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- Koko wa Greenwood - Fanfiction by Harukami - I'm familiar with Harukami's writing through her Slayers stories, so I knew I would like her KwG fic as well. And I did; one of the best things about her writing is that she can do FUNNY jokes, which is necessary with a series like KwG. (Not that there were many jokes, but Mitsuru and Shinobu seemed very much themselves.) Harukami hasn't written many Greenwood fics, but the ones she has are definitely worth hunting down. (Will do individual recs at a later date. ^_^;;)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Fanfiction by Kiri [ author rec ] - One of the bes things I can say about Kiri's wriging is that she made me /believe/ in plots I normally would have found cliche and annoying. "Scars", however, is one of my favorites, she made that story WORK. Her writing of Shinobu (and Mitsuru) was brilliant, taking him so very far away from the canon character (as far as we know him), yet still being undeniably Shinobu. Her sense of humor in her stories is perfect--Mitsuru's more energetic teasing way blended perfectly with Shinobu's biting, sly sense of humor. Kiri's more fluffly stories are great fun as well, feeling like they could seemlessly slip into canon. (And, indded, I often have to pause for a moment to remember if the scene I'm reading is an original one of hers or a novelized version of what was in the OAVs/manga.) The only word of warning? Stay away from her sadder fics. They HURT. *sulks* (Will also do individual recs at a later date. ^_^;;)

- Koko wa Greenwood - The Best Policy by torch - There's a reason this story was voted best overall story in the Greenwood fanfic awards--it's damn good. torch manages to capture Mitsuru and Shinobu's personalities beautifully (And Shinobu can be one tough bastard to write believably.) while weaving a story around the canon of the OAV series splendily, and at the same time writing with envy-inspiring skill. Yeah, yeah, I gush, but, really, this fic deserves it. All the little details were amazing, and the scene where Mitsuru figures everything out was superbly done, and the sheer amount of subtlty without being vague about it... that's probably my favorite aspect of this story. Mitsuru and Shinobu--and Shinobu especially--are two characters who really require that sort of subtlty; things you know, but you don't come right out and say. They know each other so well that to speak certain things aloud is trite and unnecessary, but the meaning comes across so clearly anyway. And that is what torch bottled up and put in her fic. That and the sharp sort of clever, intelligent humor that I love so dearly about Greenwood. (ShinobuxMitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Midnight Conversation, Somewhere in Between, and All That I Need by Hoshiko - Hoshiko is one of my favorite Greenwood writers; she can do the Greenwood characters--especially Shinobu--justice. ^_^v This little trilogy was wonderful, perfect after such a long drought without much new Greenwood fic. The little insights into the characters, the big insights into the characters (I especially loved that it was Shun who was helping Mitsuru to understand!), the details, the touches of humor, the interaction between Mitsuru and Shinobu... it was all lovely and damn good. (ShinobuxMitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Take My Hand by Hoshiko - I am going to quote a fairly long-ish passage from this fic to illustrate why I like Hoshiko's writing so much. (Shinobu is miserably sick and Mitsuru is taking care of him.)

"Is it really so bad, Shin? Having somebody else looking after you for once?"

With Shinobu reclining against him, Mitsuru felt the other boy's twitch of dismay. Frowning, he unconsciously tightened his hold on Shinobu, offering what comfort he could.

"I just...I just don't like not being in control of things, Mitsuru." that's it, ne? Should have known.

"It'll get along without you, you know." He said softly, fighting the nearly overwhelming urge to run his fingers through the tangled mass of hair right in front of him.

"What will?" Shinobu asked curiously, suspicion tingeing his voice.

"The world. You don't have to be in control every little second, Shinobu."

"So you say."

Mitsuru smiled a little at Shinobu's belligerence. Other people called it strength of character, but he knew it for what it really was: stubbornness.

"Oh, really? Then how do explain how the world got along perfectly fine before you happened on the scene?"




"Tell me, Shinobu, how many past lives have you had?" Mitsuru inquired, trying not to let his smile show in his voice.

"That's not the point." Shinobu informed him snippily.

"Then what is?"

"The point is," Shinobu began, enunciating his words carefully as though he were speaking to a very dimwitted child, "is that I can't allow myself to get sick. Let alone wallow in sloth, like some others I could mention."

