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- Gungrave/Get Backers - [ English Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure how I wound up here this morning, but I was following Gungrave fanart links on DA and this artist just absolutely blew me away with the gorgeous Gungrave fanart she does. It's really stunning work--incredible details, incredible lines, incredible colors, incredible shading, incredible poses/feeling, everything is just fantastic. I think she may be the single best Gungrave artist I've yet to see--not that there's a lot, but there are some nice ones out there, so it's not a back-handed compliment, either. ^_~ The Get Backers art is more cute than anything, but she's got a few in here that I really loved, including an ADORABLE Halloween illustration, a LOVELY Ban-chan and Ginji as their younger selves, and a PRETTY one of the Raitei. Much fun was had with this artist. ♥ (Maybe a little Ban-chanxGinji, no real Gungrave pairings.)

- Gungrave - In the Darkness by Jan - Do you know how long I've waited for a Gungrave fic that's exactly like this? It didn't have to be long, it didn't have to be an epic, it didn't have to be any specific thing, it just had to capture the feeling of intense friendship/something more between Harry and Brandon, that connection they had that was just screaming at me while watching the series. And that's exactly what this was--it didn't set aside Brandon's feelings for Maria, but instead encompassed them exactly the way I see them. It captured the feel between these two characters... I can't say it any better than: If Maria was his sunshine, Harry was his moonlit night. When the darkness pressed in around them, ever present, Harry kept the shadows at bay, just out of reach. It was his half-light that guided them through the darkness of their lives. I really wish I could rec this fic with more coherency, because it really deserves it, it was perfect and EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED and I can BE HAPPY with the fandom now, no matter what else happens, and it was GOOD. Harry/Brandon exactly as I see them. So much love, yo. (Brandon/Harry, a little limish content.)

- Gungrave - Ark [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - O...OMG... I didn't think I'd find a site like this, like, ever! PRETTY Gungrave fanart. A little on the girly side sometimes, but it's so pretty that I find I don't care. It's just... the artist draws the characters uber-pretty, which might not really fit with the characters, but I find I have a hard time complaining when she draws Brandon and Harry as kids and they are the cutest thing ever. Or when she draws Brandon in that suit he wore in the middle of the series and he looks so gorgeous or when she draws Harry kissing Brandon and it's just beautifully detailed (the kiss illustration is really the best on the site, I think, in terms of pure level of sharp, clean lines, fantastic details, and gorgeous coloring) or when she'd drawing a fabulously detailed Grave illustration. She does wonderful things with the characters' hair and eyes and I just... I fell in love. Plus, the current top illustration with the various incarnations of Brandon is, like, the CUTEST THING EVER. (A little bit Harry/Brandon, but I recommend it for the single-character illustrations, too.)

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