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      H I G H L A N D E R

Highlander is one of those series that was one of wee!me's early obsessive series, one that comes back up every few years and I go on another deep dive back into the fandom. My heart belonged to the first season characters and largely to Richie Ryan, because I fell in love with that found family dynamic. Thankfully, there's a lot of really, really top-notch fic that still holds up to this day for this set of characters!

Recs are separated out by era/timeline effects, rather than my usual strictly by pairings. I'm very weak to Fixing Things via Canon Divergent or For Want of a Nail fics, but I like character pieces or anything that soothes my soul. I'll read full AU (modern or fantasy or otherwise) but my heart belongs to Making Things Better, as well as a good amount of focus on the Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme trio or Master & Padawan pairs.

Highlander - First Season Family fic
Highlander - S2-S5 Immortals Only (and Joe) fic
Highlander - Fixing That Thing That Absolute Didn't Happen fic
Highlander - Future/Alternate Universe fic

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