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- Juuni Kokki - Coal Sack [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew it had to be only a matter of time before I came across at least one good, solid JK site (I've seen some gorgeous art, but only one or two illustrations on a site with a lot of other content) and this one... is just... wow. The colors are amazing, the drawings are amazing, the shading is amazing, the entire feel of the art is amazing. These illustrations are more like paintings than they are typical fanart and just envoke the feel of the epic legend of JK so incredibly well. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the artist seems to be a big Taiki fan and I just adore little Taiki. (As well as the drop-dead gorgeous Gyousou-sama. *___*) Just... wow. Not only the first good JK site I've seen, but definitely one of those that leaves you in total *___* mode. *___* (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Juuni Kokki/Full Metal Alchemist/Initial D - mk [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I will admit that the art can be a little off in a lot of ways, especially the lines, but what won me over with this site was the amount of details in it, they're gorgeous for that and the colors are nicely soft and fitting for such a traditional/old-fairy-tale-like, almost water-color like.. The artist also does a very nice variety of characters--there're a couple of Rakushin that are just fantastic and there's also one of Tai-ou and Taiki that just made me wibble with love--and some fantastic poses. There's also one of younger Taiki outside with his arms spread out and wind swirling around him that's just beautiful. *___* (Oh! Oh! And Tai-ou and En-ou! *_____* Gorgeous.) And then came the Full Metal Alchemist art. *_____* The art strengthens up from the Juuni Kokki art and becomes just stunning, the colors, the lines, the shading, the poses... it's all gorgeous. There are a couple of Roy illustrations that took my breath away (especially the one of him fully-clothed in the bath *fawns*) and a couple of illustrations of Roy and Hughes that were just amazingly drawn. But it was the RoyxEd on this site that sent me into FLAILING fangirl mode that I loved best. This is what I look for on a site. Plus, the Havoc/Hawkeye illustrations were great! *happy swoons* I'm also adding this into the Initial D section, because there are three fanart illustrations--one of Keisuke, one of Ryousuke, and one of Takumi--that are just STUNNING. Especially Ryousuke. *pants, lusts after* The level of details is fantastic, the colors beautiful, and the lines superb. I need more from this artist. *___* (Random hints at JK pairings, some RoyxEd.)

- Juuni Kokki/Get Backers - lire [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I kenw right from the very top illustration of a beautiful Kazuki in kimono that I would probably be rec'ing this site, but it wasn't until getting into the Juuni Kokki gallery (after poking through the misc. one) that I was knocked on my ass in awe over the stunning, stunning illustrations. There's this one of of Youko and Keiki that's just... words do not describe how gorgeous it is. The artist uses CG style art to fabulous potential, the colors and shading just vivid and bright, the amount of details in the art head-swirlingly amazing in some of the illustrations. The style/feel of the JK illustrations is fantastic as well, really capturing the sense of traditional beauty and epic adventure that was so prevalent in the anime series itself. This is easily one of tne of the best Juuni Kokki art sites out there. (Though, do keep in mind that the newer illustrations are better than the older ones, the artist really gains in skill as she goes along.) The Get Backers art is much the same--beautiful, beautiful CG work, fabulous colors, and poses very remiscent of the series itself. I love. (Random hints at JK pairings, some Juubei/Kazuki.)

- Juuni Kokki - MG [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I found this artist's style to take a few illustrations to grow on me (some of the early work is not her best and I'm not as fond of her comics), but the further I got into her Juuni Kokki art, the more I liked it. Some of her more recent work is beautiful, very warm colors and smooth lines half the time, and very... almost watercolor-esque pictures othertimes. The different styles, in my eyes, captured the sense of both epic adventure and touching, surprisingly human drama that the series had. The artist seems especially fond of Enki and En-ou (I can never remember his name >_<), drawing some stunning illustrations of those two. Be sure to also check out the kiriban gallery, because that has some of the prettiest art of all. There's also some FMA art on the site which was COOL, but I'm not chucking it into that section since there are only about five illustrations. Though, I do want to keep an eye on the site, because they're some of her best work. *___* (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Juuni Kokki - Ache by RubyD - Admittedly, I haven't read most of the JK fic that's even out there, because... I dunno, I just didn't quite want pairing fic or anything like that. JK is a series that is so incredibly richly detailed in the series itself that it doesn't leave much untouched on (with one major exception that MAKES ME CRY over the lack of resolution), but Di-chan has written a fic that just... oh, it was so achingly sweet (TAIKI! ;_______; ) and she has this way with subtle imagery woven into her story, much like the mentioned paintings themselves. She has this way of writing a mood to the piece that fits so absolutely beautifully with the series that it takes me back into it even now. Just... the lingering, aching feeling of the sense of being out of place, but not really sure WHY and just... gahhhh, TAIKI! ;___; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Juuni Kokki - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ooh, I really liked this site's art because... it's hard to explain. Part of it is that the artist draws a great Rakushun, really showing off just how attractive he is, but it's also that she includes a lot of detail in all the illustrations she does. When she does Rakushun/Youko, there're just a ton of details on their clothes and hair that the slight cutesy-ness of their faces barely even registers with me. Plus, she does really well with that line between overly romantic and just... something sweet and just the right amount of it. Which seems like an odd thing to fixate on, but because Juuni Kokki wasn't really a series about kissing, the lighter touch to the romance works for me. Plus I mentioned that her Rakushun is gorgeous? Okay. Nice, nice site here. <3 (Rakushun/Youko.)

