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- Gundam SEED Fanfiction - Sadly, I have yet to read much SEED fic, but whether that's because I haven't lucked into the right fic, because it doesn't exist, or I just don't care enough to find it yet, I'm not sure. (I kinda have been going gonzo with the fanart first and foremost.) However, when I do find fic, it'll probably be almost assuredly purely Ashuran/Cagalli or Kira/Lux, since those are the two things I'm most interested in with this series. I may branch out into some gen, I would love some Dearka/Millie fic, but I suspect those are rare birds that will be nigh impossible to find.

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Gen/No Pairings - Occasionally, I just can't classify a site, that despite the pairings of the series, that there's no couples art or I can't detect any major trend, maybe it's focused in on a single character or just whatever reason, this is the gen/no pairings section of the site. 'Cause as much as I love the couples, I also love the characters themselves and would totally leap at hot Fraga fanart fanart of any given character by themselves. Ashuran especially gets some really nice solo art or there'll be a lot of solo art on a pairing site that I think is worth non-pairing fans going to. Stuff like that. <3

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Ashuran/Cagalli - Oh, god, Ashuran/Cagalli is just... I love them. With all my little fangirl heart. Cagalli is perhaps the single best Gundam female character (including Wing, much as I love those female characters dearly) and Ashuran is just such a perfect match. Such a spark-filled pairing, such an intense pairing at times, so amazing and they make my little fangirl heart skip a beat. Will probably be the biggest section in this catagory because these are the two that got me to finally cave on G-SEED. I didn't love the series until I loved these two. *sparkles*

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Kira/Lux - Kira/Lux came a little bit after Ashuran/Cagalli (especially since they didn't start interacting until after Ashuran and Cagalli's big episodes), but once they started to, I was hopelessly gone on these two as well. They just... clicked for me in a way that Ashuran/Lux never had, and did so immediately. And in such a way that I squee particularily loudly over them. *shimmers* Just... so beautiful together and they just... they make me feel warm and peaceful and it's a shame there's not more art for them out there. However, I've tried to find as much as I could and there'll at least be some stuff to look at here.

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Dearka/Millie - I honestly didn't think Dearka/Millie would get enough art for me to be able to give it it's own section, but when I started poking around, I found a good amount of it, at least enough to justify this section. So! \o/ I just... I really thought, before I'd seen the later episodes, that this would just be a "leftover" pairing or one designed to detract from the yaoi possibilities, but actually seeing them interact... oh, my god, they are adorable and I could just feel the tug between them right away. I just... I spaz over the cute.

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Mwu/Maryuu - I admit, I felt tension between these two and really, really like the idea of the pairing, but I was a little disappointed at the resolution of the UST, because it felt like it came out of nowhere, that there wasn't much build-up for it in the episodes before. So this pairing might not get as much fangirl love from me, but I still ♥ the idea and had to give it it's own section because I like the idea so much, because I like both characters so much, and because I managed to find at least a handful of art sites for it. :D

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Ashuran/Kira - There was no way I couldn't see Ashuran/Kira at the beginning of Gundam SEED, because it was amazingly blatant. Some of the scenes just screamed romance, what with the softly filtered backgrounds and the picturesque sunsets and the loooooong looks. >D But, as time went on, I found their canon relationships to be very genuine and to be honestly sparkle-worthy and have fallen completely in love. However, it's not like I suddenly mind the pairing, because their relationship is still very sweet/interesting and they do get some absolutely lovely fanart sometimes. <3

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Other Het - Occasionally, there are some random pairings that aren't necessarily my favorite, but the art is too pretty too ignore. (Like Ashuran/Lux or the occasional Kira/Frey. Or maybe someone did some pretty Yzak/Frey somewhere.) Or sometimes it's a pairing I love, but it doesn't get much fanart. (Whyyyyyy is there not more Dearka/Millie? They are SO CUTE OMG.) Or just a random, off-the-wall pairing that I happened to be amused by. Whatever else, the random het pairings will be chucked into this section.

- Gundam SEED Fanart - Other Yaoi - I don't go searching out that much yaoi, but occasionally I happen to run across some random pairings, because you know they exist with a series with this many pretty boys. The major pairing here is probably going to be Fraga/Kira because I have such mad love for Fraga that I'll search out fanart of him with anyone and, man does that pairing get some beautiful fanart. The occasional Dearka/Yzak may slip through as well because I love Dearka a lot. And the occasional random batshit ZAFT pairing may pop up as well. Basically a catch-all for any yaoi pairings that aren't listed above.

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