Intelligent, clever, witty, and subtle but not vague writing. Shinobu and Mitsuru are themselves, practically sniping at each other, but in that way that shows just how strong their friendship is, how much they really do care about the other person, and that same spark of chemistry between them. The story flows smoothly, the atmosphere is that of the original series, and this is the kind of story that I could see sliding neatly into canon and not being a bit out of place. (ShinobuxMitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Scars by Kiri - I admit, looking back on this story after having re-read it I still have trouble believing the characterizations of Shinobu in this story, but far, far, far less than I would have with the majority of other authors. Kiri is a wonderful author and I adore her take on the Greenwood characters because she captures the KwG feeling and cleverness so damn well. Scars is a darker take on the characters, which is why it hurts more than other stories--one of the highest compliments I can give about the story, though, is that it felt natural. A lot of times with darker stories, I get the feeling the author is writing events in the story just to manipulate the audience into feeling sad, but I didn't get here. It genuinely felt like the story went in the direction the story called for. (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Aibou by Cutter - One of the things I love about Koko wa Greenwood is that Shinobu is always perfect. You can't get under his skin, you can't ruffle his feathers, you just can't touch him. Ever. Except for, very, very occasionally, Mitsuru can, and even he has a hell of a time doing so. In this story, Shinobu isn't quite perfect and I loved the way Cutter wrote him here. (And, look! A positive rec without mentioning how much I liked the sex! Go me! ^_~) (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - What is Family? by Hoshiko - One of my favorite lines from any Greenwood fic is Shun thinking, One thing was certain, I realized, glancing at Suka; when Shinobu-sempai has his mind set on somethingÖitís best to go along with it. Itís less painful that way. It's a rare fic that can be set from Shun's POV and still make me just as fascinated as one more focused on Mitsuru or Shinobu. (Don't get me wrong, I adore Shun to pieces, but Mitsuru and Shinobu are obviously my favorites.) This is one of those stories that captures the Greenwood feel so wonderful, I honestly think it could have been lifted right out of the manga, minus the ShinobuxMitsuru parts. Not that I'm complaining at all. ^_^ What impresses me so much about this story is that it's not narrowly-focused, it's not just about one or two characters, but about showing what makes all of them tick. But, still. My favorite was part seven, the interlude with Mitsuru and Shinobu, which was just gorgeous in showing how their relationship worked and why it's so damn good. (Little bit ShinobuxMitsuru, but not the focus.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - When Things Go Wrong (Horribly, Horribly Wrong) by Hoshiko - Hee! I love Hoshiko's Mitsuru and Shinobu and the way they interact. The dual POVs work beautifully here, showing the two sides of a conversation/argument/not-just-yet-'interogation'. I almost feel badly for Mitsuru's predicament, but... like Shinobu, I find it to be just too much fun. (No real warnings.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Thank You for Loving Me by Hoshiko - A little bit on the mushy side for me (and I'm not crazy about songs making their way into Greenwood fic), but damn does Hoshiko write a good Shinobu, finding lovely little ways to weave details and insights into the characters into a fic. That always impresses the hell out of me. (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Hospitality by Cutter - Unfortunately, there hasn't been much Greenwood fic posted in recent days, but this definitely helped. A short little fic that captures what I adore about Mitsuru and Shinobu, capturing the feel of the characters (and their culture). A small, subtle moment between the two of them, where nothing too terribly much happens, yet at the same time it shows just how... interesting their relationship is... just like the characters themselves. (Vaguely Shinobu/Mitsuru hints if you want to read it that way.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Working Toward by Cutter - With Koko wa Greenwood, it's difficult to find good fic, partly because Greenwood is a semi-obscure series and partly because Mitsuru and Shinobu are so damn difficult to get just right. There are all these little subtlties to them that have to be worked into the fic just right, and I imagine it's not easy--but Cutter does so wonderfully with this story. Given the type of characters these two art, a fic about their realizing their feelings for each other has to be carefully done. They're smart enough and insightful enough (especially Shinobu, who's eerie about those things) that if they hadn't figured it out by now, it'd be a very, very careful realization process, but I'm totally buying it here. I love. *hearts* (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Things That Have to be Done Every Year by Cutter - I admit, that most times I tend to focus more on Shinobu, because he's my favorite, but I adore Mitsuru, and this story is a great example of why. This story tread a delicate balance between Mitsuru's refusal of his family's love for him and the slow acceptance of it, wound together with that gorgeous Shinobu/Mitsuru dynamic. Their conversations never cease to fascinate me and cause me to be a happy little fangirl--yet, despite that, I think the very last scene of this fic is my favorite. It's just... so very sweetly touching. Won't say any more than that. ^_^; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - A Winter's Day by NemKess - Greenwood is one of those series that... that I got into fairly early on and I can't even really remember what made me seek it out in the first place, but I fell so hard for it and, to this day, Shinobu and Mitsuru have a special place with me. So to see fic written about them again just delights me, especially cute fic like this. I admit, it wasn't as sharp as some of the Greenwood fic I've seen out there, but I adored the base characterizations--Shinobu was Shinobu and Mitsuru was Mitsuru. Mitsuru is the only one who Shinobu will act even vaguely human for, even if he is still disgustingly good at everything. ....shit, I did not just get a TeniPuri/Greenwood crossover idea. >_

- Koko wa Greenwood - Tourism by miskatonic - Okay, I admit that I am woefully lacking on the Greenwood manga (*encourages SC to hurry the hell up with it*), but new Greenwood fic is new Greenwood fic. And this was wonderfully written, sharp and clever, the jokes funny and the characterizations just sparkling. Greenwood is a tough series to write for because the characters are so intelligent and clever that the author has to be talented and clever, too, and not everyone can necessarily pull that off. But this was fucking good, even if it was... err... well, lets just say there's a canon AU in the manga (hence, you may not want to read if you're avoiding spoilers) that this plays off of beautifully, but is still batshit odd. But I loved it for that. <3 (Err... I dunno how to warn you for this one.)

