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- Scryed/Houshin Engi- [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I wouldn't have thought almost-pastel colors would work for Scryed art, but this site does a gorgeous job with them. There is an absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous illustration of Mimori as well as a beautiful, bittersweet image of Kazuma and Kinishima, and just... lots of beautiful art that focuses on all the characters. The colors are stunning, the original drawings lovely, the poses/illustration ideas cool, and the overall effect just... wai! One of my favorite sites. And there's some adorable Houshin Engi fan art in the "pict" section. ^_^v (No real pairing themes or warnings.)

- Scryed/Houshin Engi/Saiyuki - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I love the soft colors and delicate look to these illustrations, some of them almost seem to glow, which is so lovely. I'm having trouble coming up with the words to describe how much I like these images... they're just... good. Some of randome favotites include the Ryuhou, Cougar and young Kazuma, and RyuhouxKazuma ones. The Ryuhou/Kazuma kiss illustration is gorgeous, too. +_+ Though, be warned, there's some RyuhouxMimori floating around here, too. As for the other sections, there's a ton of pretty Houshin Engi fanart, which made me a happy camper, and the first Saiyuki illustration of Goku is one of my favorites of him. (RyuhouxKazuma, RyuhouxMimori.)

- Houshin Engi - Endless Story [ Fan Art Site ] - It frequently surprises me how many Houshin Engi fanart sites there are out there; I've come across a lot of really nice HE art. This site is no exception, with some very lovely art. I love the shades of light blue that frequently come up, I've come to associate those blues and whites with HE, so seeing fanart with those colors feels 'right'. The art is also nicely detailed, which makes me wish there were more of them there. Though, there's a bunch in the guest gallery, too. ^_^v

- Hikaru no Go/Houshin Engi/Saiyuki/Rurouni Kenshin/Inu-Yasha - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site looks kinda familiar, so if I'm rec'ing it twice, my bad. ^_^;; Anyway, the Houshin Engi fan art is stunning, really beautiful. I don't see a lot of it, since I don't go looking for it, but I'm not averse to drooling over it when I see it. Sooo pretty. The Hikago stuff is just as gorgeous, lovely drawings and beautiful colors. *hyuuu* (It's the second link in the gallery if you want to go directly to it.)

Normally, I don't go surfing for Saiyuki fan art, because if I did, I just know I'd get sucked in and never make it back out again. -_- But if I come across a nice gallery, I'll click through it. And this one had some nice art, just as pretty as the other sections. Goku (who's the main character of this gallery) is freaking adorable. Again, I don't do much Kenshin fan art surfing and I was just going to quickly skim the gallery, but this image got me to slow down. Very pretty. I'm running out of things to say, because all the fan art is as good as the last, but I wanted to mention this one of Fluffy-sama! *starry eyes* So gorgeous. Be sure to go through the hits gallery for more lovely art as well. (No real warnings, I wouldn't even put a shounen ai warning on this one.)

- Houshin Engi/Naruto - Bird Sheep [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I've rec'd this site before for their Hikaru no Go art, but that was back before I was looking more for Houshin Engi or Naruto fanart, I think. I love this artist's style, it's so warm and she really makes the golden colors work for her. I wasn't too terribly impressed with the first few Naruto illustrations I saw until I got to the Kakashi/Naruto one, which is just gorgeous. I just... love everything about the way she drew Kakashi, from his outfit to his hair, to what we can see of his face to his gloves to everything. Actually, both of the Naruto/Kakashi illustrations are just gorgeous, and I adore the one of Naruto out of his usual orange jumper. Yum. :9

The Houshin Engi illustrations are on the same level as the Hikaru no Go ones, just full of these gorgeous colors and details and clean lines and just... I love this artist, one of my absolute favorites. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drool over their latest Kaga/Hikaru illustrations. *_* (Some mild shounen ai hints, but nothing more than some suggesting hugging.)

- Naruto/Houshin Engi - Octopus Brand [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I just I can't help it, the semi-chibi art and nice, strong colors of this site have won me over. XD Everything is so cute and just so much fun to go through. It's also nice to see some of the lesser-focused-on characters getting some fanart for them--not that I'm complaining about all the KakaIru out there. ^_~ (Some light shounen ai, nothing too much.)

