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- Host Club - Fanfiction - Gen/No Pairings - With Host Club... as much as I like the potential pairings a lot, as much as the series is a harem one, I've found that gen tends to fit the antics of the club better sometimes. And, honestly, I love them all on a character level, not just as part of a pairing, that I would love for there to be more retarded antics fic. I probably won't include fics that deal with just two characters interacting unless it's really, really, REALLY gen, as this is a shoujo manga tinged with romance. Meaning, if there's some form of subtext, it'll probably go into one of the other catagories. (Which also means that this section will probably be very small. D:)

- Host Club - Fanfiction - Kyouya x Tamaki - Pretty much immediately, the Mommy/Daddy paired jumped out at me, they were ALREADY calling themselves an old married couple! I didn't even have to do the work! But, the more I read the manga, the more... yes, there's obviously Tamaki's reactions to Haruhi, but... there's also this undercurrent (and particularily interesting scenes, like at Nekozawa's mansion or in volume 6) between them that I don't think I'm just imagining. Oh, I'm not screaming CANON at the top of my lungs, more that there's... something very interesting there and I can quite believe it, given the way they interact with each other. Totally my OTP of the series, if I must choose. (Though, I do have a soft spot for Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi.)

- Host Club - Fanfiction - Kaoru x Hikaru - If I weren't a fan previously, volume 5 and the "refreshing" vacation story would have completely and utterly sold me. There will probably be little fic that I feel accurately gets at how I see the twins, especially those who haven't gotten to that particular storyline or the new facets we saw, but... I'm also starving for fic, so who knows. I have no idea if this section will be mostly happy or mostly angsty (since I like the angsty stuff, that's probably what I'll gravitate towards...), it probably all depends on the fandom.

- Host Club - Fanfiction - Hunny x Mori - Hunny/Mori confuses me greatly! They're quite blatant... and then Mori goes and has chemistry with Haruhi... except that Mori is completely devoted to Hunny and Hunny cares about him just as much and... I can never quite figure out how the pieces go together with these two! Very confusing! But in a fun way. Because Hunny is the one who guides the dynamic between them, but he's also such a little bouncy ball that I can't quite parse his personality to my satisfaction. I suspect the lack of fic I'll read will reflect this, since I'm unsure of where I stand with the characters. (Except that I love the pairing, so who knows, maybe I'll devour fic.)

- Host Club - Fanfiction - Mori x Haruhi - This one snuck up on me, it only needed a scene or two and then it quietly started to worm its way into my brain and it won't get out now. Not that this is an entirely bad thing, but it does create some conflict with my Hunny/Mori fangirl... except that I think Mori/Haruhi will probably be slightly better fandom-wise (for me) overall. People seem to gravitate towards the pairing a lot more than I would have expected... I really do think it's that Mori is the one Haruhi treats a little differently, she doesn't get mad even when he does strange things because there's always a reason. She smiles the most easily at him, he smiles quietly back at her. They just... quietly seemed really, really sweet and then the strawberry totally did me in. *craves*

- Host Club - Fanfiction - Kyouya x Haruhi - I'm not sure if I even quite officially ship Kyouya/Haruhi as a pairing... though, I also have no real objection to it, either. I'm interested in the way Kyouya acts around her, the way she sees right through his act and how they would be a very, very interesting force to be reckoned with around each other. The only real obsticle is that I'm not sure they're interested in each other that way, especially Kyouya (even setting aside that the person Kyouya shows the most care for is Tamaki), but... again, not against the idea. It intrigues me in that way that both characters are interesting and I want to see more of them. Also, it could be really, really hot. For now... I just want interaction. And maybe a little groping. ...shut up. >_>a

- Host Club - Fanfiction - Twins x Haruhi - As much as I ship the twins together, I also ship them with Haruhi because it would be so much fun!! And because she's one of the rare people who's really gotten her way into their small world. I'm not sure even Tamaki has gotten as far with the twins (in the sense of mattering to them) as Haruhi has in such a short time now. (Though, I would happy ship the twins/Tamaki, too. XD) It's adorable because she sees right through them in a lot of ways, she can always tell them apart and even if they can still fool her sometimes... she's learning and she would totally balance those two out, one of the few people who could handle them. And I mentioned the whole bit about it being fun? XD

- Host Club - Fanfiction - Other Pairings - I've listed most of my favorites (or the ones I'm willing to read) above already, since I expect this section to be rather decent sized. But there are a few that I have soft spots for or the occasional pairing I'm not that keen on, but I'll read for a friend. I want Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi fic, but I REALLY don't expect enough fic for it to be able to justify its own catagory. I'll read the occasional Tamaki/Haruhi fic for a friend, but it's not something I'll seek out much. I can't really think of much else that would get written, but... I'm still open to pairings, so this section may grow. Hopefully, anyway.

- Host Club - Fanart - I purely lucked into the first gorgeous Kyouya/Tamaki fanart site, never even thinking there would be more than one or two Host Club fanart sites out there. But then there were links and then there were webrings and then there was fanart and tons of surprisingly pretty stuff. Well, not tons and tons and tons. Not enough to break this page into sub-pages. Yet. But there's a lot of surprisingly cute art out there and I believe I hunted down every last Kyouya/Tamaki site in existance. I am pleased. XD

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Doujinshi Recs - This section pretty much started because there were one or two really incredibly Kyouya/Tamaki doujinshi that I just had to recommend and I doubt it'll ever expand much beyond that. It's not a series that really got a lot of fanart or doujin from Japan, so there's not much to find out there, especially since the series is getting a bit long in the tooth. But I love the series and I kind of pine for doujinshi of certain pairings and I wanted this page just in case I ever found more, raw or scanslated. And I imagine it'll be a small page, but, hey, at least it exists!

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