- Prince of Tennis/Koko wa Greenwood - A Tale of Two Tezukas by Aishuu - Tezuka Kunimitsu rarely got "the feeling" that something was going to go wrong, but that day as he talked to Ryuuzaki Sumire about plans for the upcoming game with Hyotei, it struck him with a vengeance. Ahahahahaha, how much is my love for Aishuu right now? IMMENSE. Because, damn, I jokingly went on about a Tenipuri/Greenwood crossover (Tezuka Shinobu and Tezuka Kunimitsu, both so smart and competent and fiercely intense and, hell, they're both student president ♥), I didn't think anyone could actually write it so WELL. There are a million little things in here that just make me bounce with GLEE. Every time Oishi tried to figure out what was going on, every time Tezuka had to repress a twitch at his "beloved" cousin, every time Fuji smothered a laugh behind his hand and his eyes lit up at what was afoot... all of it blended into this story that MADE SENSE, but it also captured the whole... off-the-wall feel both Tenipuri and Greenwood have. I cannot WAIT for more. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Taking Care by Serilda - Staring at the bunny currently dangling by the ribbon around it neck like a miniature hangman's noose, Mitsuru found that he was at a loss for words. On the one hand, there was the wholly disturbing and not at all flattering Shinobu-comparing-him-to-a-stuffed-animal thing, but on the other hand... Greenwood fic! Eeee! Serilda does good Greenwood fic and I just... spin and shimmer and have the urge to reread all my favorite Greenwood fics all over again. This one was adorable (which really shouldn't be possible with Shinobu and yet I buy it here, because... I could just see this >D), just a hint of evilness/their usual teasing relationship (clever, clever, evil Shinobu ♥), and then some snuggling that I could actually see, and some lovely writing. LOVED this. (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Interior Decorating by Serilda - The thing that continues to stick out in my mind about this fic is that Shinobu struck me as being so... Shinobu. Being amused by Mitsuru's confusion and flailing, never remarking on the deeper meaning of what they're doing, not even when Mitsuru finally gets it, yet you know all of that (and probably more) went through his head. Plus. OMG. CURTAINS. That's a special kind of greatness right there. I love, love, love Serilda's Shinobu/Mitsuru, she just... I flail with the love. ♥ (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - What is Family? (part 08) by Serilda - I love Koko wa Greenwood and this has always been one of my favorite stories (I even reread the entire thing this afternoon because I wanted it fresh in my mind for when I read the latest) and Serilda continues the story fabulously. Everything I've said about it before still applies--I adore the Shun POV, it gives so much insight into the character, truly makes him even more likable and it's a delight to read the entire story (minus the interlude, of course) from his perspective. His friendship with Suka-chan is perfectly done and the tone/style of the series is just so damned Greenwood that I can picture the whole thing and it does justice to this fabulous series. It was especially wonderful to watch Shun get mad at Suka-chan for putting himself down here, because he dealt with it in such a Shun-like way, right down to Mitsuru and Shinobu being evil to them about it. So, so much love for this story that really could have slipped right in between the pages of canon, that touches on that sense of heart that the series had, that isn't just about one facet, you get a sense of... it's got a plot that deals with everyone. I wait frantically for the next part. <3 (Some Shinobu/Mitsuru in the background, but it's not present in this chapter and not really the focus.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Something Borrowed by Mei - Koko wa Greenwood fic! Very cute, very Mitsuru-like with the way he can make a big deal even out of toothpaste, yet it still seems so like him, especially when he's complaining to Shinobu, who is just... Shinobu in his reaction to Mitsuru's complaining. Also, adorable ending! <3 (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - No Greater Pleasure by Cutter - I laughed for a good forty-five seconds at the end of this. Out loud, even. And then tapered off into giggling that I'm so, so glad I didn't have to explain to anyone else in the house. This was brilliant, not just funny, but the kind of truly clever that actually does justice to the Greenwood characters and their sharp, sharp personalities. It's just... so... oh, my god, I can't even begin to summarize it, because that might spoil it. Just go read it, it's perfect. (

