was were especially funny) and how it ended... err, yes, I'm being rather vague, but I'm trying not to give too much away. It was an interesting read, these two stories, that got my mind pondering possibilities and wove everything in the story together rather nicely. (Perhaps a little Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - A Fistful of Feathers by Argyle - I was mentioning this earlier and I think it holds true for this fic as well--normally, I don't care much for period pieces, even when flashbacks, with fanfics, it just isn't my thing, but I'll grant two things to this author and these characters. One, I love the title because I quite clearly remember what this fic was about, even after devouring a ton of GO fic this past week. And, two, flashback/period piece stuff actually works for these characters. And this was a charming little fic set in the Old West that really captured the... feel of the setting. But it's also so very much worth reading for Aziraphale's perspective on everything--especially how it's a bit disheartening that Crowley is sleeping through the 19th Century. The whole thing is a fun, charming read. (Crowly/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - Rogues' Gallery by Argyle - And another charming little period piece that was much fun to read just for the interaction between Crowley and Aziraphale in the past, for the way the sense of the era is captured, but not overwhelming the story. It's the little details of the clothing (again, without overwhelming the story) that bring this piece to life, and the detail with the feather... it was just perfectly done to be touching and sweet, but not too much. ....and look! A rec where I didn't use the world "lovely"! :D (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - Salvation by afrai - Aziraphale with a bit of a crisis of faith (well, perhaps not so much faith, exactly, but something very like it) is such a tricky concept to tackle, because he's an angel and it would likely feel very against the grain of the series to go near changing that or his beliefs. But this story handles it in such a way that it's not only believable, it's rather a little bit painful to watch, because it's not all at once, it's a slow build-up to falling apart, to being lost. Crowley's reaction to this is wonderful as well, trying to sort of help... in his demon-like, Crowley-like way and the way Aziraphale reacts to that and how the whole thing turns out... it was a very moving piece that felt very in line with the series and characters, with that same sense of sparkle and charm that they have. ♥ (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - Seven Circles to Leave Your Lover In by lovelyzelda - Oh, I adored this little story about Crowley getting into trouble after Hell Finds Out, because it had lovely characterization (Crowley's reactions were brilliant, especially the snippiness at the end) and at least three brilliant lines/bits in the story (My favorite being: The last time God and Satan had had a drink together, some mortal bastard had lost his house, family, and livestock. Heaven referred to the incident as a "test of faith." Hell called it a "stupid bet.") and smooth, solid, readable writing. Plus, C/A fic always makes me flutter just a bit and this story did them right. (A little bit Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - The Care and Feeding by WhiteCat - *sparkles* A short little ficlet that's just... oh, it was the perfect thing for me to read this morning because it says so much about Crowley and Aziraphale's relationship but without having to say it. Crowley's attitude towards Aziraphale's new pet is brilliant as well. <3 (Faint Crowley/Aziraphale if you squint.)

- Good Omens - Vaguely Downwards by WhiteCat - A really wonderful fic about Crowley's fall, about how it happened and I love that it's so... in a way, it's anti-climactic and yet it's so perfect for the GO world, right down to Crowley's reaction to the demon and the demon's attitude. Plus, I have such mad love for the conversation at the end, which set my little fangirl heart aflutter because it was just... the right tone for Crowley and Aziraphale. Plus, really good writing that is very reminiscent of the feel of the book. ♥ (Faint Crowley/Aziraphale if you squint.)

- Good Omens - Friday Afternoon by WhiteCat - Crowley had once, as a joke, asked to borrow one of Aziraphale's older books, and had received a list nearly twice as long as his arm on how to properly care for it, and the Consequences if his precautions fell short. He'd ended up forgoing on that in favor of raiding Aziraphale's stash of fancy chocolates, kept carefully hidden in the angel's rarely-used bedroom. A lovely, lovely, smooth, readable piece from WhiteCat again that's, on the surface, a rather simple Friday afternoon with Crowley and Aziraphale, but the conversation is that kind that says so much more about them than the dialogue strictly says on its own. And yet it's not horribly weighty or dramatic, it's just... a casual conversation on a casual afternoon that put a smile on my face because it's so capturing the feeling of the characters. Which is a terrible rec, but go read it, it's good. Terra writes OMGSOGOOD stuff and these are no exception. (Faint Crowley/Aziraphale if you squint.)

- Good Omens - several ficlets by Sam Vimes - It was the fourth one of these drabbles that got me to officially cave and just sparke like mad/crack the hell up, because that one was just so damned perfect for the Christmas season. ♥ But all of them are a treat to read, wonderful writing, sparkling characterization, and that edge of truly clever that all the best Good Omens fic seems to have. Plus, the bit about the apples? Hilarious. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Good Omens - A Precise and Accurate History of Monday, Eleven Years Later by Giddy Geek - I was a little wary of this story, considering the size of it (90k!), but once I sat down to start reading... it did not feel that long, it felt like it had just zipped by, the writing so clean, smooth, and polished that it just pulled me right in and I didn't even notice until it let go of me however many pages later. The characterization is pitch-perfect, so many of those little details and moments (Crowley embarassing the hell out of poor Aziraphale [or even just threatening to] in the quiet little neighborhood was the stuff of brilliance, I'm convinced. And, ooh, Adam's role in this was FANTASTIC and the COOKIES! <3<3<3), full of beautiful characterization, but also so sharp and funny, and yet still managing to tell a story with something akin to an actual plot? That this story wove all those things I could have asked for together like this, then wrapped it all up in pretty writing? LOVE. I like to think this is how the story progressed. (Crowley/Aziraphale.)

- Good Omens - The Probability of Ducks by graycastle - "What I mean to say," Aziraphale continued, "is that ducks don't need to have always existed in order to give the impression that they have always existed. That is the genius of ducks." A simple little story that I don't think I could begin to describe even if I tried. I'm not sure why, it just... the words don't quite seem to want to come. But, lovely and poignant (if I'm not overusing that word these days) interaction between Crowley and Aziraphale. And, of course, ducks. (No real pairings/warnings, but if you squint....)

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