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- Junjou Romantica - Akihiko/Misaki Fanfiction Recs - I started out with reading Akihiko/Misaki fic when I first got into fandom and there's some fantastic pieces out there. I admit, I wandered away fairly quickly when I realized that Hiroki was my favorite character, but I think I got a handful of good, solid fics read before then and this fandom is really delightful at producing exactly the kind of fic I wanted to read for them!

- Junjou Romantica - Nowaki/Hiroki Fanfiction Recs - [ page one - page two - page three ] - It really did not take me long in fandom to realize that Egoist was my pairing of choice, because I love Hiroki in the way only a truly ridiculous fangirl can love a character, but also because Nowaki grew on me like you wouldn't believe. They are everything I look for in a ship--they can be humorous, they can be heart-wrenching, they can be sweet, they can be super hot, they have a cheerful and adorable character, they have a tsundere hothead character, they have truly shit communication skills that they're working on, I eat all of this up--and this is far and away the biggest section for Junjou Romantica. I got a wee bit obsessed for awhile there.

- Junjou Romantica - Other Fanfiction Recs - I'm fascinated by Akihiko/Hiroki and their trainwreck of a relationship and the friendship that still manages to stay afloat. I am charmed by Miyagi and Hiroki's relationship and even vaguely curious about the "what might have been" potential there. I actually really enjoy reading Shinoda/Hiroki fic because I felt like I really would have shipped the hell out of that if Nowaki hadn't been around. Sometimes there's a Terrorist fic that just hits all the right buttons for me. Sometimes there'll be a background pairing or a random crack pairing that I found interesting or sometimes it's just a gen piece for a BL series. All of that will go here.

- Junjou Romantica - Fanart Recs - There's not a ton of Junjou Romantica fanart available that I can find, but I am determined to find as much of it as I can! It helps to ease the fix cravings I have every so often and, once in awhile, there's actually some really worthwhile stuff to be found. If nothing else, as I said, it helps to give me a fix on the days when I really need it. *g* (Also, I have a Pixiv page for Junjou Romantica art that will provide a bit more.)

- Junjou Romantica - Doujinshi Recs - There's even less doujinshi available than there is fanart (and, I suppose, the driving need really isn't there, since you get porn with the original manga itself) but a) there were a couple that I managed to hunt down and b) I live in hope! I'll include Nakamura's doujinshi here as well, but I'm aiming to focus more on fan-type stuff. If it exists and especially if it's Egoist!

- Junjou Romantica - Fanart Recs - When I was in the middle of my intense phase of Junjou Romantica fanning, I fairly well scoured the internet for any and all fanart I could find with the characters. It's never going to be a huge fandom, but I did manage to find a handful of solidly good artists, with a handful of really outstanding work. I focused mostly on Nowaki/Hiroki, as Egoist was the center of my fascination, but I took just about anything that was pretty.

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