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- Initial D Fanfiction Recs - This page will probably always be rather anemic for a couple of reasons--one, there's not a lot of Initial D fic being written and, two, not all of it is to my particular tastes. I am very, very much the Ryousuke and/or Takumi fangirl, so RyouTaku gets the lion's share of my interest and gen pieces are incredibly rare. Still, I branch out once in awhile (I'd love to see more Nakazato/Shingo fic! *__*), but I'm probably always going to be very focused with this section. (Dude! Takumi BLUSHES over Ryousuke! And Ryousuke SENDS HIM FLOWERS. Of COURSE I'm going to fall head over heels for them. XD)

- Initial D Fanart Recs - Saaaa, unfortunately, there isn't much more fanart than there is fic for this series--partially because it's such an old series, partially because that darned RyouKei pairing keeps popping up. ^_~ While I won't read RyouKei fic in English, I'm much more loose with fanart, so there'll be a fair amount of that popping up in this section. As long as it's pretty and all that. However, I am definitely more geared towards RyouTaku with fanart as well, so I'm hoping to hunt down every last prettypretty J-fanartist and rec them.

- Initial D - Doujinshi Recs - This section will be pretty much purely Ryousuke/Takumi, which isn't as popular as a pairing as I'd like, but there's a nicely dedicated little corner and a handful of doujin by a pretty artist that you can find. I'm not sure if there are other pairing doujin out there, but this is one of the rare fandoms I'm kind of fussy on, I think. It's not a series I would have thought I'd be able to give a section to, but, hey, I'm not exactly complaining! o/ This section will be small, but, again, it'll get you started at least, I hope. I suspect this'll be purely scanslated doujin recommended here, but as always it'll be marked either way.

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