- Juuni Kokki/Cowboy Bebop/Vagrant Story/Lord of the Rings - TEHANU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site for the Vagrant Story fanart, but wound up staying because there's a lot of really amazing stuff here. The Cowboy Bebop lines/colors are clean and smooth and genuinely pretty, probably some of the best I've seen for the series. Her Spike is gorgeous, there's a beautiful one of Ed that I love the eyes of, and there's a wonderful one of Spike and Faye in space suits. And I mentioned her Spike is gorgeous, yes? Okay. Oh, and the one of Faye laying back with her shirt half open? WOW. Beautiful. And, okay, there are only three Vagrant Story images here, but I had to include the site in this section because her Sydney is utterly gorgeous and these three illustrations are some of the best I've seen for the fandom. The one of Sydney, Joshua, and Hardin is just... whoa. Beautifully colord and drawn. The 12K stuff is more of the same--beautiful, almost delicate lines, gorgeously warm colors that fit the series and, wow, her Youko is beautiful and her Taiki adorable and I love the oekaki. And, finally, the Lord of the Rings stuff is also just amazing--she did an illustration of each major character and they look just terrific. ....I gush. A lot. >__> (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Juuni Kokki - the Knights [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Holy crap, the art on this site is gorgeous, especially the Juuni Kokki stuff. The FMA stuff is all these... light, golden-colored (note quite sepia, but not just pale blonde, either) illustrations that are lovely; my favorite is probably the one from when Ed and Al were young, playing in the river while Winry sat on the dock and Pinako looked on in the distance, it's just... heart-warmingly lovely. The other great one is of Ed, Al, and Winry again, set in a sort of modern-day school around gradutation, sakura blossoms in the background that just looks terrific. And then. And then you have the Juuni Kokki stuff, which took my breath away with how beautiful it is. Each and every one of them is amazing, there's not a single 12K illustration that's not fantastic. The lines, the details, the colors... my favorite might have to be the one of Youko and Keiki and the rabbit (god, Youko's hair and clothes are amazing), but human!Rakushun with the leaf makes me melt, Kouya is just incredible, and the one of Enki and Taiki is gorgeous and adorable and I spaz over the art here. Quite possibly the best 12K fanart site I've seen. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Juuni Kokki - Movement, Interpreted by Yasmin M. - Oh, what a lovely, soft, gentle, perfect little Juuni Kokki fic. I love it, because it's such a beautiful portrait of Youko, without ever being too obvious or direct about it--all the little details that filter through Rakushun's perspective, the weirdness of the human world, the contrast of their own, the way Youko feels about both of them, all of it is so delicately deft that I just fell in love. Lovely fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Juuni Kokki/Digimon/Full Metal Alchemist - oresame game [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - One of the first things to catch my eye about this site was the OMG CUTE LITTLE 12K SPRITES EEEEEE YAY! But what really won me over with the site were the oekaki-like illustrations that had a surprising amount of detail to them and a lot of them were just really cool. Or adorably cute, like chibi Enki cuddling with chibi Taiki under a tree. Or school!Al and Ed... with Al in his school uniform while still in armor form. >D Or an absolutely adorable one of the Hughes family that I totally wibbled over. Or bored!Youko doodling on a scrool that has Keiki twitching in annoyance and a fiery aura of DOOM in the background. Or warmly colored Harry Potter illustrations of the main trio that somehow fit the book's style so well. (My favorite was probably the Marauders-era one, though. Or possibly the trio one where they decorate Snape like a Christmas tree. That was hysterical.) Or absolutely adorable group Digimon illustrations. (I think the one of Mimi and Lirimon was my favorite, it was just... perfectly colored and detailed and the feel was right for them.) Pretty much any series that this artist tackles, she does wonderfully well, each batch of illustrations is a *treat* to go through. *sparkles* (No real warnings/pairings, I don't think? Maybe some hints, but not enough to warn for.)

