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- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Fanfiction Recs - Higurashi is a pretty small fandom English-speaking wise and I imagine it probably is pretty hard to come up with ideas or to figure out just wtf is going on enough to write a story for the series. But a few brave people have attempted it and I've been keeping an eye out. <3 I'm not really fussed about any particular pairing, I strangely have no real preferences or really even a favorite character. ....well, maybe Rika or Rena, I grew really fond of them both. But I'll go with just about whatever here.

- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Fanart Recs - It's the same for fanart, I'll go with just about whatever here, as long as it's pretty. There's some het, there's some yaoi (never underestimate fandom XD but some of that Satoshi/Keiichi is actually really pretty!) but probably more gen than anything. Higurashi fanart is somewhat popular and I've spent quite a lot of time combing over sites because, man, some of it's gorgeous stuff. This will easily be the bigger section of the two here. There's no real one focus, there's about an even mix of all the main characters and, again, I have no particular preferences with the fandom.

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