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- YukixShuuichi recs - [ page one - page two - page three - page four - page five - page six - page seven - page eight ] - Given that there are more Yuki/Shuuichi pages than there are anything else on the site, it's probably more than a bit obvious that they're my favorites. Part of it, of course, is that they're the main pairing of the series, so they show up in fics that aren't necessarily focused on them, but their relationship is part of the story. But mostly it's that they're my favorites and they're the ones I want again and again. Because, god, they're just... I never get tired of them, of the fluffy moments, of dealing with Eiri's issues, of Shuuichi being the only one that he can't push away, of Shuuichi being absolutely insane, of the more quietly serious moments, all of it, I love them. Much as I love the other pairings or dynamics, too, these two are the heart and soul of this series for me.

- TatsuhaxRyuuichi recs - I'm even more fussy about the Ryuuichi/Tatsuha (or Tatsuha/Ryuuichi, I don't particularily have a favorite seme/uke arrangement) so there aren't a whole lot of recs here. It's largely due to how we don't really get to climb inside either character's head in the series and I haven't really settled onto a particular view of them I like, especially given how little you actually get in terms of their more serious sides and the lack of real interaction between the two of them. So this section is a handful of fics that I liked, but will probably mostly be stories where they played only a partial role in a fic about other pairings.

- Gravi Fanart recs - Wahhh! There needs to be more Gravi fanart out there! *cries* I keep searching, though, and, hey, at least we have Haruka Sena's gorgeous art. ^_^v But, still, I've run across a few sites I've liked, and I'll probably eventually get more--given what a Japanese fanart junkie I am. ^_^; But the series is getting a bit long in the tooth these days and I don't know that it achieved the same sort of popularity in Japan that it did in the English-speaking countries, so while the fic sections keep getting bigger, this one may languish, since I suspect I've delved about as far as I can.

- Miscellaneous recs - Anything that doesn't fit into the above catagories (don't expect too much, I'm very much the Yuki/Shuuichi fangirl) goes here. The odd character piece, any story I think is worth rec'ing even for those not looking for Yuki/Shuuichi, etc. This will probably mostly include Eiri character pieces (as nothing attracts me to a fic like Eiri having a large role in it >__>a), random pairings (I'd love to read more K/Judy, but not enough people write it), Hiro/Ayaka stories (I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO READ ENOUGH TO GIVE THEM THEIR OWN SECTION, KTHX), Hiro-and-Shuuichi friendship pieces, Suguru introspection pieces, etc. A catch-all section, if you will. (Right now, the Uesugi sibling stuff is in here, too, but I would like to eventually move that to it's own section.)

- TohmaxMika recs - I dearly wish that there were more of this pairing to be found in the fandom, because Tohma and Mika are just... really, they're the kind of pairing that I just go for. Two amazing, brilliant people, the kind who steamroll over just about everyone else, in a complex, subtle relationship that's not perfect, but I can't imagine either of them with anyone else. To find stories that are about their relationship that doesn't reduce them to background noise or a loveless marraige/divorce is a little tough in this fandom, but there are at least a handful that I really liked a lot.

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