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- Gundam 00 - Fanfiction Recs - There's really not a lot of Gundam 00 fic that I've stumbled over (not that I've gone looking all that hard, mind) but I get the sense that it's really one of the quieter Gundam fandoms with English-speaking fandom. I do occasionally seek out fic (though, I'm mostly satisfied with fanart lately, since there's so much of it) and it'll be along my usual pairing lines. Lockon/Tieria is my favorite, but I like gen and some of the more popular het pairings. I know, go figure!

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- Gundam 00 - Gen Fanart Recs - One of the big reasons I go looking for Gundam 00 fanart is because I love the pairings. But, with all fandoms I spend enough time in, no matter how I start out, I come to love the characters for themselves and want to see art of them by themselves or in groups illustrations that are really awesome. There'll be a lot of pairing sites put into this section because a lot of the sites that have pairings are only partially about that, it's also about celebrating the characters for themselves. If you're a gen-only fan, you'll want to step lightly with a lot of these sites, but I think you could find a lot of art that you'd like anyway. I tend to focus a lot on Tieria (he's my favorite, obviously) but most of the main characters will be on here somewhere.

- Gundam 00 - Lockon/Tieria Fanart Recs - I like a lot of G00 pairings, honestly. But this one will be far and away my favorite, I was just completely taken with them by the end of the first season. A lot of it is that Tieria is my favorite, so I focus on art with him, but there was enough evidence in the actual canon that I was drawn to this (I'm not saying it was hard canon or anything, but I was definitely surprised by the way you could easily infer it on some subtextual/possibly intended level) and it'll probably be the biggest section. It gets some amazing art out there and I'm constantly on the lookout for more. Also, I usually assume it's Neil/Tieria unless otherwise stated!

- Gundam 00 - Allelujah/Tieria Fanart Recs - So, Tieria is my favorite, right? Which means I'll look at just about any pairing for him, since I'm not particularly fussy when it comes to fanart and he's my fandom bicycle. I was kind of surprised at how much of this pairing was out there, I didn't think they'd really interacted that much, but. Well. There were enough sites (some with some really beautiful art! or some really delightfully cracky art!) that I wanted to put them into their own section. Maybe not the biggest section on this site, but it's certainly a decent sized one!

- Gundam 00 - Setsuna/Marina Fanart Recs - Of all the Gundam 00 pairings I expected to fall for, this was not one of them. I'm not sure I could really even articulate why I like them so much, aside from that I felt like they had the strongest connection with each other. I'll look at art with them for other pairings fairly often, but I keep coming back to this one because felt like it was actually intended by the series and because it had enough of the right tone to work for me. ....I love that Japan uses "you remind me of my mother" to be code for romantic feelings for someone often enough that I don't even blink at that aspect of these two. XDDD This'll be surprisingly decently sized, if only because I've kind of sought out as much of them as I could.

- Gundam 00 - Allelujah/Marie Fanart Recs - Speaking of het pairings that I was surprised to find myself really fond of! And, again, I couldn't even say why very well, I don't think. But somehow I really like this one and it gets a decent amount of art and, hell, only half of the time I'm actively looking for it. The other half of the time I just happen to stumble over it and it's sort of nice to do it that way, I feel like I'm not entirely crazy for shipping it. Plus, it gets some SUPER CUTE ART! ♥ This section won't be huge, but it's decent sized--a decent amount of het in a Gundam fandom, who knew?

- Gundam 00 - Billy/Graham Fanart Recs - All during the series, I kept going back and forth between the idea of Billy/Graham and Billy/Sumeragi, since I was determined to go with canon as much as I could with this series and they seemed to be implying Billy/Sumeragi (and she was awesome anyway) but then he was so gay with Grahama and just. I eventually just decided, screw it, I'll ship whatever. I lean towards this one a little more and all the pretty j-fanart (not that there's nearly enough of it, this section is going to be kind of small, at least compared to some of the others) really kind of doesn't help with that.

- Gundam 00 - Other Pairings Fanart Recs - So, mostly I will ship Tieria with pretty much anyone. Anyone. Which means that occasionally I'll also go on a Setsuna/Tieria spree or there'll be a Ribbons/Tieria or Regene/Tieria site or whatever. But also sometimes I cannot resist the gorgeousness of a Lockon/Allelujah site or a Lockon/Setsuna site or there'll be a site that's all over the place. Hell, there might even be some het in there sometimes! Basically, my catch-all section because I'm weak to G00 fanart and will look at just about anything pretty.

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- Gundam 00 - Doujinshi Recs - Sadly, despite the fandom's size in j-fanart corners, there really hasn't been a lot of Gundam 00 doujinshi that's made its way over here, raw or scanslated. Granted, I'm skipping over the pairings that aren't my thing, which cuts way down on it, but. Slowly I'll build this section up. I hope to primarily go with Lockon/Tieria, but also Setsuna/Marina or maybe some Allelujah/Tieria. I don't hold out much hope for any of my other favored pairings.

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