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- Sirius/Remus recs - Ahhh, the reason I'm a Harry Potter fan in the first place--Sirius and Remus. Yes, occasionally, I do branch out beyond them, but for the most part, if a fic doesn't have Sirius or Remus in it, I tend to have trouble scrounging up the interest. (Personal quirk, mind. I adore the other characters to pieces, but it takes just the right fic to get me interested.)

I tend to favor a balance with my Sirius/Remus of fluffy and angst--I don't care for too much of one or the other. I like serious stories that are about hope eventually overcoming the darkness and angst, if I may be so pretentious to say. ^_~ I also tend to gravitate towards Marauders-era stuff, but I'm usually just as happy reading post-PoA stories as well. And AU fics. I am in such denial, so more and more I'm going to be sticking my head in the sand and reading either MWPP-era stuff or AUs. Blessed, blessed AUs. +___+

- Gen recs - It's a rare author that can make me read gen fic about Harry and friends, but given the sheer size of the HP fandom, there are a lot of those talented writers out there. It surprises me how many authors can capture the warm-hearted charm of the series and then write these huge epics about the characters.

Originally, I lumped everything into this catagory, but it's going to turn into more of a gen section this time, since I really do want to expand it and get the pairing stuff onto its own page. Also, if I feel the pairing is far enough from the focus of the story, it may show up on this section, but I'll still note it in the warnings?

- Other Pairings recs - This section will always be woefully small because I just don't read outside of Sirius/Remus much. I like the younger characters, but there's little gravitational pull towards them for me personally. However, I'm such the Remus fangirl that occasionally other stuff will make it onto the page and I wanted to seperate that out from the purely gen fic. ....I suppose I really ought to have called this the "Snape/Lupin" section because that's probably going to be what it is, but, eh, who knows, I might read a Harry/Hermione (....shut up!) fic I like someday.

- HP Fan Art recs - Ahhh, my other reason for being such a HP junkie... the fan art. +_+ I mostly stick to Japanese sites, because they do tend to have better artists, but HP is one of the rare fandoms where there's a goodly amount of English fanart for them as well. I'm all over the board here--if it's pretty, I like it. Heck, I think I've even rec'd Sirius/Harry fanart, while you'd have to pay me to read fic for that. Though, those tend to be rare and far between, I mostly stick to the Sirius/Remus/Marauders stuff or the gen art.

- Twincest recs - Why am I giving twincest it's own section? Because a) I had a picture of them I wanted to use, b) because I actually do kinda like the idea, and c) it amuses the hell out of me. Oh, and it's fun to freak friends out a little. ^_~ But mostly it's just that... yeah, I have a kink for twincest and occasionally (if rarely) I wander back to find something I like. So, usual warnings. If the idea squicks you, don't click on the link.

(Not that there is much twincest out there, mind, but I have made it a Mission to find some! ^_~)

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