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- Hana Yori Dango - Fanfiction - Gen/No Pairings - Generally, I'm reading Hanadan fic almost purely for the Doumyouji/Makino OTP, but sometimes there might be a good character introspection piece or a fic where the friendships between the characters takes center stage or what have you. There might be some pairings in the background (the focus of the manga is on the relationship, after all) but the focus will be on the gen aspect in these fics. So, I kind of expect it to be a small section, no matter how much Hanadan fic I read.

- Hana Yori Dango - Fanfiction - Tsukasa/Tsukushi - I actually started out not being a fan of these two, because Doumyouji was such a jerk and it almost put me off watching the drama all together. But I picked it back up again (after becoming a Matsumoto Jun fan, which made it easier) and then fell in love with them so hard. And then I read the manga properly and I was all over these two even more. *__* Most fic is manga based, which is what I look for and just what's more available, but I think you could probably read either even if you've only seen one?

- Hana Yori Dango - Fanfiction - Other Pairings - And the drama definitely gave me a weakness for Soujiroh/Yuuki and I still think that ~*someday*~ I'm going to find that one perfect pre-series drama-based Rui/Tsukasa fic that fandom will write for me. Or maybe there'll be a background pairing in the middle of a fic I read for something else. All that'll go in here. I... don't expect it to be that big, I'm really just here for the Tsukasa/Tsukushi OTP most of the time. XD;;

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