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- Honeydew Syndrome - On the Benefits of Trivialities by dual_avi - After marathoning the entire comic this morning, I had to start immediately poking around for fic. I recognized this author's name (I'm not sure if it's from the Bleach fandom or the REBORN! fandom or something else entirely) and decided to give the fic a shot, despite having been fairly certain I wouldn't find anything worthwhile in the fandom. And then. This fic. It-- It's spoiled me for the rest of the fandom, I bet. Because it captures what was so much fun about the comic, it's dorky teenagers in love with witty dialogue and genuinely hilarious moments and wonderful characterization, everything about the fic is spot on and it fits perfectly with the tone of the comic. You wouldn't think a fic about Metis falling in love with Josh's mom would be that awesome, but this was total fucking epic perfection, just brilliant. ♥ (Metis/Josh's mom, Metis/Josh.)

- Honeydew Syndrome - Complex + Complex, Part Two by dual_avi - Okay. So. What I said in the previous rec about not needing/finding more fic in the fandom. (Not that I'm sure it counts if it's by the same author?) asd;lfkjaslkjalskj I take it back. Josh and Metis and being teenage dorks with hormones and making out and grinding against each other, all with the usual flair for dialogue and spot-on characterization that the author has. Just. It both builds up the sexual tension between the characters beautifully and relieves my own need to have some resolution to the UST and is very hot and has awesome pop culture references and just. a;sdlal;skjlsjk yes plz. ♥ (Josh/Metis, NC-17 in the second part.)

- Honeydew Syndrome - Long Weekend by snarky_kat - More Honeydew Syndrome fic! While I know the fandom is very small, the handful of fics available have made it really worth a quick whirl today. And this fic is just so very delightful, it's set from Josh's point of view (which is nice, since the webcomic itself is set from basically Metis' point of view, so it's harder to get inside Josh's head, I imagine) when they have a weekend alone because Josh's parents are out of town and the writing is so smooth, witty, and fantastic, it's genuinely clever and delightful and it's about a horny teenage boy who is very much attracted to his boyfriend! In the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. The sex is fantastic and hot, the dynamic between the two of them is exactly what I was hoping to find in the fandom--hilariously dumb boys in love. ♥ (Josh/Metis, NC-17.)

- Honeydew Syndrome - Long Weekend II: The Death of Romantic Gestures by snarky_kat - Oh, man, I loved this one just as much as I loved the first one. *___* It's a continuation of the previous fic (so it'd help to read that one first) and it's more horny teenage boys who really, really enjoy having sex with each other, which the author uses to make the fic both very hot (which it is) and hilarious because there's something truly funny about a teenage boy who can't stop thinking about his hot not!emo boyfriend. Plus, there are some super-hilarious moments, whenever Josh has a (brief) thought about making sure to clean up the house again before his parents come home, I laughed. And I kind of lost it a little when they decided to use his parents' bathroom because as;ldkfjaslkj that must have been a sight. It's just. The characterization is spot-on and the writing is so fantastic and there's porn! It's like fandom maybe loves me a little and wants me to be happy. (Josh/Metis, a semi-light NC-17.)

- Honeydew Syndrome - Sick Day by snarky_kat - And sometimes I just want adorable fluff with these two, especially if they're going to be such dorky teenage boys about it. I love how good this author is with Josh's character and how much he's clearly head over heels for Metis, while still teasing him/snarking at him just fine, even when he's sick. Also, I really love this characterization of Metis' mother, she is so awesome. Also! The scene where Josh is mowing the lawn had me laughing for, like, a solid minute because I can just picture that and it totally hit me right. as;dlfkjalskj I love this fandom so hard because of sweet and funny fic like this. ♥ (Josh/Metis.)

Honeydew Syndrome: Black(white) by snarky_kat - After a bit of time wandering around through other fandoms for a bit, I'm wandering back to HoneySyn and picking up all the rest of the fic I hadn't yet read. (I think I needed time for a few more pieces to be posted because I'd caught up on the comic and needed mooooore.) And I really liked this fic, the way Metis clashes against everything else in Josh's life, the way the author uses the visual ways he sticks out just as much as everything else, and yet Josh is still so clearly crazy about him. There was also just enough humor and horny teenage boys in this fic as well to make it a delightful piece to come back to the fandom with. ♥ (Josh/Metis, around an R rating.)

Honeydew Syndrome: Catch You When You Fall by aidara - You know, I thought I'd looked through fandom fairly well (though, I still have a lot of fics on my to-read backlog, I suppose) but it wasn't until I was browsing through the fic masterlist that was being put together that I decided to start randomly clicking on authors that I didn't immediately recognize. What I got was a fantastic piece with Josh and Metis at a ski resort, which kind of made me "...." at first for being wary of potential cliche, but it was actually really fun! The dialogue is fantastic, the characterization of both of them was just spot-on, and there's a sex scene with two fumbly teenage boys who are kind of totally stupid over each other! It's the kind of fic that makes me get dragged back towards this fandom all over again and reminds me why I like the genre of two stupid teenage boys in love. ♥ (Josh/Metis, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Honeydew Syndrome: Birthday by onionheeeeeeead - This is just a short little piece set pre-comic that was really cute. I can totally buy Josh being the kind of person that doesn't want a big deal made out of his birthday and would go to lengths to hide it and have a tough time with any girl who found out about it. I like the sense of him still hiding a lot of who he is here, yet it's still really cute and adorable and fluffy. <3 (Future Josh/Metis implied.)

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