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- Heroes - Complications by Isagel - I'm ganking the link for this fic from Chrissie, who has found some of the most amazing Sylar/Mohinder fic around. For the longest time while watching the show, I had no desire to ship anything, I was snobbily content with canon as it was, I wasn't interested in it on a fannish level. Until Sylar and Mohinder, who had this amazing chemistry together and a tension that couldn't be resolved in the show, the kind that was just made for turning to fic. So I poked cautiously at the fandom, I read a couple of fics. This is one of the first ones I read and it's one of those that satisfies to a level that I almost don't even need to read anything else for them. The language of the story is beautiful, the quiet little creepy details add an amazing atmosphere to the piece, it's so Sylar. I had no trouble imagining any of this as I read, nearly breathless with the way the author turned a phrase without making her prose too dense. And the sex is fantastic, it's woven together with everything else and not blink-and-you'll-miss-the-sex-scene, like so many fics are. The balance between all the things the author needed to focus on is fantastic--much better than this slipshod rec is conveying, I suspect. Just. This is the NC-17 fic that I needed for these two, I suspect not much will be able to compare. (Sylar/Mohinder, NC-17 content.)

- Heroes - The Love Song of Gabriel "Sylar" Gray by hackthis - Another link I picked up from Chrissie, actually the first Heroes fic I read. I remember hackthis from her LOST fic, so I was curious to see if her Heroes fic was as good for me and I was not disappointed. This is a lovely series of short scenes/insights into the way Sylar/Gabriel's mind words, especially in relation to Mohinder, an almost logical, rational approach to every thought, a calm that's a little creepy. The writing is lovely, the imagery used and little details are woven into this really fantastically written whole, the characterization put in with the light touches a pairing like this needs. Just. It's a really good fic and only makes me want Sylar/Mohinder more. *__* (Sylar/Mohinder, maybe a slight content warning.)

- Heroes - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by Tammaiya - [Note: This fic will contain spoilers for certain living situations set in up in the beginning of season two.] Oh, man, how much do I love this fic? What I love about it--aside from the great use of the living arrangements from the beginning of season two and the super-hilariousness of the whole fic--is that I can just hear Matt's voice during the whole piece. It's a great use of his powers (and the downsides of them) and it's dialogue that I don't even have to try to hear their voices in my head, both Matt and Mohinder. Just. asd;flkjas;dlkjalksj I was crying during the reading of this, it's so great and everything I wanted out of Heroes fic for now. It just makes it all the more awesome that she wrote it because I pestered her into it. ♥ (Some Sylar/Mohinder implied, but it's not really the point at all.)

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