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[Note: As I feel I cannot rec my own fics without it being weirdly skeevy and, yet, I feel that I do a decent job with the pairing of Akiha and Umeda, I'm going to put a little note at the top here for those interested: I write Akiha/Umeda fanfic in this journal and I rationalize my note here by saying that I've probably written a good half of the fic available for the pairing and if I really want to have a comprehensive HanaKimi section.... *wry grin*]

- Hanakimi - Fanfiction - Gen/No Pairings - Given that Hanakimi is shoujo romance, there's not much fic that gets written that isn't about one pairing or another. This isn't to say I wouldn't be interested--because, boy, am I--just that it's rarely the point of fic in such a small English fandom. Not that I'm not just as guilty as everyone else, but... yeah, I'd like retarded school antics stuff and I'd probably go into fangirl explosions of squee at Sano - Nakatsu friendship pieces or--and you have no idea how much I'd give for this--Rio-Mizuki-Julia fic where they just do girl stuff like shopping or sleep overs. It just... doesn't happen much in this fandom yet.

- Hanakimi - Fanfiction - Sano x Mizuki - I used to think that Sano/Mizuki was complete as it was in canon, that it didn't need anything else said about it. Then I came across tin's fic and it wasn't extraneous or superfluous at all. Which is when I realized, yes, Sano/Mizuki fic could still have things left to do in fic, little character pieces or fun moments between them or even about what happens after the end of the manga. And, really, I love them SO MUCH, despite that... well, I admit, my focuses lie elsewhere. But every so often there's that one fic that just captures their dynamic, the sweet boy and girl who are just completely head over heels for each other, both of them. ♥

- Hanakimi - Fanfiction - Akiha x Umeda - [ page one - page two - page three ] Ahh... what to say? Given the relative obscurity of these two characters in a manga that was really all about Sano/Mizuki... I kind of shot myself in the foot by falling for them. But... the fangirl heart wants what it wants and mine said, "GIVE THE AKIUME FIC NOW. NOW NOW NOW!" Thankfully, Nakajo seemed to be implying they were together by the end of the manga, so I (and fandom) have a lot to work with and it's just... oh, they're wonderful together. In every way. They're fun and spastic and surprisingly bittersweet and aching and both of them are absolutely brilliant and there's a million things to do with them and they're just simply brilliant fun together. Because every time Akiha wrapped Sempai up in his arms and Umeda protested a little less, I fell further in love. ♥

- Hanakimi - Fanfiction - Other Pairings - AkiUme and Sano/Mizuki are the two big Hanakimi pairings. But every so often there's my beloved Nakatsu/Julia. Or a Kayashima/Nakatsu fic that hits just the right notes for me so I can like it. Or the fabulous Nanba/Himejima pairing which isn't as cracky as you'd think it was. And someday I really want to read an Azuma/Seira fic!! As well as the occasional random pairing that'll pop up, this is where all the rest of the pairing fic will go. It's not as big as one might hope (...except that I'm sort of fine with Sano/Mizuki and Akiha/Umeda being the big kids on the Hanakimi playground >_>a), but not entirely anemic considering the side of the fandom, either. It's just... not a very big fandom.

- Hanakimi - Fanart & Cosplay - There has never been much Hanakimi art to find, even the couple of j-fanart sites I once managed to track down have become very difficult to find. I wish there were more, but given that the series is rather far past its prime and it's never been a huge fandom to begin with... this section will always be small. (There are a handful of links in the artbits page, but only a few.) There are occasionally cosplay pages (more in English than Japanese, I've found) and maybe some other creative stuff. This will probably be a catch-all catagory more than anything.

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