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Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Wild Outing by Lily Garden - After having marathoned approximately thirty episodes in less than a week or so, I needed fic, okay? I needed Jan/Retsu fic especially. So I started scouting around and this is one of the first that popped up and it's just a short little idea--Jan and Retsu go camping for vacation, Retsu realizes this may not have been his smartest idea ever--and it plays out about how you'd expect it to. It's cute and fun and I like that there's a certain... quality of how they get along, because as much as Jan can drive Retsu crazy, they actually do really like each other, and it's just SO EASY to see Jan giving Retsu, uh, that present. (Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: The Talk by EllipsesBandit - I'll admit that the beginning of this--at least for Gou's characterization--felt a little off, but I am only on episode thirty at the time I start browsing fic, so I may be off. But once it hits the middle of this piece, it smooths out and becomes kind of beautiful. It's a simple concept again--Gou decides he needs to have a little talk with Retsu about Jan--but it's pulled off with some great timing and hilarious little touches and I grinned all the way through this and I can totally picture something like this happening. Also it fed into my writhing need to have Gou all protective big brother at Retsu, who doesn't really need it anymore, mixed in with a Jan/Retsu relationship. This fic. Just. Made me happy. ♥ (Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Sympathize by Mariko Azrael - [Note: This will make more sense if you've seen up to Task 5 of Gekiranger.] This was another short piece, set post-episode 5 where Retsu was wounded and Jan is worried about him afterwards, but it was nice because it showed how... how they were just starting to understand each other and how they were not quite there yet, but something was there. And I really liked the use of Jan's childhood here, it was a neat way to tie up the end of that episode and build another connection between these two. <3 (Sort of Jan/Retsu, but more pre-slash than anything.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Jan and the Big Blue Blob by Mariko Azrael - Another short little piece but one I still wound up being charmed by, because it was really cute and adorable. I'm a sucker for things like Jan being interested in what Retsu's doing, so he has Jan try out painting on his own and of course it turns out like this, but the fic doesn't try to stretch it too far, so it's just this cute, quietly charming little piece. I like that kind of thing a lot. ♥ (Some Jan/Retsu implied.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Valentine Roles by ellipsesbandit - als;dkfjaslkj okay. I didn't really want to fall that hard for the idea of Gou/Rio because I still have ~13 episodes left of the series (I'm kind of stalled atm because the show has changed so much from what made me originally fall in love with it) and they've hardly had any scenes, but. The Gekiranger fandom is small, so I read what fic I can find. And this was. This was set way pre-series, when Rio was still training in GekiJyuKen and Gou was there as well, set with an established relationship where they're so... they bitch and snark and smirk at each other so much and Rio is kind of above it all, except totally a pissy snot about it, too, and I love Valentine's Day antics. I-- shit, I could ship this if it went in this direction. (Gou/Rio.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: untitled by ellipsesbandit - This is a series of several short ficlets for Gekiranger, each with a cute little concept and not needing to be any longer than it is, yet still being totally delightful fun. There's a strong focus on Gou/Rio, but I like the way the author writes it, she has some really fun comedic timing and her Rio is fabulous and her Jan/Retsu is just as much fun--there's that edge of WTF and yet how easily they get along/how much they like each other--and... w-well, okay, this is a terrible rec, I know. But I like how these all span a range from amusing and charming and fun to something a little more serious, but not too terribly angsty, and together they just... they fit really well with the Gekiranger feel, imo. ♥ (Gou/Rio, Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Kiss Training by Lily Garden - With most fandoms/pairings, I would not have been able to stand the characterization of one of them being written like they were a two year old, but... well... Jan was raised by tigers so I could actually totally see this. It was really cute and I love that it's actually kind of easy to imagine Retsu reacting to Jan's really odd ways this way, and there's totally an ending that I didn't see coming and it cracked me the hell up. Cute, funny, totally plausible imo, and makeouts? Yes plz. ♥ (Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: He Needs A Bear by megthelegend - You know, Ken was not my favorite character in Gekiranger (mostly because of how he was done) but... I really enjoyed this short fic from his perspective. It helped that I have ridiculous amounts of affection for Gou and that the author does a hilarious job of Ken's mental voice. The imagery from the opening was lol-worthy and I love Gou's role in this fic. Of course that's how it'd go. XD (Gou/Ken, but it's really more gen than anything.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Always Yearning by Etcetera Kit - This fic was obviously written early on in 2007 before certain elements/characters were introduced into the show and we got more history on the characters, but aside from Retsu's family situation, the fic is remarkably on-target with the characters. I'm usually kind of squicked out when one character is written as child-like, but with Jan... well, RAISED BY TIGERS IN THE FORREST is a pretty good excuse and, in the early days when this fic was set, it makes sense for him to have not yet outgrown that child-like social interaction. And I really liked the tone this fic hit--the sense of protection from Retsu and how Jan can sort of get on his nerves, but not as much as one would think, and somehow they just... get along, somehow Jan just worms his way into Retsu's life. I like that it's not an instant sexual attraction between them (though, there's room for that later, if one wants) but friendship first. Very nice. <3 (Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Snack Buddies by Whisper - Look, I KNOW it's kind of dumb to ship Gou/Rio in Gekiranger because it's not like there's a huge fandom or that I really expect the show itself will do much with them in the last 13 episodes I have yet to watch. But I'm weak to fic like this, where Rio is SO VERY SERIOUS and Gou is like, "....whatever, your evil overlord castle is kind of lame, you want to go get something to eat?" and the author writes it so that their interaction sparkles and that I laugh my way through the entire thing. I love both characters even more after this and-- and-- dammit. asldfkjaslkj shut up. (Gou/Rio.