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- Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction Recs - To my incredible surprise, I turned out to be a LeorioxKurapika fan most of all. I mean, I adore KilluaxGon, HisokaxGon, and even HisokaxIllumi, but... *sigh* LeorioxKurapika just snuck in when I wasn't looking and stole my heart. I dunno, I just found the idea weird at first, neither seemed really all that slashable, and the difference in ages was a big gap at that point in their lives and they didn't really seem to have anything drawing them together. But as I watched/read more and more... goddamn did I ever start to see them. But, still. I'll read just about anything as long as it's good.

- Hunter x Hunter Fanart Recs - Given the age of this series, it's not surprising that there's not a whole lot of HxH fanart out there, but I keep looking~~ ;_; Still, there are a few out there that are really cool and it does help ease the HxH fix that I so desperately need.

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