- Koko wa Greenwood - Shogatsu by jamjar - Whenever I read Greenwood fic, I almost always stick to the Shinobu/Mitsuru ones, because blah, blah, OTP, blah, blah, blah. But the longer I'm a fan of anything, the more I lean towards genfic as well and this hit me the right way at just the right time. I have such a tremendous fondness for Suka-chan's older brother Kazuhiro and the fic started off a little trembly for me (but with solid characterization, mind), but when it got to the second scene of the story, it fully clicked into gear for me and became quite the brilliant little story. The details all came together fabulously, from Suka-chan beating his head against the wall to the discussion of sugar in the final scene, everything was just right and so totally hit the whole point of the Hasukawa siblings' relationship. I laughed, sparkled, and just generally delighted over the characters in this fic. <3 (Background het pairings, so not the point.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Tis the Season by Serilda - *happy sigh* Mitsuru and Shinobu and, no, they never quite get old. Especially when Shinobu is weirding even Mitsuru out because Shinobu just shouldn't do things like that and it's weird and how are you supposed to take things like that and the way Serilda writes Mitsuru's POV for this is great. It really helps the story along that you can feel how wtf? or distracted he is throughout the piece. Plus, "This is nuts." He said, more because he had no idea what to say to the lap comment, and - and the response was just a hilarious little exchange that totally left me giggling like mad. Oh, yeah, and kissing is nice. <3 (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - The Last to Know by Pero - Greenwood fic! *twirls* And it's Shinobu being vague and Mitsuru not quite figuring out what's going on around them and the rest of the people giving him looks and generally acting weird and this author is really so good at that background sort of insanity that a series like Greenwood benefits so much from. I think I grinned the entire way through this fic, especially because it was obvious to outsiders what was going on, it was obvious that Shinobu knew and just let it continue which completely cracks me up because he would be evil like that to Mitsuru, and because... well, it's Mitsuru and Shinobu and I love the hell out of those two. ♥ (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

- Koko wa Greenwood - Ichi-ri by dhaunea - I'm not sure what I expected when I sat down to read this Greenwood fic, but I feel like I got something more than whatever it was that I had expected. It was... it was a brilliant game of chess between Mitsuru and Shinobu, one where it's the same game as always, where Shinobu is vague and complicated and difficult to read, his smiles saying so little, except to make you wonder just what the hell he's planning and just how far one should run away, and the amount of detail this author puts into Shinobu's slowly unfolding plot is fabulous. Her pacing is gorgeous as well, it's the kind of thing that was perfectly done so that I was just riveted to the screen as I read, especially as Mitsuru tried to puzzle through it on his own and there were interspersed flashbacks with Shun and Hasukawa, and it was just... everything unfolded the way it should with these characters. I felt like this story really did justice to Shinobu's brilliantly scary mind. ♥ (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

Koko wa Greenwood: In the Courtyard by readerofasaph - And! More fandoms I haven't visited in ages! Greenwood! I have missed these characters a lot. And this was a short piece again, but it had such a lovely thoughtful mood to it, it wasn't really about actions, but more about the sense of quiet and peace that they were in. I loved the quiet friendship between Mitsuru and Shinobu, I imagine it does work a lot like that when there's nothing they have plotted and it's just the two of them, Mitsuru raking leaves and Shinobu sharing the same general space as him. <3 (This is entirely gen, but if you like Shinobu/Mitsuru, you might like this, too.)

Koko wa Greenwood: Cold Feet by vissy - I don't even remember how I got here, other than journalhopping somehow, but I quickly got sucked into this fic like you wouldn't believe. Mitsuru is such an odd character at times, even when he seems pretty normal on the surface, which this fic captured really well, especially pre-Greenwood. He and Sho are taking the entrance exams for the school and Mitsuru is... he's just odd in these little ways he views the world and the people around him. The relationship he has with Sho, the connection and distance there, really hit home with me, I could really see this dynamic between them. Then you add in Mitsuru's first meeting with Shinobu, which was also seriously fantastic and I just. Am totally back in the mood for Greenwood fic again, SIGH. Stupid small fandoms that I love ridiculously. (This is entirely gen, but you could read potential Shinobu/Mitsuru into it.)

Koko wa Greenwood: Happiness Through Good Works by kestrelsan - I feel like I've read this fic before, but I don't see it anywhere on my list, so... well, either way, it was a fun read this afternoone when I was really, really back in the mood for Greenwood fic. What I really liked about this fic is that it captured that thing that's so hard to get down about Mitsuru and Shinobu--all the things that aren't being said between them. I love this pairing a lot, but it's difficult to capture the layers and layers of possible meanings between them that might not actually exist at all, you might just be reading too much into things. It's nicely captured in this fic, though, along with the kind of Mitsuru-teasing-Hasukawa antics that left me grinning the whole time. Seriously, any fic that starts out with Mitsuru knocking on the shared wall and making strangled cat noises while calling Shinobu's name, just to bother Hasukawa, has to be gold. (Shinobu/Mitsuru.)

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