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- Highlander - Seeds and You Don't Know Me by Sandra McDonald - You know how there are those fics that you can just REMEMBER even five years after you read them? The concept that still haunts you because the author did such an incredible job with the story and you just CLICKED with the story premise? This is one of those fics for me. Sandra McDonald was one of those Highlander writers that I would have read just about anything of hers because 1) she wrote the characters/time period that was my favorite and 2) her writing was excellent. This story... I continue to just be... so damned impressed with how this WORKS in the series, how easily I can BELIEVE this theory, and just... dammit, I LOVE THIS FIC. I love the ideas it set forth (I'm doing my damndest not to spoil it, too >_o), not just the larger concept about Immortals, but about the specific Highlander characters (especially my darling Richie) and I LOVE the way the author handled it. If there were ever more of this fic universe, I would run back to the Highlander fandom in a heartbeat. Seriously. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Highlander - Chicken Eggs and Ham by Sandra McDonald - Speakin of stories that stay with you for ages and ages after you've read them, this is another of those. One of the things that Sandra McDonald did best was the dynamic between Duncan, Tessa, and Richie from the first season that got me so hooked on the series in the first place. I love certain things about the later seasons (Methos and Joe, largely), but, man, the first season was my season, the one I always go back to. And this story capitolized on the dynamics wonderfully, just... eeeeee! Even as I try to write this rec, I'm rereading the story and practically bouncing in my chair and just how... THEM the characters are; the characterization is so tight that I just glee over it. Plus, I have a real weak spot for the whole Duncan - Richie interaction thing, especially when they're off in the woods and Richie is sick and, eeeeee!, this fic just does it so well. One of the classics from my time in the Highlander fandom, I think. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Highlander - Intimations of Destiny by Merry - So, I was talking with Tammaiya tonight and we got around to discussing Highlander (and my rage at the series XD) and then, of course, like the lemming that I am, I went to look for fic. And I was surprised that this author had written Richie fic that I'd never read because a) I read tons of her The Sentinel fic back in the day and b) I've scoured the net pretty well for all readable Richie fic. But, man, this wasn't just readable, this was lovely. Richie's voice is fabulous, the frustration and fear that he's going through after becoming Immortal, the way things still hurt, but they're finding their way through, Richie's a survivor even when he knows the odds. And then there was that chilling last line, the one that got a little, "....oh." out of me, knowing what I know. A very powerful read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Highlander - All Our Yesterdays by Melanie Riley - For all that I'm not a big reader of AU fics, I actually really love the idea of Divergent Timelines. One thing is done differently in the original timelne and then spirals off in a new direction from there, snowballing until the world is entirely different. And this fic... it's one of those fics I must have read anywhere from five to eight years ago and it's always, always stuck in my memory for one reason or another. It hits so many of my kinks for this series--first season based, the whole father/mother thing with Richie, cute little kid!Richie--and then amps them up in a way that was absolutely riveting to me when I first read it. Even now, I'm practically zipping through the story because omg omg omg yaaay this is what I loved about the HL fandom, the length is about 190k and I just could not put it down. I have a horrible attention span these days, if a fic isn't absolutely brilliant all the way through, I have trouble sticking with it for more than five thousand words or so.

This fic... there are some that you read years and years ago, loved so dearly, but when you go back to read them later, you realize they don't hold up over time. This fic, on the other hand, is still as brilliant a read as the day I first picked it up--the characterization is nearly breathtakingly perfect, Duncan and Tessa are everything here that they should be, the reason why no other coupling in the series will ever come close to them for me. Kid!Richie is... everything that Richie must have been at that age, such a cute little kid who'd seen way, way too much, not his hardened older self, but still so very firmly Richie. The interaction between the characters, the building of them as a family together, Duncan and Tessa learning to be parents, Richie learning to trust, it just sparkles, I can't tell you how many times my heart ached for them, how many times I wanted to cry a little, how many times I laughed or just simply smiled (or, apparently, abused the italics tags) at everything they went through.

The writing is gorgeous as well, the kind that I pine to be able to achieve myself, the kind I wish I could read with every fic, I'd read an epic fic every night if it were written like this. Part of that is the fabulous characterization, part of it is the brilliant use of details and scenarios and gorgeous pacing. But a lot of it is simply skill at knowing how to tell a story, in addition to being able to connect me to it emotionally. I know this is a long rec (and a rather generic one, it feels like), but aside from Sandra McDonald's "Seed" universe, this is quite possibly my favorite HL fic just about ever. I spent an hour searching for it the other night and then was up until four in the morning reading it again because it's That Fic for me. Of course, season one was totally my season, so I was pre-disposed to like it, I'm sure. But I'm also sure that when I read the sequel, I'll probably write another rec that's just as long. ♥ (Duncan/Tessa, but it's canon and only half the point of the fic.)

- NCIS/Highlander - Abby and The Immortal by Strangevisitor7 - For some reason, the idea of an NCIS/Highlander crossover made me zip right on over to this fic, god knows why. Possibly the idea of Abby meeting an Immortal was just too cute to pass up. And this fic was really fun, just the right amount of seriousness that it wasn't parody, but it was definitely light-hearted and enjoyable. Abby's just so bright and curious and Richie can't really resist that, not entirely, and their light flirting is adorable. The two worlds come together nicely and it's just. Well. Fun. *g* (No warnings/pairings.)

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