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- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Heero x Duo Recs - As I've mentioned before, by the time I got into rec'ing on a regular basis, I'd been out of the Gundam Wing fandom for a very long time, so I was left with only vague impressions of a fandom I was once rabid over and attempting to swim through the morass of new, epic-length fanfic out there. This section will probably never be as huge as it should be, because I'm only a vaguely casual fan now, but I'm still a 1x2 fangirl at heart, so it'll still be the biggest...?

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Duo x Relena Recs - Duo x Relena is one of those pairings that I never really gave much thought to at first and I can understand why people think it's a baseless crack pairing. But, for me, the reasoning basically boils down to that, underneath the surface differences between Heero and Relena, they are incredibly similiar people. So, if 1x2 works for me, why not 2xR? Yeah, yeah, I used to dislike Relena, too, but I eventually got to a point where I was ready to hear explanations on her and when I did... I found I genuinely liked the character. And I adore this pairing and it honestly works, if the author takes the time to do it right, in my opinion. ♥ Which doesn't happen nearly enough, of course.

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Duo x Dorothy Recs -'s crack, okay? I don't pretend to understand it, it's just crack. But it's two of my favorite characters in the series and it's a pretty pairing and someday I will find fic for it. I know there are a couple out there that I really want to read as soon as I have the time/energy... *eyes 'em* (I don't expect anyone else to be fond of the pairing, especially since I don't understand why I like it myself. Just... I think it really probabl boils down to that I like Duo and think he has an interesting personality. I like Dorothy and I think she has an interesting personality. Let's shove 'em in a room and see if they try to kill each other, eh?) [ link does not work for now ]

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Trowa x Duo Recs - You can tell I have a thing for Duo, right? And this is another pairing that... I'm not entirely sure why I like it, it's just something that I do. I don't read a lot of fic for the pairing, but that's largely because I wouldn't even know where to beging with it anymore and because I barely read any GW fic at all. And with the pairing... I don't think it's just the aesthetics of the pairing, but I couldn't tell you what it is, either. I just... like it? [ link does not work for now ]

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Treize x Zechs Recs - *__* Treize was one of my favorite characters in the GundamW series, because I have a thing for characters like him--intelligent, capable, a little bit ruthless, yet still smooth, charming, and elegant. His relationship with Zechs/Milliard was fascinating to me as well, something much more... well, mature than the G-boys, for all their lack of childhood/childish ways, never quite had. It's very rare that I find fic that hits the right notes for me with this pairing, but when I do.... *purr*

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Noin x Sally Recs - Noin/Sally was one of the first yuri pairings that I ever really liked and it always stuck with me, because they were tough chicks together, but they could also understand each other on a slightly more vulnerable level. (I hesitate to say 'feminine' level, but that might apply, too.) They were soldiers, but they were also women, and I thought they had fabulous chemistry in their scenes together. I would dearly, dearly love more of these two.

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Dorothy x Relena Recs - Speaking of some of my first yuri pairings... I went nuts for Dorothy/Relena fics, right from the first moment Dorothy was casually snide to "Relena-sama" at St. Gabriel's. Because, finally, someone who didn't put her up on a pedestal, someone who challenged her and her beliefs, and yet I could still believe held some affection for her. And Relena seemed so interesting to Dorothy, as well, so... yeah, I kind of fell in love with the idea.

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Other Het Recs - I'm not a very big fan of the conventional het pairings in Gundam Wing, but give me a crack pairing and I'm usually all over it, especially if it's got Duo in it. I'm not sure why that is, but I've decided to just go with it. Not that I read much fic for any odd pairings lately, but someday someone'll write me a 4xH or 2xS or... what? I said they were crack! [ link does not work for now ]

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Other Yaoi Recs - I mentioned the whole thing with being a big fan of Duo's right? Well, that continues to hold in this section as well; every once in awhile, there's a good Otherx2 fic that catches my attention or there'll be an odd yaoi pairing in a fic I'm reading for something else (if it's in a prominent role, that is) and it'll go here. (This is likely where the 3x4 will go, since I don't know if I've ever read enough to make a section for just them on their own....) [ link does not work for now ]

- Gundam Wing - Fanfiction - Gen/No Pairings Recs - And, *insert cliche gasp of shock here*, sometimes I'll actually read gen, too. I like the characters above and beyond everything else, so I like to read about gen interaction or character introspection sometimes, too. Because... well, the G-boys weren't really a team, but they were clearly important to each other and there were some very complex relationships between all of the characters and it's fun to see those played with.

- Gundam Wing - Fanart - Heero x Duo Recs - Given how old the series is and the trend for J-fanartists to close down their sites when they've moved on from a fandom, there aren't nearly as many fanart sites as I wish there were out there. However, you can still find a smattering of them and when I find something I like well enough, it goes up here--this'll probably be the biggest of the fanart pages, just 'cause I'm a huge geek for them.

- Gundam Wing - Fanart - Other Het Recs - So, I like Relena, right? I like her a lot. And there's not a lot of fanart for her out there unless you want to wander into the 1xR sites. Which isn't my thing, but they do some of the most flat-out stunning artwork I've ever seen. (Oh, god, Noriko Sato's artwork is just incredibly gorgeous and I drool on myself over it.) So, yeah, this section is probably going to be mostly 1xR fanart because... well, yes, I'm a lot more lax with my opinions when it comes to fanart.

- Gundam Wing - Fanart - Other Yaoi Recs - Very, very occasionally I'll come across a 3x2 fanart site and glow with happiness. Or I might stumble over a 3x4 nest of fanart. And I have this odd thing for 3x5 that I don't know WHERE it comes from, I really don't. (Probably just that there's some pretty art out there and they seemed to get along well enough in the series....) Or I might find something else entirely, even if it's not very often. This page will probably always be a bit anemic, but I hope to at least find some stuff. (If nothing else, I've got one 3x2-friendly site? ^_~)

- Gundam Wing - Fanart - Gen/No Pairings Recs - And, of course, occasionally there are art sites that aren't really about pairings at all (or, if they are, there's no theme and they're pretty mild) and as long as they're pretty or they make me wibble over my favored characters, then I fall in love and rec the hell out of them. ♥ ♥ ♥

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