- Houshin Engi - aberdeen [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is my favorite kind of CG work--the kind that looks like it almost has depth, rather than being 2D, it's almost 3D looking, like you could reach into the screen and touch the characters sometimes. Add to that a nice sense of colors, lots of pretty shades of blues and purples (or at least that's what I mentally associated with the illustrations) and you've got a really nice little HE fanart site. *hums happily* (No real warnings.)

- Houshin Engi - Double Planets [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I find myself really quite liking this site, the artist does some really nice details and shading. The lines of the faces or bodies are occasionally a little shakey or a little out of proportion, but when they start doing the finer details (like of clothes or wings), they're fantastic. I think they might just need to work on their inking skins a bit, because all the other skills are there. And some of the newer stuff is even better than the older--#38 is just lovely. The artist has also done two Prince of Tennis fanarts that I really like (one of Tezuka and one of Fuji--though, there's not enough PoT art here for me to put it seperately in that catagory), so I had a really fun time with this site. ^_^v (Li'l bit shounen ai.)

- Naruto/Houshin Engi - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The more I go through this artist's work, the more I start to really like it, their use of CG is really quite good. Their use of colors isn't quite what I'd call "soft", but it's not harsh or garish, either, just enough to look nicely shaded. I just love the way they do the characters' hair--especially Kakashi's *_*--nd there's this one of Naruto and Shippo-chan (from Inu-Yasha) that's just lovely. Plus! Eeeee! I love those KakaIru illustrations! *hearts* (Some Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Get Backers/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Houshin Engi - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - (Also pointed out to me by Noel.) This... is one of those sites where I am just completely and utterly in awe of the artist's talent. This is the kind of artist that I crave finding again, even though they're so rare, this is the kind of artist that keeps me coming back to J-fanart again and again and just fawning with how amazing their work is. And, truly, this artist is just flat-out amazing, her illustrations are just gorgeous, the drawings beautiful and the colors make me swoon. I... just... I am incoherent with trying to decide how to get across how gorgeous this artist's work is and, in a lot of ways, she's spoiled me for other Get Backers fanart, because I doubt anyone could match her art. Plus, she draws a lot and... really, she's one of those artists that isn't just good, she's fantastic. (No real pairing themes.)

- Princess Tutu/Houshin Engi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - OMG, I love this site. The art is just... every so often, an artist comes along who does fantastic things with CG style artwork and colors and the softened filter and this artist is just... some of the illustrations are swoon-worthy, really. Now, it can be a bit of a hunt, but I suggest going through all of the galleries/pages to find everything, because the artist covers a wide range of series (there are also some Bleach and Gundam SEED and Peace Maker and Black Cat illustrations, just not enough to put it in those catagories, I don't think), though, the Princess Tutu fanart is the real highlight of the site, I think. Just... she nails the Tutu style and... I mean... the coloring is really professional looking and the art is good enough that I could have believed it came from one of those CG games that are just so damned pretty. Plus, holy hell, her Fakia is gorgeous. The dark, beautiful hair, the amazingly vibrant green eyes... well, and Ahiru's gorgeous blue eyes or Mute's delicate hair or Rue's beautiful dark hair... I loved it all. *___* PLUS! FAKIA WITH GLASSES OMG SO CUTE. Though, I still say the open shirt one is my favorite. Oh, and the Houshin Engi stuff is darling, too. XD (No real warnings/pairings, maybe a little Fakia/Ahiru?)

- Kyou Kara Maou/Houshin Engi - Ya Ma Ne Ya [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I boggle a little at that this artist produced such a pretty Konrad/Wolfram illustration, but I'm hardly going to complain because I liked it a lot! ♥ I like when the artist does colored illustrations, her CG work is decent, but I think her oekaki possibly shines the most--seeing Wolfram, Yuuri, and Konrad in those cute hats? Adorable. Plus, I think there was one really nice Konrad/Yuuri oekaki in there and that always makes me happy. :D But I also really liked this site for the Houshin Engi fanart, which is such a rare thing to find these days. Some of the illustrations are really pretty with some fantastically highlighted colors, but the others are just so damned adorable that it makes me want to pick them up and squish them. Both Youzen and Taikoubou look really good, the CG style used with them complimenting the designs, especially their eyes and... all around, a very nice site. <3 (Some MaruMa shounen ai, some Youzen/Taikoubou.)

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