- Final Fantasy 8/Juuni Kokki/Hellsing - SENGOKU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think it was the illustration of Youko all glammed up in modern trendy clothes, a big hairdo, the skimpy shirt, the oversized belt, the collar, that really sort of won me over with the site. It wasn't something I would have thought I'd like, but... I dunno, I really liked the way the artist drew Youko. Though, I did like the one of her in normal clothes and her hair loose and nearly obscuring her face more--so pretty. Really, that's what you're going to the site for, that every time the artist draws Youko again, she looks even more beautiful. Her FF8 art is some of the better stuff around for that fandom as well, she draws Squall nicely, I made it through every last illustration in the FF8 gallery, and I really liked her Laguna. It's all just... soft and pretty, the kind of light and airy art that I totally go for. And, finally, okay, there are only three or so Hellsing illustrations on the site, but... they were some of the best work on the site and they looked so cool that I had to stick this rec in the Hellsing section, to. >___> (Maybe a little 12K pairings, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall.)

- Juuni Kokki - Gardening by lisa_bee - Aww, this was absolutely adorable! There is never enough cute, sweet, gentle 12K fic like this out there, especially ones that write Taiki so well and an absolutely warm relationship between him and Gyousou/Tai-ou, but still doesn't entirely back away from the troubles little Taiki has. The way the people would whisper in the background about him was wonderfully done here, you could just see how much it affected Taiki, but it wasn't over the top or too angsty, it just... hit all the right notes. *loved* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Juuni Kokki - Five Hundred Years and Holding by Aishuu - It's so very, very rare that I find a Juuni Kokki fic, a Shouryuu fic that really resonates with me, especially one that really climbs inside his head and just... vibes on the character while creating this beautiful atmosphere to the fic. I wish I could explain it better than that, but I just sort of go flaily and make bad baseball metaphors when I try to explain how solidly good I found Aishuu's writing on this fic. It's one of those that actually managed to affect me on an emotional level as well, one of those that showed why Shouryuu is an incredible leader for the country of En, why he's lasted so damned long, why his mindset has stayed so solid after all these years, how he's remained grounded and the way he looks at the rest of the world. Just... this fic packed a hell of a punch and was lovely. Plus, Aishuu's summary for the fic was great. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X/Juuni Kokki - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site I sort of waffled on for awhile, but was eventually won over because I thought a handful of the illustrations were just so impressive. The FFX and 12K art are probably the two most impressive series, because the artist just draws all this amazing detail into the images, uses all these pretty, soft colors and some of them really look like they could have been doujinshi or done on paper and scanned in, rather than just drawn on the computer. The site also has one of my favorite Laguna illustrations and, okay, there are only about four Juuni Kokki images, but they're just so pretty and so finely drawn that I had to include them. The one of Youko leaning against her sword is just beautiful and the En-ou and Enki illustration looks amazing. There's also some solid AC-based fanart that's worth skimming through that gallery for and, just, the site was all-around fun with the occasional amazing illustration. (Some FFX pairings, but no real themes.)

- Juuni Kokki - Yueliang [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So I was browsing around for Mushishi fanart and happened to hit a Juuni Kokki site, which I haven't done in forever. But I was charmed by this site for the warm colors and the jewel tone-like quality of the art that really works with a series like Juuni Kokki. Well. It's partly that and it's partly like manga art covers or maybe the novel art from the series itself. There's one of Youko holding her sword and there're all these swirled designs and locks of hair around her that remind me of the novel art, now that I think about it. And, man, do I love artists who pile on the details (when it comes to series like 12K anyway) so that Youko's kimono or her earrings or the crowns on her head or the hair piled up high all look just rich and lush and gorgeous. I may also, uh, be a little weak towards the occasional Taiki illustration that popped up now and again, but he's so cute! :DDD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Juuni Kokki - In the Garden, An Emperor by Katharos - Oh, this was a beautiful Taiki-stuck-in-Hourai piece that was breathtakingly perfect. The details, the implications that only the reader knows, the incredibly lovely way the author painted Taiki's emotions and the almost physically painful ache of something being missing without him knowing what, all wrapped up in gorgeous imagery. Such a beautiful, beautiful piece. ♥_♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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