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- Scryed/Hellsing - Barracuda Flats [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It took me a few clicks to warm up to this art, but the artist has some terrifically cool Cougar illustrations (they also tend to be the best on the site--though, there was one of Kanami and Kazuma that I really liked, too) and kick-ass Hellsing fanart! The chibi Cougar sprite on the index page made me squeak in an incredibly dorkish way, too. ^_^;; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hellsing - Solid & Etc. [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ....damn. That is some incredibly fucking cool fanart. I mean... really fucking cool. I will not try to gush over this site in hopes of being able to describe why I like it so much, because it's too damned cool for that. I suspect that I am not worthy of beholding it's greatness. ^_~ (Except to say... oh, Alucard... I think I just might have your creepy vampire babies. +_+) (Mild graphic content warning. It is a Hellsing fansite.)

- Hellsing - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn, there's a lot of art crammed into various corners of this site. >_o While the art is very cute, I was a bit disappointed that most of it was sketch work and not much actual finished art, which was a shame because the artist was quite talented. Still... lots of spiffy art that covers damn near every character. (No real warnings.)

- Hellsing - Divide Hell Blood [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The artist captures the feel of Hellsing very nicely in a lot of the illustrations, and I liked that they tried a lot of different styles. The CG ones were probably the strongest, very well done. Be sure to check out the kiriban section as well, there're some cool images in there as well. (No real warnings.)

- Hellsing/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings - M1A1 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn, there's some kick-ass Hellsing fanart out there--and this site is definitely one of them. This is top-notch use of CG work, I just love it to pieces--the colors are those gorgeous dark shades that fit Hellsing so well, and the coloring/shading/skill is amazing! There's an incredible one of Alucard and that dog here, as well as some fantastic group images that, well, I also adore to pieces. Just... cool. +_+ I'm not as crazy about the HP stuff, but there are some fantastic group illustrations and holy crap is that a gorgeous Legolas. +____+

- Hellsing/Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, there isn't much art here, but what is is fantastic stuff. The colors are great, the images almost official looking, and Hellsing fan art. The site is totally worth it just for the little page decorations on the main Hellsing page. But the one Hellsing illustration there.... *dies* The Hikago art is mostly Kaga-centric, but there are sketches of the other characters. Fantastic stuff. ^_^ (No real warnings.)

- Hellsing - Cloudy Heart [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I have to admit, I didn't think there would be as many fantastic Hellsing fanartists as there are out there--I liked the series a lot (Enough to go looking for fanart at the very least.), but I didn't think it would attract the kind of attention it has. Yet... I'm glad that it has, because there are some fantastic fanartists for the series out there. This artist does wonderful, wonderful illustrations, the colors on the dull side (And I mean that as a compliment, because it works for the pictures she draws!) setting this really cool atmosphere to the drawings. And just... wow do I love the way she draws Alucard! And the Alucard/Integral illustrations? COOL! *_* (A little bit Alucard/Integral.)

- Hellsing - [ English Fanart Site ] - ....holy shit, that is some awesome Hellsing fanart. Seriously. The one of Integral standing among the rose petals, crosses, and the dark red background? Fucking awesome fanart. Alucard's hell-dog form? AWESOME. Alucard standing over little!Integral with the gun and they're surrounded by the helldogs? More of the HOLY SHIT THAT'S AWESOME AND TOTALLY DESERVES THE GRATUTITOUS SWEARING. The colors are just incredible, but it's the sense of... style and level of detail and image concepts combined with those colors that make these fanart illustrations just stunningly in tune with the series. I'm just... I'm left with that same impression I had after watching the anime, that, "....that was the coolest thing I have ever seen. .____." feeling. ....and, dammit, it makes me want to read the manga again. ~___~ (I dunnot that I'd list any pairings or warnings other than the usual warnings that apply to Hellsing in general.)

- Hellsing - [ English Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of art here, but there were two illustrations that I had to rec the site for--"For My Master" and "Woman of Steel", both of which have this really cool style to them and these really pretty colors that I totally go nuts for. They're very CG-ish, but I like that kind of thing when it's done right and they're suitably Hellsing-ish, I though. Oh! Plus "Lady Integra Wingates Hellsing" looks awesome, Integra's hair and eyes and clothes and the blood splatters on her glasses and the look on her face are just... wow. She is indeed so very, very cool. (No real warnings/pairings, I'd say.)

- Final Fantasy 8/Juuni Kokki/Hellsing - SENGOKU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think it was the illustration of Youko all glammed up in modern trendy clothes, a big hairdo, the skimpy shirt, the oversized belt, the collar, that really sort of won me over with the site. It wasn't something I would have thought I'd like, but... I dunno, I really liked the way the artist drew Youko. Though, I did like the one of her in normal clothes and her hair loose and nearly obscuring her face more--so pretty. Really, that's what you're going to the site for, that every time the artist draws Youko again, she looks even more beautiful. Her FF8 art is some of the better stuff around for that fandom as well, she draws Squall nicely, I made it through every last illustration in the FF8 gallery, and I really liked her Laguna. It's all just... soft and pretty, the kind of light and airy art that I totally go for. And, finally, okay, there are only three or so Hellsing illustrations on the site, but... they were some of the best work on the site and they looked so cool that I had to stick this rec in the Hellsing section, to. >___> (Maybe a little 12K pairings, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall.)

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