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- Howl's Moving Castle Fanfiction Recs - The HMC fandom isn't terribly, terribly big, but since the movie has come out, I'm hoping that there'll be at least some bits and pieces to pick up along the way. And, yes, I'm another fangirl who came in because I was in a Ghibli mood one weekend, watched the movie, and fell in love with Howl and Howl/Sophie and promptly said, "After I read the book, I need fiiiiiiiiiiiic!" Most fic will likely be based on the book (which is why I've also linked this page from the book section), but I will try to make a note of which series a story is based on. Though, it usually says in the author's note of the fic even if I don't mention it.

- Howl's Moving Castle Fanart Recs - As is to be expected, most of the HMC fanart will be based off the movie (since most of the art will be on Japanese sites), but it actually surprised me to note that a fair amount of sites seemed to also be based off the book--given Sophie's hair is long and red, rather than short and silver as in the movie. I'm sure there'll also be a mixture of the two on many sites as well. This'll probably never be a huge section, but I'll at least be able to get a few really pretty sites listed. ♥

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