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- Hikaru no Go Fanfiction Recs - For the longest time I swore up and down that I had almost zero interest in Hikago fanfic, it just wasn't one of those series. I was happy with fanart and didn't want to ruin my tolerance of everything by getting into the fic scene. (Don't ask me about my logic. >:P) But... there are some wonderful gently shounen ai (and often times not) Akira/Hikaru fics out there that make me so... warm. And then there's the occasional Ogata-sensei fic that sends me into orbit. So I had to break the page up.

- Hikaru no Go Fanart Recs - Ahhh, the real reason I'm a Hikago fan. ^_~ There is an insane number of Hikago fanart sites out there and someday I shall visit them all! ^_~ With Hikago, I like just about anything so long as it's pretty. Anything. With the possible exception of Hikaru/Waya. >:P I tend to favor Kaga/Hikaru or anything with Ogata-sensei in it, but, really, there's a wide selection of art rec'd here, all pairings and warnings hopefully noted. ^_^v
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