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Fine Dining by Whisper - I just. asl;dkfja;lskj *flaps hands uselessly* I don't know what's the best part of this fic--the Gou/Rio dynamic or the clothes or the little details (I keep dying every time I get to: "Can I help you gentlemen?" The waiter seemed like Retsu's type. Maybe Gou could get a phone number and arrange a date for them Ė anything was better for Retsu than the kid in the fur underwear. asldkfjaslkj seriously lol) or just... well, everything. Gou and Rio. Out for a nice dinner. It goes about as well as you'd expect it to go. And OMG the idea of Rio ordering, like, every dessert ever just fills me with utter glee the way this author does it. (Gou/Rio, blink and you'll miss it Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: 01 - Body & 02 - Men by Tayles - This was very cute! I liked the line the author walked with Retsu, having him both irritated by Jan and yet obviously fond of him at the same time, it's an interesting mix that made me really like the pairing in the first place. Plus, the second ficlet in this post was really cute because I ♥ Ran and her observations on stupid boys something fierce. (Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Always in Trouble, Only the Depth Varies by megthelegend - Ken is not a character I would have thought I'd find myself often reading about, but with certain authors I just can't help myself. And this was really fun--it's kind of a good question. What does Ken do with his day when there's no battle, when he's full, and he's already trained for several hours? Plus, I love that Miki totally OWNS in this fic, because you know without a doubt that she totally would. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: Total Opposites by scifisentai - This is another short piece, set from Gou's point of view, on the rest of the team, mostly the Jan/Retsu pairing, which goes about as well with Gou as you'd expect, and maybe not entirely disliking Ken. Plus it has this line: At least, he thought defiantly, Ken didnít make up words to describe things that had perfectly good words already. Between Gou mentally bitching about Jan (and I will never, ever get enough of Gou bitching about Jan/Retsu and his precious baby brother) and Gou's sense of something like loss that Retsu's all grown up now and doesn't need an older brother anymore, I adored this. <3 (Gou/Ken, Jan/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: untitled by Meg - a;sldkfjalksj Do you know how much I want more Retsu POV fic in Gekiranger fandom? By an author like Meg? I cannot begin to tell of how badly I want it. Especially when it's done like this--where Retsu is all *dignified* and yet you know the Universe is going to attempt to crush that out of him and he does care about both Jan and Ran a lot, they really are a balanced triangle, even as the Jan/Retsu is a little different from their relationships with Ran, yet still they're not complete without the three of them. I love that, even when he's irritated, Retsu is still sensible because that's so him, he comes through so clearly here and there are so many great little details and omg Meg writes one of the best Jans ever. Seriously, the second one's final paragraph is just pure awesome from start to finish. ;__;♥ (Sort of Jan/Retsu! <3)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: In the Still of The Night by Meg - You know what the world needs more of? Gou and Retsu being That Way with each other, especially if it's Retsu being inappropriate with Gou's jacket. I mean, I thought the fanart was kind of really hot (oh, man, do I love Japanese fanartists again, Gekiranger fanart is fabulous) and I was always sort of fond of the idea of Gou/Retsu, but Meg really won me over EVEN MORE with this fic. Because it's really kind of super hot and imagining the look on Gou's face (because, you know who probably totally has a great sense of smell? Gou.) and how you can tell how much he really wants Retsu in That Way and it's just-- it's really, really hot. Also, biting. Oh, my god, the image of the biting is so hot. *___* (Gou/Retsu.)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger: FOUR TIMES RETSU KIND OF WANTED TO DIE AND ONCE IT WASN'T SO BAD by Meg - ♥♥♥♥ Meg loves me A WHOLE LOT. I love the five things meme that often goes around because it produces a bunch of great little ideas that don't need to be longer than they are, yet sometimes they still go on kind of long because they are awesome. One of the great things about Gekiranger is making Retsu's life hell, especially because he's so hot and he's kind of That Way about a few other really hot people in the series and he's one of those characters who tries to have dignity, so you just want to poke at him. And Meg does it beautifully, from Jan just totally trampling on Retsu's dignity to Retsu being kind of That Way at Gou, to cross-dressing Retsu who would be so totally hot at it omg, these are all beautiful. And really kind of hot. I think the second one is my favorite, I'm a sucker for Jan being Jan at the expensie of Retsu's dignity, but I would be lying if I didn't say the last one was hot. You know Master Peng would do it, too. alskd;fjaslkj I love this a whole lot. (Some Jan/Retsu, some implied Gou/Retsu.)

Gekiranger: Observation by ellipsesbandit - It's been awhile since I've read Gekiranger fic, but... I can never resist the lure of Jan/Retsu fic! Especially when it's amusingly set from Natsume's point of view and how it's about training to reach her own goal and how she goes about that. It's a very cute little thing with a couple of great lines. (Implied Jan/Retsu.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto/Gekiranger: untitled by Circe - Out of the blue, Circe drops this amazing commentfic that I pretty much made :D :D :D faces through the entire way. You know, when I wasn't just about bawling at the amazingness of it. Because it's everything a Gekiranger and Kabuto crossover should be! Hilarity of putting all those crazy people in the same room (oh my god, Jan and Tendou in the same room and it is as beautiful as you would imagine, I love her Jan with a fiery passion, but also her everyone) and the contrasts and comparisons against each other are lovely , but mostly it's just screamingly funny. She has an amazing way of making every character shine even with just a few sentences, because I loved every single person in this fic, for real. Just a short commentfic from her and I'm back to being in love with the world again, man, Circe should be in every fandom I'm ever in. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

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