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- House - Gen Fanfiction Recs - I can never quite decide if I like pairings the most or if I like gen fiction the most. I do like certain pairings, but I also know they'd be train wrecks and sometimes I just like potential implications more than anything. So, there may be some fics with hints here, but I also enjoy the occasional casefic that the fandom manages to put out. There's actually more here than I'd have expected out of the fandom, but it did start off with a fairly decent gen side to fandom, back in the first season. I hope to keep expanding it. soon as I exhaust the pairing fic, shut up.

- House - House/Cuddy Fanfiction Recs - I fell pretty hard and fast for this pairing, despite that I tried very hard not to. The show isn't one about happy relationships or even basically functional relationships, so I've never really wanted it to happen on the show itself. And liking what I wanted to be basically a functional pairing seemed against the grain of the characters. And yet. I couldn't help it. Lisa Edelstein is so incredibly smoking hot and the House/Cuddy back-and-forth dynamic completely got me, I loved that Cuddy was a strong character able to hold her own against House, yet didn't have to be a bitch about it. I love that he actually seemed to care about her, as much as he cared about anyone. But mostly it was the smoking hot.

- House - Foreman/Cameron Fanfiction Recs - I actually liked this idea way back in the first season, something about it appealed to me whenever I thought about it. Then the later episodes rolled around and there was really interesting interaction between the two of them and people started writing fic and I found that I loved it just as much when it was explored as I did when it was just a theoretical idea. I do like Cameron with other characters as well, but this is the one that I hope--if anything at all happens--is the one that happens, just because I think it would work out the best (or so I like to hope) for them both.

- House - Wilson/Cameron Fanfiction Recs - Long have I had an utter fascination with the idea of Wilson/Cameron because it would be the most trainwrecky pairing that ever crashed and burnt in a spectacular trainwreck. Cameron would think she could fix him, Wilson would think he could be needed by her, they would both spiral off into disaster and no one could be able to stop it. It'd be beautiful. It's one of the few pairings I have that I actively like that it could never work out, I have no secret desire for them to get married and have babies together, I'm just fascinated by the unhealthy dynamics it would be utterly fraught with. Well, also and it'd be totally hot, too.

- House - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - I rarely branch out of my usual pairings, with the major exception of Chase/Cameron. (Which is about two seconds away from me giving it its own catagory. Back in the first season, I sort of cringed at the possiblity that the series might pair the two of them up because they were "pretty". And then the show went there in a completely dysfunctional, unhappy way and I was sold. I love it now.) But there are occasional side pairings or threesomes that work despite my best judgement or implications in an otherwise mostly gen fic and this is where I wind up shoving them all.

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